Saturday, 21 June 2014

A bit of a break

You've probably noticed it's been a bit quiet around here lately, and I just wanted to say it might be like this for a little longer.
I'm having a bit of a bad time at the moment and unfortunately, I can't talk about it yet. But at the same time I feel I can't not talk about it. I can't post about my day and my clothes and pretend life is all butterflies and cupcakes. You know that's not my style. 
So I'll be back when I'm ready. And as soon as I can share this with you I will.
Phil and I are going to Prague on Monday for a much-needed few days away, so hopefully I'll at least have some nice photos and a travel post to share with you when I get back.
And also please don't worry about me. Nobody has died and I'm going to be just fine. I just need some space right now.
Thank you for all your continued support. I'm going to need you when I'm ready to share.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

A Perfect Weekend

Oh why oh why is this weekend nearly over? Phil and I have had the most wonderfully relaxed weekend. Disney films (his choice, Tarzan, which I had never seen, and my choice, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which he hadn't seen), 22 Jump Street (SO FUNNY GO SEE IT RIGHT NOW!), Zoolander, homemade pizza, football, walks in the sun, endless Derren Brown reruns on 4od. It's been lovely. My parents went away on Friday for the weekend so Phil and I have had the house to ourselves. We both had really stressful weeks at work and just needed to chill. I also had a mole removed on Thursday (if you were wondering what that big plaster on my leg was!) and I'm not allowed to run for a week, so I took advantage of the chance to have a quiet weekend. Although saying that, I really really hate not being able to run. I got myself back into a routine of early mornings last week and I hate missing out on my workouts. I'm also considering starting Insanity soon. I got it for my birthday and have been waiting for some time to do it. I am off to Prague in two weeks though and I'm signed up for the Race for Life in July, so the idea of doing it six days a week for two months is a little bit intimidating. I'm tempted to do it when I get back from Prague. We're off to Whitby at the end of August so I wouldn't get a full 2 months in, and it would mean I wouldn't be able to properly train for the Race for Life but I reckon that will be a pretty chilled race anyway. I'm also seriously considering some Zaggora Hotpants for Insanity too but I'm a bit worried I might overheat! Has anyone tried them? As much as I love running I really fancy a change, and Insanity is meant to really help with running due to all the cardio.
dress- c/o Lavish Alice
flats- Dorothy Perkins
I actually first received this dress a few weeks ago, but there were a few bumps along the way. When I first received it, I asked which size to go for (I'm between an 8 and a 10) and was recommended to go for an 8. When it came, it was just a little bit too small, but I couldn't be sure the 10 wouldn't be too big. I've never sent back a c/o item before and I felt like a bit of a tool asking if I could have a size 10 to compare. To cut a long story short, Lavish Alice were awesome and sent me out a size 10 within a few days, which actually wasn't much bigger and is a perfect fit, and I sent back the size 8 myself. Problem solved! I know this outfit isn't incredibly exciting but this is the kind of thing you're going to see a lot of over the summer. When it comes to summer, I tend to gravitate towards cute little dresses, my denim jacket and either ballet flats or converse. I'm definitely going to be wearing this dress a lot over the summer.
Hope your weekend has been as awesome as mine!

Charlotte x

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Picnic Blanket Chic

Owwwh Sunday night already- where did my weekend go? I'm really not feeling these two day weekends! Last weekend was a bit of a quiet one but I think I made up for it this weekend. On Friday Toby invited all of the Brand team round for a Mexican feast. This has been in the making for over two months! We had frozen margaritas to start, and then the table was set with huge bowls of beef chilli, chicken fajitas and a veggie dish for me (roasted butternut squash and refried beans- YUM!), then bowls of salsa, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, homemade guacamole, jalapenos, hot sauce, taco shells, tortilla chips, tortillas.... everything we needed! It was SO much fun! I love hanging out with my team. I stayed til 10.30pm and then popped round to see Phil who was poorly. On Saturday I got up early for parkrun, got ready, ran some errands and then went over to Kate's house. A group of us from work went to watch Fareed play roller derby! I've never experienced roller derby before and it was awesome! I had so much fun! Fareed's team didn't win but he was awesome and I'm definitely going again. Then I headed back to Phil's to get ready to go out for Kris' birthday. And then it all went wrong. Phil wasn't feeling well enough to come out so I knew I'd be going on my own, which I was pretty gutted about. But I was all ready to go and just needed Phil to zip my dress up. It was the blue version of my Jones and Jones Audrey dress and the first time I'd worn it. When I'd tried it on the zip had been dodgy, but my cream one is like that so I didn't think anything of it. Phil struggled with the zip for a while and then I decided to do it myself by spinning the dress around to the front. I managed to get the zip over the tricky bit and went to finish zipping it up when I realised the zip had split. I was stuck! Phil and I frantically hit google to try to find an answer and tried for a good half an hour to line up the teeth of the zip. My dress was ruined and I had nothing else to wear! Eventually after a good 45 minutes of being stuck, I managed to get the dress over my head. But I had nothing to wear for Kris' and by this point it was nearly 10pm and I was in tears. My dress was still broken and I was down and exhausted. In the end I realised that I couldn't go out. It was too late, I was too sad and I had nothing to wear. So in the end I spent last night curled up with Phil and a tub of Ben and Jerry's. Not the worst way to spend a Saturday night, but not what I had in mind! Today we got up early, which is unusual for us for a Sunday, so I suggested we go for a walk. We walked along the canal to Deansate and fell over an Artisan market. After a walk around, Phil saw a sign advertising a pot of tea and scones for two, so we had that and it was lovely. The rest of today has been quiet. I decided after our walk to give my run a miss so I've spent most of the day getting everything ready for the week- dinner for tonight and tomorrow's lunch, breakfast for the week, a pan of quinoa for salads...

dress- boohoo
denim jacket- new look
sunglasses- H&M
shoes- Dorothy Perkins
lipstick- MAC Ruby Woo
I've been waiting for a nice day to wear this dress. Yesterday was perfect! This dress has a story too. I was queuing up at the salad bar at work last week and there was a huge queue, so I was playing on my phone, when I mindlessly typed "red check dress" into Shopstyle and fell over it. Cute red check, peter pan collar, skater shape, 20% discount on dresses from boohoo? Done. It was ordered before I'd even ordered my salad. But when it arrived, it had a big pull on the front of the dress which rendered it ruined. I got onto boohoo on Twitter right away and within 15 minutes they had ordered me a replacement with next day delivery. I was super impressed! (Whether I'll get the same experience from Jones and Jones with my broken dress is another matter...) Anyway right away I knew I wanted to pair this dress with my denim jacket and my favourite Ruby Woo lipstick. When I walked into Phil's yesterday he just went "woowwwww!". I never get that reaction! You can't really see but these shoes are also new. An absolute bargain from Dorothy Perkins for £9. Perfect nude shoes for work during the summer:
Well I think I've chatted on with myself more than enough there! I just want to say thank you to everybody who sent their love and wishes to my Mum after my last post. She is doing much, much better and is going back into work tomorrow and hoping to have a few days in the Lake District at the weekend which will be nice. I've got a really busy week this week but a quiet weekend so I'm looking forward to it. I was a bit under the weather last week so I haven't done much running, so I'm excited to get back into that. I did have a big training plan ready for the next few months but instead I'm taking a step back and running when I want to, doing the distances I want to at the speed I want to. I'm ready to really enjoy running, not running because I "have" to. I have a post in my head I want to write about my journey post- half marathon so I'm going to start putting that together soon. 
I hope you'e had a great weekend!

Charlotte x