FBFF Questions for 2.11 - Colour Wars

1. What colour dominates your closet?
I just literally went to have a look through my wardrobe, and I would say mainly greys, blacks and beiges. My wardrobe at home is colour-co-ordinated and I'm definitely more aware of how much black and grey I have. I like to have a selection of neutral pieces, but in terms of non-neutrals I own a lot of pink and blue and at the moment I'm getting really into reds and yellows.

2. If money weren't an issue how would you change the colour emphasis in your closet?

I would love to have more bright pieces. I love bright, block colours dresses, like my blue dress or red dress. I find them really fun to style. I would definitely rather have more bright dresses, tops and skirts so I could mix them with simple-coloured cardigans and shoes. I'd love to be able to have more fun with colour.

3. What is your mantra about mixing colours?

I'm always a little nervous mixing black and navy, and I rarely do that. I really hate to wear black with blue denim but I'm getting over it. I don't like to mix colours that are too close together but not quite close enough either. And I always have issues ensuring the colour of my shoes match!! I'm a little dubious about mixing red and pink but I'm curiously to try it with valentines day coming up!! 

4. For you, how do you incorporate colour into your outfits?
I'm a little bit of a control freak in life in general, which definitely influences my wardrobe. I get nervous when I throw in a colour that doesn't seem to relate, but it often works. Like today's outfit- I just found the mustard cardigan hanging with the pink shirt and thought they looked great together. Usually, however, I'll use a colour from the main body of my outfit to play with. For example, my blue floral dress has red notes in it, so I'll bring those out with a red cardigan. 

Or like in this look, I added a pink cardigan, so I then added pink shoes. I like to use a bright pop of unexpected colour occasionally, but I usually play it pretty safe to ensure my outfit looks co-ordinated. 

Even here, I chose the purple tights and yellow cardigan to match the checks on the shirt under the dress. I like to add a splash of colour to an outfit, but like a lot of girls, I'm  sucker for an all black and white outfit!! I love to add a bright coat though- I have coats in every colour from pink to blue to yellow to red!!

5. Which blogger(s) do you think do a good job of incorporating colour into their wardrobe? 

I always think Annie does a great job with colour and Rebecca often adds a splash of unexpected colour, which is really fun. I always love Maggie's bright, fun outfits, and I've recently gotten into Mel's blog- she has featured a lot of lovely, bright outfits recently!!


  1. fun post! I love finding out other bloggers' "colour" strategies :D
    M xo

  2. Great post, the colors in your outfits are lovely on you. :D

  3. loved reading this dear, excellent answers :)

  4. I love how you use pictures to show what you mean. That blue dress is gorgeous!

    Lindsey Soup

  5. Nice answers and beautiful pics!

  6. You do so well with color mixing, I think it might be one of my favorite parts of your blog. The colors you use are so bold and eyecatching!

  7. ooh this is interesting, i never really thought about how or what colours i wear :)
    I think you actually do bold pops of colour really well though and you look absolutely stunning in the blue trench x

  8. I love that blue dress on you! It has the loveliest shoulder details!

  9. I always think you incorporate a lot of colors into your outfits really well! I do think it's good to have a basis of neutrals though, like black, gray, and white/beige. I'm like you though, I'm a major control freak and I'm weird about pairing random colors together - I like things to match and look cohesive!! Great answers to the questions this week. :]

    XO Michelle

  10. AW! I was reading your post and got to the end and saw my name and was like, "Hmmm, it's probably another Maggie," and it was mine! Thank you! That made my day:)

    I love your bright colors. I'm seriously dying over your royal blue dress. I need more of your kind of clothes in my closet!


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