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Hello everyone! When Charlotte and I got paired together for the guest posting group, I was really excited – I love Girl Next Door Fashion because I love Charlotte’s fashion and writing style. When she asked me to do one of my Inspiration Sunday (or in this case, Monday!) posts, I was really excited. They are some of my favorite to write. Inspiration Sunday is all about listing the beautiful things that are inspiring me this week! Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Big cities: I grew up in a little town next to a big city (and went to school in the big city!) and I will never lose my love for those shining city lights! Plus, the fashion styles of cities are always so eclectic, but also very unique. New York has a very specific street style that is very different from Chicago’s, Miami’s, or Los Angeles’. Right now, I love looking at street style photos from big cities and trying to incorporate some of those elements into my outfits – the toughness of New York, the boho vibe of Los Angeles, and the Latin flavor of Miami.

Nebulas: I’m taking an astronomy class right now and I absolutely love love love nebulas. It’s a general term for any patch of fuzziness on the night sky, but when scientists zoom in which telescopes, we see some amazingly beautiful things. The Horsehead Nebula is my favorite. The pinkish ones are where stars are forming (these are called Dark Dust Clouds); emission nebulas tend to be somewhat reddish and glow because they are clouds of hot gas which emit their own energies; and reflection nebulas reflect the light of newly forming stars. I know this all sounds really nerdy, but I love the pastel, floaty colors of nebulas and I’m looking for ways to integrate these color patterns into my outfits!

Florals: I’m obsessed with florals lately. When the floral trend first started, I told myself I would never wear florals – it was just too “old lady (in my head). Well, I was wrong. I’m officially obsessed with florals and hunting down the perfect floral dresses and skirts. I’m particularly obsessed with ditzy 1990s-inspired print dresses and bold floral skirts from the 1950s and 1960s. (Plus florals are such a trademark of Spring – and I am ready for Spring weather!)

Shalom Harlow in this 1993 Vogue editorial: this is all over the internet right now, but I can’t stop being obsessed with it. I actually printed out copies of all the scans I could find of it and put them up around my room. I love the 1990s grungy vibe (clearly a theme!), the floral prints, and the tour bus location. I also love her red hair. The vibrancy of this editorial is just breathtaking; I can’t help being inspired by it!

So let me know, what’s inspiring you this week?

Michelle is a student and style blogger. You can check out her blog here (! 


  1. Love this post, Michelle! I liked that you went deeper into why each of these things inspires you :)

  2. I love Michelle- she's gorgeous and such a wonderful writer!


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