Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Workwear 15 for 15: Outfit Round Up

Here we are, all fifteen outfits in all their glory...
girl next door fashion outfitgirl next door fashion outfit girl next door fashion outfit 
girl next door fashion outfit girl next door fashion outfit girl next door fashion outfit
girl next door fashion outfitgirl next door fashion outfitgirl next door fashion outfit
girl next door fashion outfitgirl next door fashion outfitgirl next door fashion outfit
girl next door fashion outfitgirl next door fashion outfitgirl next door fashion outfit
Days 1-4
Days 5-9
Days 10-15

This has been a fantastic challenge. I've done 30 for 30 before, but only having 15 items to chose from (see them here) was definitely much more of a challenge. I had to plan for meetings, nights out after work and try to ensure I used all 15 of my items, and I'm really proud of the results. Workwear can be really tricky and it can also be really dull. This challenge really pushed me to experiment with what I already had instead of panic-buying new pieces for work. I really hope these outfits help other people like me who have just started their first "grown up job" after university and don't have a clue how to dress for the office. I was really getting stuck in a rut wearing the same outfits every week so I really appreciate how much I've learned from this challenge. I've definitely put together some combinations I don't think I would have tried otherwise!
Plus I also managed to take photos every day! I mean, they're not my best photos but I did manage to do it everyday. Which means I don't have any excuses not to take outfit photos during the week!
Now my next workwear challenge- summer. As I started working in November, I've only really known dark colours, black tights and layers, so this is going to be a real challenge. Despite what I said about using what I have, I am going to do a little bit of summer workwear shopping but hey, maybe I'll do another one of these challenges later in the new season! (Speaking of which, I also stuck to my shopping ban for the 3 weeks of the challenge! The only thing I bought was a new top for working out, but nothing for everyday dressing! I'm pretty proud of that! I'm just holding out til payday on Friday!)
I really hope you've enjoyed this workwear challenge. I've had a post planned for ages on workwear tips that I am hoping to get up soon. Do you have any questions about outfit challenges or workwear? Let me know in the comments.
Are there any other challenges you'd like to see me do?

Charlotte x

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Wokwear 15 for 15: Days 10-15

Here is it, the final week (and a day!) of my Workwear 15 for 15 challenge. I was definitely starting to struggle this week. I knew I had a few items I hadn't worn so I really tried to make sure I wore those. If you missed the last two weeks, here is the first week and here is the second week. And here's how I got on this week...

Day Ten
girl next door fashion outfit girl next door fashion outfit
I was leading a meeting on Monday so I wanted to look smart. I was starting to run out of black and white combinations! This is a pretty standard meeting outfit for me. I'm glad to finally have a great pair of black trousers, perfect white shirt and a great blazer! 

Day Eleven
girl next door fashion outfit girl next door fashion outfit
Oh leopard shirt. How I love you. I am so glad I bought this last-minute before the challenge. This pencil skirt might make it hard for me to breathe but it is totally worth it. It's a great way to smarten up leopard print.
Day Twelve
girl next door fashion outfit girl next door fashion outfit
Yeah I'm undecided on this one. It doesn't work as well as my fake maroon suit did last week, but I think I got away with it. Does it need to match, or can I class this as monochrome? I went for the black spot shirt as opposed to just white for a bit of interest.

Day Thirteen
girl next door fashion outfitgirl next door fashion outfit
My only repeat outfit of the challenge! Yeah you've seen this before but I was starting to struggle by this point!

Day Fourteen
girl next door fashion outfit girl next door fashion outfit
By penultimate day of the challenge I still hadn't worn two of the items in my list- this beige skirt and my favourite blue shirt. The truth was it just hadn't been warm enough to go for skin-coloured tights and nude shoes! But I bit the bullet on Friday and this is actually one of my favourite outfits of the challenge. It kind of came together by mistake when I realised I really needed a jacket. And look, DIFFERENT SHOES! 

Day Fifteen
girl next door fashion outfit girl next door fashion outfit
I almost caved and rewore this outfit (honest truth, two of my shirts were wrinkled and I was too lazy to iron them), but I decided to go for something new instead. I actually really like this outfit- let's face it, it's a combination of my two favourite things!

I'm gonna get a little round-up of all 15 outfits later in the week and a reflection on this challenge so make sure you pop back for that!

Charlotte x

Monday, 27 May 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend

Yesterday, I went to support my friend Eve at the Great Manchester Run- her first ever 10km! I'm so glad I could be there for her. It was an absolutely amazing experience. Manchester was completely packed and the whole place had this amazing atmosphere. I managed to find a great spot right at the finish line and I was cheering and clapping for everybody! There was such an incredible sense of solidarity. Everyone was in it together, young and old, fast and slow. Some people were running for family members they had lost, some people in massive furry suits, some people were in military uniform, some guys were firemen with big cannisters on their backs, some people were pushing people in wheelchairs and I even saw a lady carrying a baby! I was close enough to see Eve cross the finish line at an impressive 1 hour 18 minutes! I might have cried a little bit when I met up with her! I was just so proud of her it made me really emotional. It is such a big thing and she's been training for it for months and I am just so proud that she did it! So, stupidly perhaps, I've decided to do it too next year! Now if you know me, or even read my blog, you'll know that I hate running. Hate it. And even yesterday morning I said I would never, ever be able to do something like that. Hence why I'm doing it. Because I don't think I can. I've already signed up for next year just so I can't change my mind! I know it's going to be tough, but seeing her doing that big, amazing thing makes me want to have that experience too!

After the race we had lunch (it was baking hot so we had a sneaky McDonald's sat in the sun in St Anne's Square) and then we went to the Northern Quarter so Eve could have a celebratory Guiness! I headed back after that to a party with my parents. It was a family friends' party so I knew loads of people so it was lovely! Afterwards I came home and watched Back to the Future all the way through for the first time! With it being a Bank Holiday I wanted to go out and do something today and we talked about going to Chester, but after doing the food shopping we decided to do something a little more local, so we headed to Alderley Edge for a walk. We had a good walk around Dickens Wood and then stopped for lunch. And a stop at an ice cream van of course!
This afternoon my Dad and I watched Back to the Future II and had a relax before work tomorrow. I snapped some photos of my outfit today to go up this week (I massively regret not getting photos of my outfit on Sunday- wearing my What Would Jillian Do? tshirt to inspire Eve!), and I'll be finishing up my Workwear 15 for 15 this week too.
Hope your weekend has been lovely!

Charlotte x

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Leopards can change their spots

This is a really...not very me outfit. But I do quite like it. I love this shirt, which I'm sure you know if you saw my Workwear 15 for 15 post last week, and I wanted a way to wear it for the weekend. I never wear leggings. Ever. In fact these ones are fleece lined extra warm ones I bought for Paris and never wore and they were the only ones I could find. I'm just not really a leggings kinda girl. I just don't do that kind of casual, off-duty style very well. That, and I hate my legs. Something I don't hate, however, is this satchel. I've wanted a tan satchel for ages and I was going to invest in a Cambridge Satchel but now I have this one I don't need to! It's perfect for summer (I prefer a brown bag for the warmer months) and I've had loads of compliments on it already! I tend to only have a couple of bags (usually one black and one brown) and I have to have big bags with lots of room, so this one is perfect.
leopard shirt- Very
flats- Matalan
necklace- Topshop
satchel- c/o Accessoryo

Are you enjoying the long weekend so far? It's so nice to have a break! I was hoping for a quiet weekend but it never ends up like that- I always end up getting bored. I've had a really busy week this week though, which has been really lovely. I've done something after work every night! Monday I had my photography class, which I'm really, really enjoying. I'm thinking of taking a City and Guilds Level 2 qualification in September so I will have a photography qualification. Has anyone else done one? Tuesday I went out on a walk with my Dad (and we had a cheeky trip to the pub for dinner on the way!). I made tacos at Shaunagh's house on Wednesday and had dinner at Eve's with her and Jenny on Thursday and last night I went to see The Great Gatsby with my parents. I thought it was a really great film. It did lack a lot of the subtlety and themes of the novel, but I prefer to appreciate it separately from the book, especially as I have studied the book and it's one of my favourites. Today I finally got my workout in (after five days off, whoops!), wrote an article for Duluth Superior Magazine and then popped into Stockport to run some errands. I went to see the lady at the No7 counter because I'm having major problems with my skin at the moment- my cheeks are dry and my foundations ends up patchy, but I have an oily tzone and my foundation always slides off my afternoon. She was great and gave me loads of advice and I've been sorted out with a new foundation, primer and moisturiser that I'm really excited about trying. I spent my afternoon watching Arrested Development (I'm almost done with Series 2 and I am absolutely hooked!) and cooking fajitas for dinner. I also might have chased after an ice cream van in my slippers to have my first 99 of the summer! Tomorrow I'm going to support my awesome best friend Eve at the Manchester 10K and I have a party to go to with my family in the afternoon. I've not even figured out what I'm doing on Monday yet!
Right I'm getting back to watching the Champion's League with my Dad.
Enjoy your weekend!

Charlotte x

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

For Emily

Yesterday, one of my best friends got on a plane (and then another plane) on her own to New Zealand to go travelling for three months. On her own. Today's post is dedicated to Emily, one of my best friends, former housemate, and one of my favourite people in the world. I am so, so proud of her for going off and doing such an amazing, brave, exciting thing and I know she is going to have the absolute time of her life. So Emily, this is for you. Enjoy every minute of your trip because it will be over in a flash, but the memories will stay with you forever. I am also insanely jealous!
dress- Jones and Jones
leather jacket- H&M
necklace- Topshop
flats- H&M
If there is one thing to know about Emily, it is that her favourite colour is yellow (another thing to know is that she loves elephants!) so this dress was the obvious choice for her leaving party last weekend. I'd been dithering over what to wear the day before and then I suddenly thought "of course, the yellow dress!". I showed this dress to her when she came to visit on my birthday, and when she answered the door at her party she said "you're wearing my dress!". The observant of you will also notice that I haven't edited these photos as I normally do. The reason is that this is the brightest yellow dress in the whole world and a vintage-style filter did not do this dress justice as all! The observant might also notice that yes, this is yet another Jones and Jones Audrey dress. I do in fact have it in four colours now (red, cream, black and yellow). I asked them a few days ago to bring it out in bright pink to complete my collection! This was the first time wearing this dress and I've been used to dressing up my Jones and Jones dresses for evening, but I thought back to how I wore my red one in the summer in New Jersey and decided it was simple enough to dress down so I just added black flats and my beloved leather jacket. Speaking of which, after mentioning I had a rip in the sleeve a few weeks ago you guys had loads of great advice, and this weekend I finally got it sorted- by sticking some black duct tape over the rip! It's barely noticeable at all and feels good as new! I'll have to show you next time I wear it.
So how was your weekend? I had a lovely Saturday with my Mum. For Chistmas I'd bought us a day at a spa with two treatments so we finally got around to doing it on Saturday. I had a massage and a facial and she had a massage and a manicure. Then we had a mooch around Manchester and got a bit excited in MAC (I got a lipstick and she bought a foundation), then we had the most delicious lunch in Walrus in the Northern Quarter. We had some vegetable crisps and a seafood platter which was absolutely to die for. You know when you have a meal that is so good you can't stop talking about it? Yeah.
Anyway, because our spa time was ridiculous o clock, we were home mid afternoon so we spent the rest of the day watching films (we watched Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and Taken) and then Sunday I did the usual Sunday stuff (food shopping, cooking dinner etc.) and accidentally spent 2 hours at my auntie and uncle's going through old photos with my cousin. It was lovely though. I had my first meeting on my own on Monday so I spent far too long on Sunday freaking out about it (there may have been tears...) but it actually went really well and I'm really proud of myself for being about to lead a meeting on my own! I've just got back from a lovely walk and a pub dinner with my Dad and I'm looking forward to a busy week. I'm off to Shaunagh's for dinner tomorrow, Eve's for dinner on Thursday and I've just booked our cinema tickets for The Great Gatsby with my parents on Friday. I'm excited!
Hope your day has been lovely.

Charlotte xxx