Monday, 31 May 2010

sing like you think no-one's listening.

Gah. I'm on my third day of freedom and I'm already bored!! I always forget how short my attention span is and while I get stressed out revising every day, I do like being busy and I like a routine. Luckily my list of things to do for the next few weeks is about the length of my arm!! And I've almost finished my first reading-for-pleasure book, Requiem for a Dream. I loved the film (Jared Leto might have helped...) and I love transgressive writers like Hubert Selby Jr. I have a list of 10 books I want to read over summer but at this rate I might manage twenty!! Shall I write a review when I'm done? I know a lot of you are literature geeks like me :]]]

The last few days have been fun though :]]] Friday we had dinner and went to see Sex and The City 2 (which I thought was utterly godawful. If you want to know why my sentiments are expressed quite well by Hadley Freeman here) and then Saturday my housemate and I had a mooch round Birmingham and then we went to the cinema, got a takeaway and went out :]]] Sunday was well a truly a BBQ and recovery day but I headed off to Leeds in the afternoon to go see my parents and their friends :]]]

This is the outfit I wore on Sunday before I left uni. I'm back tomorrow but I decided to only bring outfits home that I'd already done outfit posts of or wasn't really sure about so I didn't miss out on taking photos while I was home!! I love this outfit; I was inspired by a picture I saw in the BooHoo magazine (which I now can't find!!) of a girl in a tutu skirt with a denim shirt and though, ah!! I could do that!! These little lacey socks are my favourite things ever right now :]] I somehow managed to shoe-horn a lot of trends into this outfit- nude, lace, romantic, denim, socks... I also feel a bit like a fairy!!

I really enjoyed taking photos at uni, and it was such a lovely bright day. The lighting was really nice. I took these in the alley just next to our house; having my tripod really makes things easier!! My hair was still up in a quiff from the night before but it was so solid it was still fine the next day!! It's nice to be able to have my fringe up or down :]]] I really want my hair cutting but I'm going travelling round Europe in a couple of weeks and I can't imagine myself blow drying my bob in a hostel!! I'm keeping it longer so I can throw it into a pony or plaits and then I'll cut it short again when I get back :]]]

skirt- new look vest top- top shop denim jacket- new look lace socks- new look nude flats- next belt- primark jewellery- top shop/accessorize/

So yeah, I think that's everything!! I'm gonna chill out, watch Glee and read before tomorrow. Hoping to fill my days up with lots of writing and working and maybe go swimming and dancing and get the most I can out of the new few weeks- 3 months til I go to America!!

What do you want to see at girlnextdoorfashion? (while I have a lot of time on my hands!!) Any questions, ideas, debates?

Drop me a comment :]]]

Charlotte xxx

i wanna live like we lived in the summer.

I am SO glad to have finished my exams!! I have so much planned for this summer and so much to share with you!! After nine and a half hours of exams I am thoroughly exhausted and can't wait to relax. But unfortunately for me I am absolutely terrible at relaxing, so the new fews weeks are going to be spent busybusybust with lots of fun!!

First of all I have a lot of work experience planned for the summer which I can't wait for. Over the next few weeks I will be starting as a new writer over at The Fashion Buzz. I will be writing two articles a week on Menswear and it will be my first paid writing experience!! I'm very excited; menswear is so completely out of my comfort zone but I'm always looking for new opportunities to expand my repoitoire and try something new.

Secondly, things are getting very exciting over at Student Fashion Blog; I'm going to be writing much for frequently over there and next Monday I'm going to London to cover Graduate Fashion Week for them!! I'm really excited about all the ideas Michael has planned for the site and I can't wait to go be a real fashion reporter!! I just need to find something to wear...

I will also soon be launching my new blog No Longer Next Door; my year abroad blog. I've set up the domain but I just need to do some more work on it before I launch it. That will be a much more personal, journal-like day to day blog, but I'll be keeping GNDF for all my fashion musings and outfit posts from across the pond.

I've also been lucky enough to get work experience at a magazine that is soon to be launched in my local area. I've been asked to conduct a number of interviews of over summer I could get my name in actual real print!! It's all happened very quickly but it's all very exciting!! I also have two weeks work experience at a silk works over summer to get a bit of an experience as to what it's like on the other side of the fashion wall.

Finally, I have lots of new updates and ideas for girlnextdoorfashion. I promise I'll go back to updating as many days as possible, though I'm still very busy with part-time jobs and sorting things out for summer. I'm so grateful to all the people who have supported me and all my readers. I would never have gained all the work experience and opportunities I have done, if it wasn't for the support and confidence my readers have given me. The success of this blog so far has really made me think, wow, maybe I could really make it as a journalist. So, watch this space, and I'll keep you updated on what's going to be happening over here and at my other blogs. We have a couple of guests posts coming up and I will be blogger of the month on a couple of other blogs, so keep your eye on girlnextdoorfashion!!

Hope you're having a wonderful summer if your exams are finally over, and if not, good luck for your last few exams!!

Charlotte xxx

Friday, 28 May 2010

girlnextdoorfashion is back!!

hey guys,

thank you for all your support the last month, but I am pleased to announce that GNDF is back in action!!

I had my last exam today so it's goodbye revision and hello blog!!

Lots of new and exciting things coming up which I can finally reveal!!

See you for a proper post tomorrow!!

Charlotte xxx

Saturday, 1 May 2010

it's quite ironic really..

how I was trying to sell my University the other day, but right now it's probably the most famous University in the UK.

If not the world.

If you missed it, the Third Leader's Debate was held here.

And my work was on TV :]]]

Now back to important things.

I miss my blog :[[[