Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I'm packed.
12 hours til my flight.
See you on the other side.

Charlotte xxx

Monday, 30 August 2010

Who am I to judge?

Thank you to whoever left the anonymous comment on my blog yesterday, it really made me think. I am intrigued as to who you are though, but I think some things are better kept a secret :]]]
I was thinking about what I said yesterday about first impressions and I thought about developing it further and thinking about how I feel about people and how we all judge people. Because we all do it.
You judge the girl who works in the boutique who looks down her nose at you as you walk in. You judge the boy who works at the supermarket. You judge You judge the girl who always answers questions in class. You judge the girl with the black hair and the ring through her nose.
And these aren't even just negative judgements. They are just thinking you know someone before you've even met them.
We judge people on the way they look. The girl with the greasy hair and no makeup. The girl who tries too hard- fake tan, fake nails, bleached hair. We think we know them. We think we'd have nothing in common with the girl in the Mudvayne hoodie. We think we'd never have anything to say to the girl with the footballer boyfriend and blonde extensions.
We might be right, but we're probably wrong.
We judge people on their religions, their opinions, their beliefs. We judge people on their family, on their friends.
But the only think we should judge people on is their personality, their character.
But that is easier said than done.
If there is one thing I aim to do when I go to America it is to be less judgemental. Not presume that I know people based on their music tastes or beliefs. I will get to know every single person that I meet. And I know that I won't get on with everyone. But at least I won't miss out of meeting my best friend just because she doesn't think Fight Club is the best film ever (it totally is!!) or because they wear leggings as pants ( my pet hate!!)
People are more than just one thing about them. And I will remember to keep an open mind.
Here's to meeting new, and different people.
Because we aren't all the same in the world, and that's what makes the world interesting


maize maze!!

I really wish I'd take my camera with me today. My parents and I went for a drive to the Wirral where my dad is building a house. It was such a lovely sunny day and such a lovely day. It was a really nice way to spend the day.

We went for lunch at a lovely little pub and then on the way home my dad said "oh you'll never guess what is round here. you'll want to go." A maize maze!!

Well we tried for about half an hour, my feet bleeding my mum's too-small shoes and then decided to open the map. The maze was shaped like a cow!!

How did you spend your bank holiday weekend?

Charlotte xxx

Sunday, 29 August 2010

First Impressions are Everything

Last night as I sat on my floor, cutting up Vogue and Glamour for articles and pictures to stick on my wall (Prada  autumn/winter campaign anyone?) and I started to think about first impressions.
On Thursday I will be meeting for the first time people who I will be spending the next year with. People who may become my friends, others maybe not. What will they think of me?
How many times have you met someone who you didn't like, or just weren't very sure about who is now one of your best friends? Just like love at first sight, I don't always believe at friendship at first sight. In fact, I think friendship at first sight is very rare. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, years to really connect with someone. Some people become your friends very quickly, but it's rarely straight away. People are thrown together all the time; some people you meet always remain elusive to you, others become acquaintances. It takes a lot for someone to become a true friend. It's often that transition from acquaintances to friends that is the most difficult.
So what were your first impressions of your best friends? How has that changed over time? Were your presumptions accurate?
Some people are shy, some people come across better or worse than others. Some people appear stand offish when they're simply insecure. Some seem over-confident when they're simply trying to make a good impression.
I am one of those people who constantly wonders what people think of me. And I'm incredibly bad at meeting new people. I am a very extroverted person, but I hate small talk. I hate awkwardness. I find making friends really, really difficult.
I never know which side of me to show. Are people going to want to see nerdy, literature geek Charlotte? Giddy, over-excited Charlotte? Moody, insecure Charlotte? Determined, passionate, goal-orientated Charlotte? Boring, hard-working, early-night-in Charlotte? Fashion-obsessed, blog-writing Charlotte?
Because I am all of these people. I am all of these Charlottes.
I wonder which one they will encounter first. Covering my room in ad-campaigns and fashion articles I fear people thinking I'm shallow and conceited.
This is the first impression I don't want to make.
I don't want them to meet boring or moody Charlotte for a while yet either.
So is it my choice? Can I choose what people's first impressions of me are?
Physically, I can't change the way that I look. For example, I have bright pink hair. People will naturally make presumptions about me because of that. I can also be a bit of an over-excited dresser. I don't like to blend in or follow the crowd.
They make even have presumptions about the fact that I'm English. They might think I'm overly polite and softly spoken with a monocle. Or maybe a loud, aggressive lager-lout.
People will always make presumptions, and not always positive ones,
I just hope I can prove them wrong.


A bit of a catch up!!

Well, hello!! How are you all? I hope you're all having a fantastic bank holiday weekend despite the rain!!
It's very weird for me to be at home this weekend in August- I usually go to Leeds festival every year and get rained on for four days but with going to America I didn't get a ticket this year and I'm kinda glad considering the weather!! I love Leeds festival and I was kinda sad I couldn't go this year but I had an amazing time last year and I think we've sort of done it now.
So this morning I did the unthinkable- I cut off my Leeds wristbands!! You've probably seen them on my outfit posts- one green, one gold, one blue. Well this morning I just thought, you know what, I've had enough!! So off they went!! Unfortunately I have a big white mark on my wrist now where they were when I had my spray tan last week!!

So Friday was a lovely day which was great because it was my cousin Rob's wedding!! It stayed nice all day and I had a lovely time. He's the first one of us grandchildren to get married which is kinda weird- it really makes you think about growing up and getting older. I for one am nowhere near ready for marriage any time soon, but speaking to my best friend Steph yesterday, a lot of people our age seem to be thinking about it. A lot of her friends at home are in long-term relationships, whereas out of our group at uni only one of us is in a relationship. I think I'm just at that time of my life where I want to be selfish. I want my degree, I want my masters and I want to work hard and get a good job. I'm all for marriage and babies but I want to do everything I can now and save all that for later.

I actually managed to get some quite good photos from the wedding- I don't actually have many photos of me with my family so it was nice to take some on such a nice occasion.

My daddy and I 

 Mummy and Daddy 

Mummy and I

You're guessing where this is going right? My mum and dad and I.

My nan and I 

Before I continue, let me tell you a little bit about my nan. This woman is amazing. Seriously. We lot my grandad about 13 years ago now and we didn't think she'd cope. They were inseparable. They did everything together. But now she is the most strong, independent woman I've ever met. She did a degree aged 70 and still runs her own business at 78. She is on a number of boards and committees in the local area, including boards at the local hospital for the NHS. She is the most fascinating and intelligent person I know.

And here I am with my dad's parents- my amazingly crazy Irish grandparents.

I had a lovely day and I'm so glad I could be there!! Rob is amazing and I'm sure he'll be a fantastic husband to Sarah. He loves her so much. They are a lovely couple and I'm so glad I didn't miss the wedding for being in America. Rob also came up to me after the main course to see if mine was okay because I was the only vegetarian at the meal!!

(Rob made these figures for the cake!! Aren't they amazing!! That's him, his wife Sarah and their dog, Roxy)

I'm sorry that there probably won't be any more outfit posts for a few days. I just have so much to sort out before I go!! My clothes are nearly all packed though and I think I might just have enough weight for everything!! I've tried to be as brutal as possible but I love all my clothes too much :]]] It does mean I have hardly anything to wear between now and leaving though!!

I can't believe I go in 3 days!! I had a horrible dream last night that I had to get a train the airport and I couldn't find my luggage and I missed my stop on the train!! I am getting very nervous now, but I am incredibly excited. I just like to have a plan. I like to be organized. And I have no idea what to expect.

I'm hoping to squeeze another update in later so keep checking back :]]

Oh and if you haven't already read it, a cheeky little bit of self-promotion. My new post over at College Fashion is up now here

What are you up to this weekend? Drop me comment :]]]

Charlotte xxx

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Love, Lust & Links

I'm not sure if this is last sunday's post, late, or next sunday's post early. But no matter :]]
Here is what I'm loving, lusting after and reading this week.

1. Pandas

Not gunna lie, I love pandas. They're probably my favourite animal. And I love all the daft things you can buy with pandas on at the moment. Talking of which...

2. Panda-wear

I almost bought this hat last winter, but I finally bought it on Tuesday. LOOKATHTECUTELITTLEPANDA!! I also managed to get some panda gloves. Cute :]]

3. Friends

I had an amazing time on Sunday. Here's to old friends, recent friends and to the new friends I plan to meet on my journey.

4. Warm clothes

Mmm so warm and snuggly!! I'm already looking forward to wearing my jumpers, thick tights and aviator jacket. I love autumn trends and autumnal weather. Although I bet come December  won't be quite so enthusiastic!!

5. Henry Holland's next range for Debenhams

How adorable is this cape?! I'm loving tartan right now. Have a sneaky peek here.

6. Modcloth

Ahh how beautiful is this coat? I am so excited to finally be in America to shop at Modcloth. I contacted them the other day about going for Blogger of the Moment and they said they'll bear me in mind for the future- fingers crossed!!

7. Fantastic, Inspiring links.
Need some inspiration? Or just want to learn something new? Have a look at these great links-
Accessing your Inner Guidance
Balancing work and life
7 ways to travel the road to your passion
Ten lessons from the Classroom of Life

8. Language advice for my year abroad
Fantastic article here.

9. H&M
They're lowering their prices, starting online next month and now they're opening one in my home town- yay!!

10. England

I'm into my last week in the UK now and I've already listed everything I'm going to miss so now all I have to do is enjoy my last few days in the beautiful country which I call my home.

What are you loving this week?


A Study in Scarlet

These photos were meant to go up yesterday but my laptop and I had a bit of a falling out so I shut it down and didn't touch it all evening, and rubbed salt in the wounds by using the other laptop. Take that, laptop!!

I almost called this post "A Study in Charlotte" but I decided it was a little too self absorbed. The title is because I never, ever, ever wear red. I went for about 3 or 4 years without buying one red item of clothing for the simple fact that it clashes with my hair. But last Christmas I fell in love with a gorgeous red party dress and decided it was time to end the feud with red. Especially as it's massive this season and it's pretty :]] I've gone mad for long, bright, belted cardigans- I have 4 or 5 now like this. They're very light so they'll be great for a few months now but probably not long after that!!

So these photos were taken at Bramhall Park which is about a 2 minute walk from my house. It's one of those places that is absolutely beautiful and round the corner, but you never seem to appreciate it because it's so close by. I walked past to go collect my bra which I had left in the beauty salon after my spray tan (massive embarrassing!!) and because it was quiet I thought I'd go get my tripod and take some photos.

It is a really beautiful park though and a really beautiful hall. I forget how lovely and green England is, and as much as I moan about it, I do love England. Where I live is really lovely.

We even have stocks!! I would've loved a photo in these!!

I don't know who did these little paintings but they were super cute and I had to get a photo!!

And my pitiful attempt at being a photographer!! I'd love an opportunity to get more involved in photography. Starting this blog has really made me want to learn- as I've realised how bad I am!! I really wanted to eat these berries!! My dad found some in the garden the other day but I couldn't bring myself to eat them in case I got ill. I know, where is my sense of childhood experimentation?

I get incredibly embarrassed taking outfit photos myself in public though. I just feel so stupid!! I only managed to take a few photos in the end, but I had a nice time just walking round and then I sat down with my book and read on a bench for a while. It was a nice afternoon :]]

So there isn't long left now. Less than a week. This time next week I'll be in my hotel in Duluth, waiting for Lauren's flight to come in. How terrifying!! I've just been reading Natalie's blog; she's on my course and also lives right near me. She's been in Mississippi about a week now and I got really excited reading her blog!! I'm sad to be going but I'm definitely ready to go now!! It's just come so fast!!

playsuit- primark cardigan- ebay belt- pilot (from another dress) boots- very.com necklace- accessorize

Here is a picture of my necklace because you can't really see it. It was a leaving present from my friend Eve and it's pretty :]]

Today I am finishing off articles and meeting my friend for lunch. I was meant to be meeting my mum's journalist friend today but he can't make it so I'm going to sort out my CV and continue to panic about whether all my clothes will fit into my cases. I have written out my list of everything I need to take. I mean need. Bare minimum. I don't know how I'll cope if everything doesn't fit!! 

And tomorrow is my cousin's wedding!! I still can't believe he's getting married!! I'm excited though. It should be a good day and it'll allow me to see my family one last time before I go. Ooh that reminds me!! I need to show you my party cake!!

Isn't it amazing? It was yummy too!!

Right I'd better get going or else I'll be late!! There won't be an update tomorrow because I have the wedding but hopefully I'll be about on Saturday.
Have a lovely day :]]

Charlotte xxx

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

20 things I'm going to miss about England.

So this is it. I'm into that final week before I leave. Wow. How did I get here?
I managed not to cry too much on Sunday, I had a lovely day. Actually Monday was a fantastic day too, but I had a fair few tears. I guess you really realise on days like these how much you love the people close to you, and at the same time, you realise how much the people you love love you.
I guess I never really thought about how hard me leaving was going to be on my friends. I guess it seems kinda self-absorbed to think "oh god how is everyone going to cope without me?" but I don't think I ever thought about how hard they'd find it. One of my best friends wrote me a song which had me in flood when I listened back to it after they left.
I think it's really made me think about all the things I'm going to miss when I'm away. I know this isn't the cheeriest list in the world, but I have to accept that there are a lot of things I'm going to find hard to leave behind.
Maybe I'll follow this up with 20 Things I Can't Wait to Experience in America :]]

1. My huge family
I have a big family. My dad is one of eight. Yup. And it's been great because we've already had one big, fantastic, family wedding this summer and we have enough on Friday. I love having a big family. I think it's extra-special too because I'm an only child that I still have a huge family. We're all very close.

2. All my friends
My close group of friends at home are amazing. Some of us have been friends since we were eleven, some of the girls have been friends since they were four, and some of us became friends in the past few years, but we have a great time together. And I never thought coming to uni I'd find any friends as fantastic as them, but I have. My uni friends are amazing. I'm definitely going to miss living with them, spending every minute with them and doing everything from supermarket shopping to drinking endless hot drinks with them. My uni friends are my family. But I can't wait to come back and tell them everything at Christmas.

3. Selly Oak
For those of you who don't know, Selly Oak is the area of Birmingham where I, and pretty much all students at the University of Birmingham live. I just love it. Everyone lives 30 seconds away because its so concentrated, it has everything a student could need- takeaways, pubs, bars, supermarkets, cheap alcohol... it's just amazing. I'm going to miss the great little community there and having all my friends five minutes walk away.

4. My hairdresser
I had my hair cut and coloured for the last time for a long time yesterday. While I always hate my hair the first day after I've had it cut, I'm very worried about getting it done in America and it looking the same!! It takes a long time to get a good hairdresser so I'm nervous!! If anything goes wrong she's promised to sort it out at Christmas!!

5. Putting up the Christmas tree
My mum asked if I wanted to do it when I got back, but I get back mid-afternoon Christmas Eve so it isn't really plausible. I'm really going to miss doing all my Christmas shopping and getting everything ready at home. Sucks to have exams up until the 23rd December and getting home on Christmas Eve. I am going to be a jet-lagged mess on Christmas day, but at least I'll be at home.

6. The British High Street
Most people know that we do have one of the best high streets in the world. How am I going to cope without New Look, River Island, Primark, Miss Selfridge...? Badly, is the answer.

7, British Magazines
I love my magazines. A Lot. But I have just found I can get British Glamour delivered to my US address for £44 a year. Hmmm. I might just get a regular subscription to my home here (as it's £14 a year- £1 an issue!!) and get my parents to post it to me. I might not be in my flat after May and I don't want Glamour to sit alone, unread. And then I'd get post every month!!

8. Tea
I love a good cup of tea. Mmmm. I am going to have to take a supply of tea bags with me. Similarly...

9. British Food
Okay, British food is often remembered as grease on grease, but sometimes that is what you need. Nothing tastes better than chips and curry sauce after a few too many vodka-and-diet-cokes. Fish and chips is definitely food of the gods. As are roast potatoes. And fried egg sandwiches the morning after. Mmmm.

10. British Comedy
Green Wing, The Office, Michael McIntyre, Russell Brand, Love Actually. Nuff said.

11. My clothes
I've already started writing my list of what I'm taking with me. A lot of my adored clothes will be staying here. I'll miss them :[[[

12. Being able to drink
The observant of you will notice that I am twenty years old and the drinking age in America is 21. Bummer. I'm not 21 til March and while I'm not a massive drinker, I do like a nice evening in the pub or glass of wine with dinner or crazy night at Snobs, our favourite night club in Birmingham. But I'm looking forward to parties with red cups. And kegs.

13. Texting
My phone contract runs out on the 31st August so I will spend the next twelve months on a contract phone. Urgh!! I'm definitely going to miss constantly texting my friends. Even from the next room.

14. The North/ South Divide
Oh, we love it don't we? Bath/ Barth, lush vs. mint, "oh it's a Northern thing." We never get fed up on each other's accents and laughing at each other. I'm going to miss being away from people who laugh at me saying "t' pub".

15. My Books and DVDs
There are a lot of things I can't bring to America simple because I don't have space or weight in my suitcase. Including all my books and dvds. Sob.

16. Living in a house
I've loved living in a house this last year and I didn't really enjoy living in halls.While I am glad I'm going to be in halls because they'll be more of a social atmosphere and they'll look after me, I am going to miss living in a house with my friends.

17, The Great British Pound
I like the pound. It's going to take me a long time of saying "right so what is that in pounds?" and desperate calculations until I'll feel comfortable with the dollar. And all the money looks the same :[[[

18. Graduating with all my friends
When I get back from America, the majority of my friends will have graduated. I'm really sad I'm going to miss my final year of uni with all my friends, our ball and our graduation. I hate the thought of them not being there when I get back.

19. Being able to come home when I feel like it
Sometimes at uni things just get too much and I need my home comforts. I'm going to find it really hard not being able to just come home when I'm getting upset. I can't even ring home that much really because of the cost and the STUPID TIME DIFFERENCE.

20. Not having a time difference
Time differences are a bitch. Nuff said.


Saturday, 21 August 2010

11 days to go.

First of all, I would like to point out how much I love this article :]]]
So tomorrow is my party, which means it's nearly time for me to be going.
But for the first time, nerves have made way for excitement. I'm actually starting to look forward to going.
Okay so there's a lot of things that scare me. Daft things that I'm going to miss.
And wondering which of my 55 pairs of shoes (I'm convinced I had 60!!) are going to make the cut.
But I think as my to-do list get smaller and smaller I get less and less stressed and I finally get some time to think about how unbelievably awesome this year is going to be.
I mean, I'm going to America. America!! The place I had to be dragged away from on my last holiday there. I get to go to a whole new country, meet new people and have all kinds of new experiences. And I get to come back and squeeze as much as I can out of my last year of university while my friends all enter the real world (okay, not strictly true. If I get onto my masters course I should have one final year of partying and sleeping til noon.)
I get to leave home, leave everything behind and start again. I remember how terrifying starting university was. And how it took me a while to realize that going away to uni was the best decision I ever made.
I can't wait to experience a different culture, a different way of life.
And I'm trying to focus on all of that instead of what I'm leaving behind.
Tomorrow, I can't wait to have all my friends and family in one place. All the people I love together to say goodbye to me.
And yeah, it's going to be sad, and I'm probably going to cry a lot. It's going to be awful saying goodbye to my friends on Monday morning, knowing that I'm not going to see the people that I spend every single day with until Christmas. But I know that it doesn't mean the end of our group or our friendship. I hope that nothing will ever really change, because our friendship is too strong for that.
There are a lot of things I'm going to miss, but I have so much to look forward to.
So I'm going to keep looking forward.


Thursday, 19 August 2010

"Whoever said that money doesn't buy happiness didn't know where to shop."- Blair Waldorf

I decided that a Blair Walorf quote would be perfect for the title of this post, as she is obviously a massive influence on this outfit.

There's something about the end of summer and the beginning of the next season that makes me want to dress like a school girl. I love wearing socks all year round, but I love thick black ankle- or knee-length socks with a little pleated skirt like this. I also have my yearly obsession with plaid. I just want to buy little plaid skirts in lots of different colours to wear with tights and boot and thick black jumpers through the winter!! I really liked this outfit. I love that Gossip Girl has brought back style into school-girl chic. I could definitely see myself wearing this on the Upper East Side.

So today I finally started changing all the links to my blog to this new URL. It's kinda weird but I know I have to start accepting my new home. I do like it here, but I think it'll take some time and some tweeking to get used to. I just hope I don't lose readers over the move. I still have my other blog though which will redirect people over here. What do you think of my new home?

There's not very long left now until I go, and my To-Do list is getting shorter and shorter. I had a few tears last night, but the truth is I'm completely in denial. It just hasn't really hit me yet. And I can feel nervous or scared or excited but I don't really feel it. It probably won't hit me until I'm there. It's weird that A Level results come out today. It seems like much longer than two years since I nervously logged on to get mine. It was a strange day of mixed emotions; not everyone was as lucky as I was to get my grades and be able to accept my offer at my first choice university. I've never looked back though. I love my university and I love my course. That's why it's so hard for me to leave.

I'm really looking forward to my party this weekend; having everyone I love altogether. But I'm desperately sad that it means this is the end, that I'm actually leaving. My housemate Steph came over today and we made peanut butter and chocolate cookies (amazing, by the way) and watched Monsters vs. Aliens and ate falafel. We had such a good time. The highlight being singing along VERY loudly to Aerosmith in the car with the windows down; we really should have been embarrassed but we totally weren't. I'm worried that it'll take me some time to feel so completely comfortable with people the same way that I am with my friends here. But maybe I thought the same thing when I came to university, and now I have an even bigger group of amazing friends. I just, selfish as it is, hate the thought of everything at home carrying on without me.

 skirt- primark shirt- H&M belt- primark socks- unknown shoes- new look headband- George at Asda

I was originally going to take this shirt back. I bought it to try on some trousers and then liked it but wasn't sure if I needed it. I recently got a cute white pussy-bow shirt from a charity shop and didn't think I needed one more. So the day I was going back to H&M to take a few things back I decided to challenge myself to make a new outfit from it and I kinda fell in love. So the shirt stayed. I'm dreading having to decided what stays and what goes when I go to America. I love all my clothes so much, but I only have to much luggage allowance for everything. I won't be able to bring any books or DVDs or anything like that. Just clothes, shoes, jewellery, makeup, laptop, hair stuff, toiletries and the other little things I need every day. It's going to be very hard.

 Tomorrow is my last shift at Asda for the foreseeable future. While it's far from the best job in the world it gives me something to do, keeps my motivated and the people are lovely. Plus the pay is good. The only bad thing is my shift tomorrow starts at 6am. SIX A M!! I plan on being up at half 4!!

Ah I forgot it had been a few days since I last updated. On Sunday I was out being a reporter again for View magazine which was pretty exciting. I was off with my notepad to a fundraiser in the area which the magazine covers and I had to do a few interviews and speak to a few people, and I managed to have a bit of a chat with one of the boys from dance act Flava who were performing!! Jack, the guy I spoke to, was very sweet (and very cute- even though I thought he was gay and didn't pick up on any signs!!) and helpful and it was a great experience. I love watching people dance, though it makes me really jealous because I know I can dance too!! I really want to get involved in street dancing next year. I love my usual tap, modern and jazz but I really want to try something new a challenging, and I think street dance looks fantastic.
I also have a meeting next week with a friend of my mum's who is a freelance journalist. I'm hoping he'll be able to give me some advice on work experience and how to get it and what to do to advance my writing and repertoire. 

 Hmm I can't work out whether all my photos have been published or not!! Ah well :]]
Please don't forget to follow me over here now- please follow me on Google Friend Connect and update all your bookmarks and RSS readers and blogrolls. I'm here to stay now!!
Please let me know what you think of the move, and my first post over here!!
Thank you for your continued support, it means a lot.

Charlotte xxx

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

2 weeks to go.

Okay, first post at blogger.
I'm kinda nervous.
Does this mean I'm really moving?
I guess so.
But there's still a bit of a way to go yet.
What do you think of my new place?

So originally I'd planned to start a new year abroad blog, but I've decided to just mix it in with my existing blog rather than running the risk of no-one reading either. I'm hoping my current readers will be interested in what I'm going to be up to in Minnesota, and I also hope the readers of my old blog will follow me here.

So I have two weeks left in the country. It's kind of starting to hit me. Ish.
I've got a few more things to sort out, but I'm getting there now.
I just can't believe it's come so fast.

Packing is going to be a nightmare. I hate packing. And it's even harder with a luggage allowance.
I have an idea of the sort of things I need but I know I'll be pining for everything I'm going to miss behind.

There are a lot of things I'm going to miss about going away.
My parents, my beautiful friends, my life at university.
And daft things; people taking the mick out my inherent northerness ("that's what I wotted."), my job, all the clothes I won't be able to wear.
Fish and Chips.
Cadbury's chocolate.
New Look. Primark.
The NHS.
I guess you only start to realise all the great things you have when you're about the leave them behind.
I don't think I ever really thought about the culture shock. It's only America, right?
But I'm born and bred in England. I'm a real English girl, and proud.
But there are a lot of things that are going to be different.
Living with different people, people from different backgrounds, a different way of life, a different learning style.
A lot of changes.
And I'm not great with change.

But I am excited.
I want to try new things, meet new people.
I love my friends and I love my life. I'm comfortable.
But maybe you have to change things. Maybe comfort isn't a bad thing.
I hope I learn a lot.
Part of me hopes that nothing changes too much.
The other half hopes it is completely different.

Thank you for following me to my new blog.
I hope you enjoy it.


Thursday, 12 August 2010

and I wonder if I ever cross your mind

Today is kinda a sad, but exciting day. This is likely to be one of, if not the, last post at girlnextdoorfashion.wordpress.com. I have just purchased the domain girlnextdoorfashion.net, and within the next few days I will be moving my entire blog over there. I'm sad; I'm going to lose all my stats and comments. I've loved being here at wordpress but I'm ready to move on. Please please please can you update your RSS feeds, bookmarks etc as you will no longer be able to access my blog at this address fairly soon. I'm hoping to open a new account on here though when I've transfer with a post saying "no!! i'm not here anymore!!" so what do you have to remember?

girlnextdoorfashion.net girlnextdoorfashion.net girlnextdoorfashion.net girlnextdoorfashion.net !!

Got it? Good :]] I have a lot to update with the new URL but from deciding yesterday I was going to move my blog I am now really happy to be moving. If you click on the link you will see that it's on its way- I've already added a few badges that I couldn't have on my blog here. Obviously there are no posts yet but that should change soon!!

I'm still a bit nervous about moving- there are a lot of aspects of wordpress that I do like. I like the ability to automatically publish to facebook (this isn't possible on blogger, right?) and I can't seem to be able to access blog stats like I can on here, which I love too. Ahh I'm getting cold feet now!! Can someone convince me that I'm doing the right thing? I'm really worried I'm going to lose everything- including all my readers. Promise me you'll all follow me to my new home?

These photos demonstrate that I am in fact the world's most vain person. I started out taking these photos in my glasses (my eyes needed a rest from my contacts-wearing), but I don't like the way I look in my glasses. After a few photos I just took them off!! So these photos are taken mostly of me when I could barely see my hand in front of my face!

This dress is one of those things I absolutely adored when I bought but then went off the longer I had it. It's been down-graded from an evening dress to a day dress, but I think it's pretty enough for the day time without being too OTT. I had a bit of an issue with the belt. It's sort of fitted under the bust and then flares out which has the effect of making me look pregnant!! I wasn't sure whether the belt should be on my waist or where the seam on the dress is. It moves around a bit on these photos!!

dress- top shop tights- dorothy perkins shoes- new look pearls- primark headband- george at asda belt- new look

I'm glad I actually managed to get outfit photos done today- there's been a huge storm today where I live!! It's barely stopped raining like crazy all day. Luckily I've spent the day at home catching up on errands and writing I had to do so I didn't have to leave the house!! I'm glad I managed to get quite a lot done. It stopped raining about 7.30pm so I went out to take some photos. I actually quite like these; I wanted a sort of fairy-in-the-garden aspect and I like the muted, vintage-y colours.

I'm actually getting quite excited about my year abroad now. I spoke to Lauren today to discuss all the millions of things we have to sort out before we go, but we soon got distracted making plans for when we get there and going travelling and what we're going to get up to!! I'm still pretty nervous but I'm kinda excited too. I've added the weather in Duluth onto my iPod and I keep checking to see what it's like over there!!

I'm home alone tonight, which normally bothers me, especially when I've been home all day, but I think I might catch up on Gossip Girl and do some reading. I've started reading Pygmy, which I never got into last time, but I'm being encouraged to read Lolita so I think I'l pick that back up!!

So should I take the plunge and move my blog over? Eeek I'm scared!! Please send me messages of encouragement- this feel like a massively huge big deal. But I love the thought of having my own dot net url- it is pretty exciting.

Charlotte xx