Guest Post: Michelle of Locked Out

Another one of my blogging friends, Michelle of Locked Out, is posting here today about how she has learnt from blogging.

How fashion blogging helped me graduate from college

I graduated from college on Saturday, May 21! Can you believe it? I can’t. In my head, I’m still in high school… I can’t be an adult, can I?

I’ve had my blog, Locked Out, through most of college. I started my blog in April 2009, at the tail end of my sophomore year. The following August, I was picked as one of the first interns. In the past year, my blog has both shrank (I closed the original Locked Out and sort of restarted on Blogger, for many reasons) and grown. I feel stronger as a blogger, and as a writer. And I know what without my fashion blog, I would not be the person I am today.

1. Fashion blogging made me realize that I want to work in magazines. I used to want to be a reporter. Really. Imagine this girl as a reporter. It’d be ridiculous! I’m just not serious enough, nor can I keep a poker face in strange/sad/funny situations! By entering the blogging world, it made me realize that while I don’t necessarily want to be a fashion journalist, I do want to work in the magazine world.

2. Blogging kept me creative. School can be so incredibly draining! I am an incredibly anxious, OCD person, so sometimes school is like my kryptonite. I just get really stressed out. As a Creative Writing major, I was constantly writing for English classes… and sometimes I felt so completely drained by it. But blogging kept me creative. It provided an outlet for me beyond schoolwork, where I could be creative and independent. It helped me stay sane.

3. Blogging gave me a supportive community. There is nothing more comforting than tweeting something like, “Today, I feel like a complete idiot because I did awful on an exam…” and getting replies from people who have been through the exact same thing. There are so many college girls with fashion blogs (and a lot of postgrads too!) and they can be very helpful when it comes to dealing with the stress and confusion of college.

4. Blogging made me more confident. By focusing on my appearance and my writing at the same time, I became a more confident student. Blogging has helped me to get internships and writing gigs, which is really a blessing. I also became a more confident person in general. When I walk into any job interview or classroom or whatever, I know I look like I can do anything because I’m put together. And that feels good.

5. Blogging made me happy. Period! That is the most important thing, right? Blogging, even when I was having a terrible week or was feeling particularly stressed or sad or lonely, gave me an outlet and it made me happy to just be able to write. To take some outfit photos and write a little bit. Being happy is sometimes hard for me (anyone with anxiety problems can relate!) but I really credit blogging with helping me stay happy, even when I was having a rough time.

It is so strange to be a college graduate! I credit so many of my experiences for the last few years to fashion blogging, especially in the past few months. Joining the Lovely Ones, meeting lots of new friends, and watching my little blog grow has been amazing. When I first started my blog, I intended to delete it after I graduated… but now I just can’t! I’ve dedicated so much to my blog and I love every part of being a fashion blogger. Without my blog, my college experience would have been much different and much more boring.

If you have a fashion blog, how has it helped you grow as a person?


  1. amazing post. i'm still growing so much from mine. but i think most of all, it's helped me really discover and love Los Angeles. Thanks love. I hope you had an amazing long weekend. xoxo

    Don't forget to follow on twitter for all the latest celebrity fashion news.!/fashboulevard

  2. Yay Michelle! I followed both you and Charlotte from CollegeFashion and I'm so glad I did! Both of you are incredibly inspiring in fashion and in life. You've inspired me to take risks with my outfits and following blogs like yours reminds me every day not to fall into the trap of "well everyone else is wearing yoga pants to class, why can't I?" and to stay true to my personal style, which of course means staying true to me as a person in college. Thank you both for inspiring me.

  3. I know my blog has definitely helped me boost my confidence. It's odd that you hear so many people outside the blogosphere talking shit about style blogs, when they seem to be so good for those of us who write them. I guess that's what counts though eh.

  4. I love this, Michelle! Blogging can help you grow a lot :)

    Great job with the guest bloggers, Charlotte!


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