Sunday, 29 September 2013

Do you really want to live in a world without Coca Cola?

Bonus points if you get the Breaking Bad reference.
It's funny thinking back to 2011 when I never wore jeans. I even did a jeans challenge on my blog where I wore jeans every day for a week, just because that was a big thing for me. Now I could happily wear jeans every day for a month. As I work full time, jeans have become the easiest and simplest thing to throw on at the weekend, when I just can't be bothered with dresses and co-ordinating skirts and tops. A lot of this, too, comes with finding jeans that I love. I've spent the last year wearing out my Topshop Leigh jeans, which I have in both blue denim and black. They're super soft, super stretchy and the most comfortable jeans I own. So when Clothing at Tesco got in touch inviting me to get involved in their autumn winter jeans challenge, I initially felt a bit "well, I've already found my perfect jeans." But I have always wanted a great pair of high waisted jeans. I've had them before (also from Topshop), but I found after a couple of washes and some weight loss that they didn't fit tightly enough any more and because of this I stopped wearing them (there was an amusing time when I decided that because my size 8 high waisted jeans had become too big around the waist I would try the size 6s on. I couldn't even get them to my knees. Cue a bit of a struggle getting them off in the Topshop changing rooms). Anyway, Tesco had a couple of great-looking pairs of high waisted jeans, from bootcut to skinny, and I decided to go for the Bum and Tum Skinny Jeans. Now I can tell you one thing, my bum is one thing that doesn't need a boost, but I loved the super- high waisted style of these jeans and figured a more flattering fit doesn't sound like a bad thing! A couple of things to point out- I always buy a size smaller in high-waisted jeans (I actually ordered these in two sizes just to be sure) and these jeans do run quite long so I rolled them up a bit. I have super short legs and always buy short leg jeans, so this might not be a problem for you leggy folk!
all items c/o Clothing at Tesco
I can't wait to pair these jeans with stilettos and a blouse for an evening out, but with the £75 voucher given to me by Tesco I added a simple black vintage-style tshirt (I wanted something to tuck in to demonstrate the gorgeous high waist), leopard print biker jacket, red scarf and heeled boots. These boots are my new favourite things ever. I've worn them three times to work this week and I think they're going to be a staple throughout the winter. 
I've come down with a bit of a cold this weekend which has made me very lethargic! It's been going round the office for about a week and a half and I've been so surprised to have not caught it (I have a terrible immune system!) but it got me yesterday morning! I ended up waking up at 5.45am for a cold and flu drink and was so wide awake I decided to get up. My throat was killing when I went to Park Run, but I'd read on Twitter that if you got a Personal Best this weekend you'd be entered into a draw to win a pair of Adidas trainers. Feeling rubbish and having had the worst run off my life on Wednesday, I wasn't feeling too confident, but I decided to give it a go anyway. I ended up really pushing myself and beating my previous time by 2 and a half minutes, taking me from 35 minutes 44 seconds to 33 minutes 13 seconds! Yesterday was spent running errands and napping, and then I had a family party last night. I have a huge family so rule of averages suggests we have a family party at least every few weeks! With my new half marathon training schedule I have Sunday reserved for a long run so I was that person drinking Diet Coke because they wanted to be fit for their run! Fortunately it was totally worth it and I did my four mile run in five and a half minutes faster than my last 4 mile run! I've really noticed my fitness improve since my 10K and I've found I can really run faster than I thought. Running on a Sunday was weird though. I'm so used to running in the dark though and I hated having to stop for traffic at crossings. You don't see a lot of cars on 5am runs!
This afternoon has been quite sad because we went to say goodbye to my Nana and Grandad's house. They lived their my whole life and nearly all of my Dad's life and it's a house full of memories, but my Grandad died nearly two years ago and my Nana died a year and a half ago and it's finally been sold. My dad's brothers and sisters and some of my cousins went down to have one last drink in the house and share our favourite memories. I just have to think that some other family are going to have their memories in that house now!

I hope your weekend has been lovely.

Charlotte x

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Sleep is for the Week

See, look, I did get a tan on holiday!
This dress. It's too big. It's too long. But I love it. It's tartan. And I can wear it for work. I fell in love with it in an email from Tesco that I think was actually to advertise coats. I knew I had to have it. I always have a problem with things from Clothing at Tesco being too long though. My favourite little black dress from there is a petite, but this one didn't come in petite. And the model was 5' 11". But I couldn't resist. It just needs heels! I wore this for work on Friday and then wore it for dinner Friday night (and Saturday night, ahem), with my new little Tesco boots that arrived when I got home from work on Friday. Also, I apologise that these photos are weirdly edited and a bit wonky. My level must have been completely off when I took them and they were reeeally diagonal, and then I had a few problems editing them after I'd faffed around transforming them. Anyway.
dress- Clothing at Tesco
heels- Marks and Spencers
blazer- Zara
My original plan for tonight was to post my How to Be A Morning Runner post but I decided to do a fashiony post for a few reasons. One is that I have about five lots of outfit photos that I need to post, two is that I didn't want two running posts in a row, and three, I wanted to see if you guys had any questions about working out in the morning before I wrote the post. I posed the question on Twitter and Instagram yesterday and got a few responses, so I want to know, what do you want to know about being a crazy person who gets up at 5am to go for a run? I know I googled "how to work out in the morning" about half a dozen times before I did it for the first time, I had so many questions! I hope I have already planned to address most of them but I'd love to know if there are any I might have missed.
Also, on a running note, thank you to each and everyone one of you who commented on my last post about my 10K, or left me a tweet or a comment of some kind. It was a huge thing for me and I want to thank you all for supporting me all through my journey. And an extra "thank you!" to everyone who says I have inspired them to get running. You have no idea how much that means to me! Believe me, if I can do it, so can you! I've also signed up for a half marathon in March, and another 10K in November. I am absolutely terrified about my half marathon but I know I've come this far and that I can totally do it, so thank you to all of you who always support me!
Well my to-do list for tonight ends with "early night" so I think sounds like a good idea. The irony of planning my morning exercise post was that I got up this morning at 5am, turned off my alarm and... got back into bed! My excuse was that I hurt myself on my run on Wednesday and decided to have a break, but tomorrow I want to get up and do a Jillian Michaels DVD (I'm thinking No More Trouble Zones) so I'm back in the exercise zone for Park run on Saturday and a long run on Sunday. I've been so tired since my 10K!
Anyway, I'm rewatching this week's Breaking Bad in preparation for next week's finale (I'm in denial) and then I'm off to bed. First tip of becoming a morning runner- bed at 9.30pm!

Charlotte x

Sunday, 22 September 2013

My First 10K

Today I ran my first 10K race.
Before we get started, let's get back to this post.
In May, I watched my best friend Eve complete The Great Manchester Run, and it inspired me to a) start running and b) sign up for next year's 10K race.
So, I started out with Couch to 5K. When I started I struggled with the first 45 second run. I can't express enough how bad I was at running. Dancing, Jillian Michaels DVDs, cross training I could do, but running and I just didn't get along.
But having a goal in mind, having something to aim for, kept me going.
(You can read my beginners guide to running here).
After a few weeks, I started to get up at 5am to run before work (I am working on a post about morning workouts soon, cause believe me, I never thought I'd be getting up at 5 to run!). Couch to 5K forced me to keep moving forward, to keep going. Small, manageable goals each week pushed me forward.
I reached the end of Couch to 5K after 7 and a half weeks and ran my first 5K at Park Run at the beginning of August.
Now, since then, I haven't really blogged about my running journey. For a few weeks I just ran consistent 5Ks, working on my speed, and then I decided to start adding 0.3 miles a week to reach 10K in about 10 weeks.
I skipped ahead quite quickly from 3 miles to 4 miles, and then did a few 4 mile runs before running 4.5 miles on Thursday.
I decided I could comfortably add 0.5 miles a week to my runs, and calculated I'd be ready for a 10K around the end of October, early November, so I started looking for 10K races around then.
And then I found out there was one in my town in 3 days time. And I knew I had to do it.
Now, the thing is, I had never run this distance before. It wasn't as though I'd been training for this race. I had never run further than 4.5 miles, and I had only run that far once. I was very comfortable with my nice 3 mile runs, but this was double. 6.2 miles. I knew that I could probably do it, but I couldn't be sure.
I rested from my Thursday run until Sunday, and avoided alcohol on Saturday night. I was nervous and started to question if I was a complete idiot for even thinking I could do this. I mean, I only ran my first 5K a month and a half ago, and hell I'd only ran beyond 5K four times since then. 
I was also incredibly scared of being last.
I've talked before about my being-last fear, and it has been almost-realised at Park Run, where I usually find myself right at the back. I was praying there would be tonnes of people there so I could guarantee a few people slower than me.
I set myself two goals, the same two goals I had for my first 5K.
1) I had to complete the race, and
2) I had to do it without walking
I also had an unofficial time in my head of 1 hour 20 minutes and a fear of being last, but these two goals were the most important.
After my morning toast and peanut butter, which I could hardly get down, I insisted that we arrived super early and I was one of the first to arrive. Being given my number suddenly made it feel very official.
There weren't as many people as I expected. In fact, fewer than a usual Saturday Park Run turn out.
I stood near the back, as I always do, and got my iPhone ready to go.
I had a horrible moment of realisation when the horn sounded. It was too late to back out.
So I ran.
Slowly at first. I have a tendency to over-pace myself and I could probably run faster than I do, so after the few half a mile I pushed myself a little harder. I wanted to be going just fast enough so I could slow down in the later miles. However, I panicked a bit when my phone notified me of my first mile. I was going much faster than I do normally. I was scared to run out of energy later on and have to walk. Or worse, not be able to finish.
The first two miles were the hardest. 
It was a slight incline that at first only my calves noticed. I saw the people ahead slip further and further away and the people behind get closer and closer. I felt myself falling further towards the back. But I had to keep going.
I panicked during the first two miles, because I've been running beyond two miles for months. Two miles should not be hard for me anymore. If I was tired after two miles, how would I cope after 4? Or 5? Or 6?
But something happened as I hit my third mile.
I hit my stride.
Running no longer felt hard, but incredibly easy. 
I was mouthing the words along with the songs in my headphones, I was smiling and thanking the pedestrians who cheered me on at the side of the road. I chatted briefly with the people at the water stand where I stopped to have my bottle refilled, and managed to get my rhythms back right after.
It didn't hurt any more.
I could just go.
And this carried on until just before my 5th mile.
The last mile and a half were tough. So tough I almost walked.
Running uphill when you've already run for 5 miles is hard. Especially when everyone around you and in front of you has decided to walk.
Reducing your speed to a painful just-running.
Urging yourself just to keep going.
Knowing you're nearly there but not actually knowing how far away the end is.
Freefalling downhill and worrying you're going to trip.
And then those last few hundred metres.
Knowing you've nearly done it.
Hearing your phone tell you you've run 6 miles. That you've been running for over an hour.
Seeing your Dad at the side clapping and cheering.
Hearing everyone shouting as you read the end.
Catching the clock in the corner of your eye as you cross the line.
1 hour 10 minutes.
Bursting into hysterical tears as you're handed your goody bag and water.
Knowing it's over, that you've done it.
Being so tired you can hardly speak, hardly walk, hardly think.
But knowing that you've done it.
Knowing that 3 months ago you couldn't run for a minute and now you've run for an hour.
Hitting a goal after 3 months that you gave yourself a year to achieve.
Not knowing how you got here, but knowing every 5am wake up call, every run in the pouring rain, every Park Run coming fourth from last, was worth it.
Wondering, what now? What's next?
Planning your half marathon training.
Thinking that you might be a runner after all.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Can we take a ride? Get out of this place while we still have time.

It makes me a little bit sad that this time just over a week ago I was wearing this dress with bare legs and converse as I walked past scenic beaches on the beautiful Costa Blanca (I wore this dress more times more than I care to admit on holiday because it had sleeves. And because on Day One of being in Spain this pasty English girl got burned to bits. Moral of the story, sun cream guys!). However, you know what makes being back in chilly England much more bearable  A big, thick tartan scarf. Now, honest truth, there is a distinct lack of purple in my wardrobe, and actually anywhere in my life. I've come to realise lately it's because I really just don't like purple. I like pink, I like blue, I like red. But purple is not pink, nor red, not blue. And I don't know, we've just never gotten along (sorry, Marie Schrader). But I do love this little Warehouse number, and couldn't resist pairing it with my favour colour, red. And man, oh man do I love tartan. I tried on a gorgeous tartan, faux leather and faux fur (all my favourite things!) coat in Primark today and almost cried when I realised how absolutely awful it looked on me. Anyway, I digress. I don't think I've paired tartan and floral before, but I hoped the blue and red of the scarf would work with the purple of the dress. I am on the fence about these boots. I bought them as "my new winter boots that I will wear with everything ever ever" and then wasn't 100% sure when they actually came. And then couldn't decided whether to send them back or not so I kept them. I do like them but I just worry they make my legs look extra stumpy. Seriously, short leg problems. It's way too late to send them back now so I'll probably just keep wearing them and just keep moaning about my stumpy legs. Sorry.
dress- c/o Warehouse
scarf- ASOS
boots- Miss Guided
leather jacket- H&M
lipstick- Revlon Matte 'Really Red'
So Saturday has been productive. I snapped these photos, went to the doctors, bought some bits from Boots and some DVDs from HMV, had my fringe trimmed, booked a cut and colour, updated my iPhone to iOS 7, ordered a new rail card, made carrot and lentil soup and wrote my December (!) column for Duluth Superior Magazine. Don't worry, I am totally having a nap now! Tonight we're going out for a curry with my auntie, uncle and my cousin and tomorrow is my 10K. I am absolutely bricking it and now starting to have a bit of a meltdown and thinking that I really cannot do this and I am a total idiot for signing up! I hope I feel a bit more calm tomorrow!
I'll let you know how it goes!
Have a lovely weekend!

Charlotte x

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Life Stuff

Today I wanted to write a post about my George Foreman grill, one about my addiction to Breaking Bad and one about something exciting I have planned this weekend, so I decided to write a little "life update" post instead of lots of little posts. I like reading these kind of "Life Lately" posts that some bloggers do, and I'd love to do something like Kaelah's "Things I Love Thursday". I used to write "Love Lust and Links" on a Sunday while I was on my year abroad but I am so bad at sticking to a blogging schedule, and when I was living in New Jersey I had my "This week I..." posts that I really loved to write and can't wait to read back on in a few years. Whether this will be a regular thing, I don't know, but it's nice to write about something other than what I'm wearing. 

So at the moment I'm...

Eating: Anything cooked on the George Foreman grill!
So, the George Foreman Grill. It's awesome. My Mum and I talked about getting one for a while and finally got one last weekend (it was half price in BHS!). We were originally going to get a four person one, but they seemed so small in real life, so we got a 7 person one, and I'm so glad we did! Even though there are only three of us, it's great for grilling lots of things at once, like vegetables for my lunch.
Now an important thing to note here is that I don't eat meat (I'm a pesctarian so I do eat fish). I feel like people always associate George Foreman grills with meat. It's not just for meat, you guys! I've used it every day since we got it, and I have tonnes of more ideas for things to cook on it. My Mum has obviously been cooking meat on it, and I hear it's great for that, but veggie lovers, it's brilliant for us too! Here are some of my dinners with George this week...
Sunday night- Grilled salmon with spicy seasoning
Monday's lunch- leftover salmon with grilled peppers and feta
Tuesday lunch-grilled halloumi and grilled veggies
Wednesday's dinner- shrimp skewers, sweet potato and stir fry vegetables
Thursday's dinner- halloumi skewers, sweet potato and salad

I can't wait to grill some portabello mushrooms, veggie burgers and fresh tuna steak.

Reading: May We Be Forgiven by A M Homes
I read three brilliant books on holiday (It's Kind of a Funny Story, Schindler's List and The Virgin Suicides) and this is the last of my holiday books. I'm enjoying it but I feel like it's a bit... noisy. So much happened in the first 100 pages that I was kind of overwhelmed. But I'm going to stick with it. I absolutely loved It's Kind of a Funny Story and read it in two days.

Watching: Breaking Bad, of course
This week's episode? Wow, just wow. Did you know it's been described as the greatest episode of TV ever? I was pretty late to the party with Breaking Bad- I didn't start watching it til January and I had a huge gap of not watching it for about 3 months- but I got really into it a few months ago. I watched 3 seasons in 2 months! I'm actually watching Talking Bad on this week's episode as I write this. Absolutely brilliant TV and I'm not ready for it to be over. I'm hoping Netflix release season 7 of Dexter so I can fill the void!

Buying: Anything tartan!
So far I've bought another tartan dress, tartan pencil skirt and a new tartan scarf to add to my tartan collection. I'm also enjoying buying new knitwear, although I'm not enjoying being cold enough to need it. 

Lusting after: Benefit Stay Flawless Primer
I have huge problems with my makeup coming off, even with MAC, and while this has (very!) mixed reviews, I'm going to give it a go this weekend and see how I get on. It seems there's a specific way of applying your foundation over it to get it right. I'll let you know what I think anyway!

Looking forward to: My first 10K race- this Sunday!
So, this morning I had a nice 4.5 mile run and calculated that if I keep adding 0.5 miles a week to my runs I'll be ready to do a 10k in the next few weeks. So when I got back I did a search for 10K races in Manchester around October/November. But while I was looking I found out there is a 10K race in my town on Sunday. This Sunday. At first I was like "ah man, I wish I'd known so I could have trained for it." But then I had a moment of, no, I can do this. I know I'm not quite there yet distance wise, but I know I can do it. So before I had time to second-guess myself, I signed up! So this Sunday I am doing my first 10K race! I'm really excited and I'm glad the first time I run 10K will be at a proper race, not just on a cold morning at 5am. My parents are coming to watch and I know a few other people who are doing it, so wish me lots of luck! I still can't believe 3 and a half months ago I couldn't run for more than a minute, and I only did my first 5K a month and a half ago, but I know I can do this and I can't express how proud I am of myself! Half marathon next maybe?

Loving online:
This post on Why Generation Y Yuppies are Unhappy really resonated with me. It is completely accurate of our generation, even in the ways we don't want to admit.
And because this was exactly how I felt yesterday What it was like finding out Zac Efron had been to rehab, from Buzzfeed.

Listening to: Matchbox Twenty, all the time.
After seeing them in April I feel like I've been fully awakened to how brilliant they are. I've barely stopped listening to them for months.

Enjoying: Relaxing
As I mentioned in my post-holiday post, I am notoriously bad at relaxing. But I've had a really quiet week this week and it's actually been really nice. I'm also giving myself a rest from 5am workouts before my race so I was glad to put my actual pajamas on tonight (I sleep in my workout clothes if I'm doing a 5am workout the next day) and I'm gonna curl up with with kindle and hot chocolate later. However, I cannot wait for my friends to get back from their various holidays and travels- there's only so much relaxing a girl can do!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Last of the Summer Outfits

Because I had a feeling the weather would turn when I got back from Spain (and man, has it turned!) I decided to make the most of the last few nice days before I went away and wear my last few favourite summer work outfits. I have this one and another one to come up, and then it's full steam ahead with autumn. As much as I love the autumn I am already sick of being cold. I'm back to wearing a dress, jacket and coat on my walk to work. And getting soaking wet through on the way there! Speaking of rain, I'm starting to look at running clothes for the cold and rain and I would love some advice. At the moment I'm looking for a lightweight, waterproof jacket with a hood, a couple of long-sleeved base layers, some waterproof socks and a headband to keep my ears warm! It will make a nice change from running in my flappy Primark pack a mac!
dress- River Island via Sian
mint blazer- Boohoo
necklace- Zalando
heels- New Look
So, there is a story behind this outfit! This dress used to belong to my blogging bestie, Sian! She wore it when we went to Aintree together last year and I loved it, so when she was selling it in her blog shop I jumped at the change! I was glad it was just about long enough for work with a blazer and heels, although as I've said before, this blazer wrinkles like crazy! I've worn the combo of mint and pink before, so I decided to add some pink lipstick too. I absolutely love lipstick but I get so sick of constantly reapplying it and usually end up wiping it off after a few hours.
That's pretty much all from me! I'm having a super-quiet week this week which is driving me a bit crazy, but hopefully it will give me a chance to catch up with some blogging, sleeping and reading time! Oh I live life in the fast lane, don't I?
Have a lovely evening!

Charlotte x

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Time for Tartan

Flipping heck, I get back from a week away and Autumn is well and truly here! Honest truth? I'm kinda glad. I was getting a bit sick of the uncovered flesh of summer and ready for the shapeless warmth of winter. Anyway, I'm back! My holiday was absolutely lovely and exactly what I needed. A proper break. I am notoriously bad at relaxing and it took me a few days to get out of the habit of "What are we doing? Where are we going? Where are we going for dinner? What are we doing tonight?" but by about Wednesday, I started to chill out. We went on lots of long walks, had lots of drinks in bars overlooking the sea and I read three books. It was lovely. I also completely and utterly disconnected from the online world. It's fair to say that I am a real online addict (duh), and usually when I'm on holiday I'm always looking for free wifi to catch up with the world back home. This time, I didn't even take my phone off Airplane mode. No texts, no calls, no emails, no Tweets, no Facebook, nothing. The world doesn't need to see Instagram snaps of every cocktail, tweets about every mosquito bite or updates of every seascape. I took a few photos of things I wanted to photograph, instead of just photographing for my blog. All in all, it was exactly what I needed. A good relaxing break for someone who can't relax. 
jeans- Topshop (Leigh)
tartan shirt- Motel via eBay
unicorn jumper- ASOS
boots- Cowboy Boot Store in Nashville, Tennessee
leather jacket- H&M
lipstick- Revlon Matte Really Red
Unfortunately I am now back in the real world. Including going back to running four times a week and accepting that frozen yoghurt and chips does not constitute dinner (oh holidays). When you workout six times a week it's easy to think that you can eat whatever you want as a result. Unfortunately, you can't. We just bought a George Foreman grill and I'm excited to make grilled vegetable salads for work and grilled fish for dinner. I'm also working on getting towards my 10K now. I'm can run for 4 miles now, and I plan to increase 0.5 miles every 2 weeks or so to get to 6 miles in the next few weeks. I'm also considering, once I get to the 10K point, starting training for a half marathon next year (it was the Great North Run today and I know a few people who did it, so I'd love to sign up for next year). When it gets to the winter though, I'm going to cut my running to the weekends (Saturday 5K Park run and a long run Sunday) and just do workout DVDs in the week (I've been combining levels 1 and 2 of the 30 Day Shred for an hour-long workout on non-running days and I have enough JM DVDs to keep my quiet), and I'm asking for Insanity for Christmas because I've wanted to try it for ages. I think it's gonna kick my bum!
Oh right, yeah. I'm wearing a jumper with a unicorn on. I don't think we need to justify that, do we? This outfit is pretty much what I expect to be living in throughout the winter. Shirt, jumper, jeans, boots. In fact, that outfit is basically this outfit, but with a unicorn jumper. I am no so original. But, any excuse to wear tartan, right? I've already added a new tartan scarf, another tartan dress and tartan pencil skirt to my tartan repertoire. Tartan haters, you're not going to enjoy my blog over the next few months.
I have a few outfit posts left to go up that constitute the last of my "summer" outfits, but then it's knitwear and boots all the way until March!

Hope you've had a lovely weekend.

Charlotte x

Friday, 6 September 2013

August in Photos

Urgh, major iPhone problems. Sorry this is so late! I'm off to Spain this afternoon so I'll be back in just over a week! I can't wait to have a week of reading, relaxing and (hopefully) distancing myself from the online world!
Anyway, here's what I got up to in August...
 1. Friday night is wine night
2. First ever parkrun!
I've written about this experience here, but it really was an amazing achievement for me!
3. Post-run bagel
I was really unnecessarily stingy with the smoked salmon. ALWAYS MORE SMOKED SALMON.
 4-5. 90s night and chinese food
My cousin came over a few weeks ago and we had a night of watching Saved by the Bell and Sabrina the Teenager Witch with chinese takeaway and sweets! I almost never get a takeaway, and I couldn't tell you the last I had chinese! It was a nice treat.
6. Mango and banana smoothie
FYI, frozen mango is amazing.
 7. Bored Sunday baking
My parents went on holiday at the start of the month and I was climbing the walls with boredom. So I baked cookies, of course.
8. A bit of rain won't stop us!
My best friend Eve and I had decided to go take advantage of a Pizza Express voucher I had, but my parents were away and I don't have a car so we had to walk. And it was hammering it down. So I grabbed my wellies, got Eve and pair of tights and we went out in waterproofs. I also jumped in a lot of puddles.
9. Pizza Express Dough Balls
Of course.
 10. Leggara Pizza
I am a sucker for anything with goat's cheese, roasted vegetables and salad. Especially if it's on a pizza.
11. Post-run coffee
After my 5.30am run, sitting down for a coffee and a relax before getting ready for work is one of my favourite moments of the day.
12. Another lunch salad
This time with prawns and homemade croutons.
 13. Offical Parkrun Card!
This makes me feel super special on a Saturday
14. Thai red vegetable curry
Recipe here.
15. Gorgeous sunset on my morning run
 16. Bad Day Ice Cream
Because I'm a grown up and therefore allowed to eat ice cream before dinner.
17. Friday night pool
Intern Joe absolutely massacred mine and Kris' valiant efforts!
18. Cheeky upgrade
Honest truth? I've had a lot of problems with it so far and don't feel it's been worth it. BUT, I had broken the lock button on my iPhone 4...
 19. Second Park Run result
Beating my time by 2 minutes 6 seconds!
20. Skincare bits
I had one of those consultations in Boots and love the Beautiful Skin range for oily skin. Also using night cream makes me feel like a grown up.
21. Travel minis!
Why are little things so exciting?!
 22-24. Eve's leaving shenanigans 
My BFF Eve has selfishly gone off travelling for three month. I KNOW, ABANDONMENT MUCH?! I miss her like crazy. (oh and I'm wearing the outfit from this post. A guy came up to me and just said "BREAKING BAD YEAH! DO YOU LOVE IT?!")
 25. I like salad
Cous cous, avocado, chickpeas and onions.
26. Breaking Badddddddddddd
How awesome is Season 5b? It really is the best programme on TV.
27. Banana chocolate chip muffins
Leftover bananas can only mean one thing. Also, adding peanut butter was amazing.
 28. Giant Pretzels!
This is my favourite photo from Berlin. Brandenburg gate, giant pretzel, favourite dress, stupid face. What more do you need?
29. Book readin'
I started this on audiobook while I was doing my 3 week road trip last year but I kept falling asleep while listening to it and forgetting where I was up to! After learning so much about German history in Berlin I bought this at the airport. I really enjoyed it.
30. First Graze box!
Joe at work had one of those free vouchers so I gave it a go. I really enjoyed it, but it's an expensive treat so I've been trying to steal their ideas for my own snacks!
 31. Kidney bean and carrot burgers
I've become obsessed with A Girl Called Jack over the last few weeks. If you've never read her blog, seriously, check it out. We had these yummy kidney bean and carrot burgers, which Jack estimates as costing 9p each!
32. Sick day food
After one day back in work after holiday, I was poorly on Wednesday night and reluctantly took the day off work. My mum was at a meeting nearby and called me asking if I wanted anything and I asked for my usual ill foods- Heinz tomato soup, crusty bread and a Cadbury's Wispa. 
33. Breaking Bad Alchemy
To make me feel less grumpy about being ill I downloaded the Breaking Bad Alchemy iBook for iPad. It's very cool.
 34. Jacket potato cheese and beanssssss
I always, always take my own food to work (that's why you see so many photos of salad on here!), but I felt so rubbish going back into work on Friday that I didn't want to take anything for lunch. I was feeling better later on so I had an amazing jacket potato, cheese and beans from the little cafe near work. Nom.
35. A client brought donoughts!
Truthfully, I'm not a big doughnut fan, but I do enjoy the occasional Krispy Kreme if offered! The only downside was after a day being off ill, a doughnut might not have been the answer!
36. A perfect Saturday afternoon
We'd talked about going to the cinema on the Saturday night of the bank holiday weekend but after running errands with my Mum in the morning, I started to feel pretty rough and wanted an early night. So my Dad suggested an afternoon cinema trip! We went to see Alan Patridge: Alpha Papa, which if you haven't seen, you have to go and see, and then my Dad treated us to a lovely early dinner at Alberts. I had the most amazing chestnut and aubergine tagine.
 37. Thai fishcakes
We went to my Auntie and Uncle's for dinner on bank holiday Sunday and my Auntie made these gorgeous fish cakes. Fish cake are pretty much my favourite food. Especially Thai ones!
38. Best cheesecake everrrrrr
And my Auntie made cheesecake. Not just any cheesecake, but white chocolate and raspberry chesecake. And it was THE BEST CHEESECAKE EVER. I seriously haven't stopped talking about it!
39. Sunday night Wii Sports
And after dinner, in an attempt to burn off that cheesecake (haha), we had a night of fun on the Wii. Turns out I'm pretty good at Wii golf and Wii basketball. Less good at bowling and fencing though!
 40. Banana ice cream, peanut butter and chocolate chips
I had loads of frozen bananas to use up, so I made banana ice cream (if you've never made one ingredient banana ice cream, you really need to try it!). I added chocolate chips and peanut butter. Om nom.
41. Garden reading
42. And then watching the film
I loved Mysterious Skin and read it in a couple of days. The film was also amazing (I am a huge Joseph Gordon Levitt fan!) although I think I traumatised my Mum by asking her to watch it with me!
 43. Friday night pub tea
Disappointing falafel burger (if it's in a pitta, it's not a burger!) but great company with Shaunagh.
44. New winter boots
Yeah so I've totally started working on my winter wardrobe already. I'm planning to make these my main winter boots this year.
45. Saturday Brunch
Saturday brunch is kinda mine and my Mum's thing. I do Parkrun at 9am and get back about 10am, jump in the shower and then make us something yummy, usually with eggs! This week I made goat's cheese, sundried tomato and sweet potato frittata. And it was every bit as good as it sounds.
 46. Cheese and ketchup toasties are da bomb.
I insisted on buying a toastie maker a few months ago and we were really into toasties for like... a month. Then it went back in the cupboard with the ice cream maker and brownie maker (don't ask). But on Saturday I was like OH MY GOD I WANT A TOASTIE. So good.
47-48. Saturday night makeup
This is a look from the UD Smoked Palette, which I really recommend.
49. Unexpected PB!
I took over a week off from running with being on holiday and then I was ill, and I hadn't done Park Run for three weeks. I'd done a couple of 5Ks the week before my Saturday race but I didn't have my fitness right back up. So a PB, shaving 45 seconds off my time, was an amazing surprise!
50-51. Saturday night party time
It was my cousin's wife's (cousin in law's?!) 30th birthday on Saturday night. I wore my red Jones and Jones dress (of course!), leapard booties and a leather jacket and danced the night away to the 5ive Megamix!