Tuesday, 26 January 2010

web picks of the week- week 1.1

Since this post on college fashion I have been a slave to Evernote. I love it. While I’m very unorganized with it (updating links and tags stopped happened after a couple days of using it) but I’ll always save things that catch my eye on the internet onto it- style guides, pictures I like, gorgeous outfits on lookbook, and of course any cute pieces I see on the internet.

I love to internet shop, but I am much more of an internet browser. It’s way too easy to just take everything you want and put it into your basket without a second thought. So I tend to just save things onto Evernote and sometimes, if I really like something, I’ll go have a look in the shop and see how it looks in real life. I do sometimes buy things online though, though often I’ll see something I want and want it NOW. I never want to wait 4 days for postage!!

So this will hopefully be a regular post on my online fashion finds of the week. Some weeks there may be more than one post (like this week!!) but some weeks there may just be one of two little gems I've dicovered!! Now, I have to be honest, I’m normally not a fan of Polyvore. For some reason it just doesn’t work on most of my favourite UK websites (Topshop, Miss Selfridge, New Look, River Island, Dorothy Perkins…) so I end up getting frustrated!! None of these are actually “looks” but they are simply a college of items I have been admiring today.
Miss Selfridge Collection

I love the silky, girly material of this black playsuit and the button details. I love playsuits for a nice change from dresses without looking too dressed up, but they’re a nightmare when you need the toilet!!

I have a huge crush on both these frilly crop tops. I never thought I’d see myself wanting a crop top past 1998 but fashion, like history, repeats itself!! I think they would look great with a high waisted black bandage skirt and pearls. I love anything nude and lace at the moment and these ticks all the boxes. I’ll probably see if they have the second one in Miss Selfridge before I buy it, but I reckon it’ll be hanging in my wardrobe in a few weeks!!

Okay for some reason Polyvore isn’t showing the information of all my items, so these boots are £50 from Miss Selfridge. Well, what do I have to say? They’re just gorgeous. I love these Victorian style lace up boots at the moment. I can’t wait for mine to arrive!! I’d wear them with skinny jeans and a lacey top, or with short shorts or a skirt.

As a lot of the tops here are quite similar I’ll skip over them to the jewellery. Not much to say really except that every girl should accessorise, and these give a perfect little touch!! I particularly love the ring, I love big cocktail rings- it would be perfect on its own to keep the outside simple and pulled together.

So that’s all the Miss Selfridge nudes I’ve found this week, next post will be their gorgeous floral collection!!

Charlotte xxx

Monday, 25 January 2010

And if you ever said you missed me then don’t say you never lied…

I spent this last weekend in London visiting my best friend (Hi Kay!!) and going to see my favourite band Brand New at Wembley. The gig was amazing and London was fun, though a little confusing and busy!!

On Sunday we went to Camden market- I’ve wanted to go for years and I finally got the chance this weekend!! It was very, very big and nothing like I expected. Very busy with so much going on!! I’d love to go again when I have more money and more time and when I was more awake!!

One of my new years resolutions this year was to start Vintage shopping and from my experiences this weekend I know I’m going to find it very hard. The truth is, I like things to be ordered, I like organization. I like all my rails nice and in order, with everything neatly arranged by colour and style. I don’t like rooting, I don’t like hunting. After a few hours looking round Camden I was gagging for a nicely organized shop (which I found and ended up desperately buying a gorgeous lace top for £10!!) and a coffee. But I’m determined to crack it. I’m determined to be one of those people who can effortlessly say “oh it’s vintage, I got it for £4.”

I’ve been desperately googling charity shops in Birmingham and advice on how to shop in charity shops, and I plan to have one day where I head into town and force myself to root for something beautiful.

I bought my first vintage purchase today though- a gorgeous pair of black mid-heeled lace up boots from ebay. As much as I hate charity shopping I love a good hunt on ebay, and I am frequently rewarded for my efforts.

Today has been a bit of a non-day. But I’ve done lots of looking online for lovely things which I’ll put up on my next post. Oh and I’ve listened to a lot of brand new!!



Saturday, 23 January 2010

Lust haves

Lust haves.

Every now and again, okay so quite frequently, I fall in love. It’s often not an exact item, but just something that I absolutely need to get my hands on and I need to make mine. I become like a child, wanting it right here, right now. I want to go out straight away, and I definitely don’t want to wait 3 to 5 working days for postage.

Today, it is a pair of lace-up boots.

And a bandage skirt.

The bandage skirt has been found lurking on the Miss Selfridge website and I am currently leaving in my basket until I decide I’m ready to leave my £22 behind.

But the boots, well they are still a mystery.

I know that will make my already short legs look even short and I know they won’t flatter my calves, and most of all I know I won’t get as much wear out of them as I would like. But lust overwhelms practicality.

It started with More! Magazine posting a whole page on them. And then I started looking online. And then I went on ebay.

And now I have about 15 pairs in my Watching section on ebay.

And now I’m starting to google “how to wear army boots.”

And it’s just a vicious cycle.

I love boots. And I admit, I already have many many pairs. But everyone needs another pair, right? And I want black lace up ones.

They’d look so good with a mini skirt (especially a bandage skirt…) or with shorts or a dress. They’re the perfect mix of smart and casual.

I especially like this look here, with a pretty floral dress and oversized cardigan-

I love to toughen up a pretty dress with lots of leather; I always thing that’s the kind of style that defines me. Girly, but with an edge.

The bandage skirt too, ahhh.

I loved CF’s post on the versatility of the bandage skirt and thought to myself, why don’t I have one of these?! I especially love the pink and black outfit; now how great would a pair of black lace up boots look with that?!

This is a bit of an impulse buy extraordinaire, but when you’re watching a pair on ebay currently at £11, what’s a girl to do?



Wednesday, 20 January 2010

all 'american' girl

this idea started out as a bit of fun but in the end i quite like it.

I am a self confessed americaophile. I love the place. I love everything about it, the culture, the people...everything. I've been studying American Studies now for over a year and I love it just as much, if not more after studying it. I had a lecture last year on Americanization and cultural landscapes that I thought was fascinating. I'm really enjoying the modules i'm doing this year in American studies and I can't wait for the modules in my final year!! I particularly love American literature and culture- though it makes English really hard though cause I always want to write about American authors!!

I'm getting kinda nervous and excited now about my year abroad. Come August I will be spending a year at the University of Minnesota- Duluth!! I'm so scared and excited but I can't wait!! It's going to be so amazing!! I've started to receive lots of information this week about the process involved now, and I've started talking to a girl from my university who is there at the moment and I've been looking at her facebook photos, Duluth looks beautiful!!

I wanted this post to be some kind of urban princess thing. I felt my outfit was a bit Lindsay Lohan meets Agnes Dean. The black leather skirt is very short, I wanted it to be high waisted but it really was too short, but I bought it in a smaller size to fit my waist so now it won't go over my hips!! I love it though, and I always wear a belt to make it look high waisted!!

My I Heart NY shirt was a present from my parents when they went to New York last year. It was the single only thing I asked for when they went. I've worn it so much that it's all small and shrunken now- I'll just have to go to New York and get one!! New York is my favourite city in the world, even though I've never been. I'm definitely going to go next year though, it's been my dream since as long as I can remember. Wonder if I can get an I Heart MN shirt?

The Micky Mouse ears are homemade- my housemate and I went out on an American Idols bar crawl as Mickey and Minnie mouse last year; complete with facepaint and cardboard ears. I love them!!

It was really dark by the time I got home yesterday so I had to take these photos on my room, while is pretty small, but I think they came out alright!! I decided they looked cool in black and white- plus it saved a shedload of editing!!

This photo is my favourite. My tripod tipped after I'd already pressed the timer button so this was kinda accidental. Oh yeah- outfit.

fake leather skirt- new look, tshirt- new york, belt- new look, cardigan- new look, pearls- top shop, charlotte necklace- punkypins.com, eiffel tower necklace- accessorize, shoes- peacocks.

I absolutely adore these shoes- I really wanted a pair of brogues and these were such a bargain from Peacocks for £15 that I just had to have them. They're not as hard as regular brogues and they give everything a great edge. I couldn't get a good photo of them with my outfit but I thought they deserved their own picture!!

Right i'd better go to bed now as my housemates have said I look like a raccoon with eyeliner all over my face!!

I might take some outfit posts tomorrow, but I got my University of Birmingham Dance Society hoodie and tracksuit bottoms yesterday and I love them!! Maybe i'll do a photo in them!!

Let me know what you think :]]]

Charlotte xxx

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Every moment of your life is an opportunity for fashion.

Hello everyone!!

Well on Sunday, Ellen and I decided to go take some lovely outfit photos and I decided it would be a great day to take my fur coat out for the first time since Christmas day!!

I fell in love with this coat (don't worry, it's fake!!) in October and banged on and on about it til I finally found it sitting under my Christmas tree!! It's luxuriously silky soft and a gorgeous beigy-yellow colour. I have a bit of a thing for gorgeous coats and jackets, so for me this is a real treat!!

It was our first day out taking photos but I think we did pretty well!! Except for the fact I misjudged how cold it was and was therefore only able to take my lovely warm coat off for one picture!!

We liked the look of this tree!! It annoys me on all these photos though that my dress is longer than my coat!!

Coat- Miss Selfridge, Dress- H&M, Bracelet- Pandora, Watch- unknown.

I have numerous pairs of black tights- they are my absolute staple!! My shoes are from New Look and I adore them. Chanel-esque flats go with everything!! I really like this photo- I like how the grass is very green!! I still don't have a full version of photoshop though- I really miss selective colours!!

I meant to crop the bins from the background of this one!! I really liked the look of this wall as we were walking onto campus and I thought it would make a really nice contrast with the luxurious fur coat. I really like the way this came out. Oh and my bag is Paul's Boutique. It's huge and squishy and I can fit everything in it. Be warned though- the charms drop like flies!!

I don't especially like this photo because I look really angry!! But it was the only photo I had of my whole outfit under my coat!! This is inspired by an article I have on my wall about mixing up your wardrobe- hence the strapless LBD over a white tshirt. I thought this fencing would make a really cool background!!

Dress- H&M, White tshirt- H&M, Belt- New Look (from another dress), Necklace-Primark

And a few action shots of me walking towards the library!! My spiritual home!!

I am unashamedly a total geek. I'd rather read a book than watch a film- in fact I'd rather read a book than do most things!! I'm not cool, but I've grown to embrace that and find people who would also stay in and discuss books than go out and party all night. Not that I don't like to have fun, I love to go out, but I have fun in different ways.

lots of new and exciting posts coming up!!



Saturday, 16 January 2010

so long, snow!!

I have to be honest, I’m very glad to see the back of the snow!! Here are a few photos taken when my garden was still snowy on Thursday.

There aren't as many photos are I'd have liked for several reason, one is that I got scared half way through and thought someone was in the house while I was frolicking about in the garden so I panicked and went back inside!! And the other is you may not be able to tell, but our garden is shared with lots of other houses on my road, there is some side fencing but you can basically walk about through other people's gardens and then fences are quite low, so I got a little self concious of someone watching me!!

But it was my first outing with my tripod which was pretty exciting!! But alas, all my photos are of me next to the same tree!! Let me know what you think!!

My coat is over 3 years old, but I decided I really needed a plain black coat so I dug it out and my mum sewed new buttons onto it for me, so it's back in action!! I love wearing a simple black coat with amazing tights!! I love these stripey ones, I've had them forever!!

Coat- TopShop, Belt- River Island, Scarf- River Island, Tights- Unknown, Wellies- Peacocks

Action shot!! I'm not actually touching the snow here- it's too cold!!

I think I really need some inspiration from other bloggers about how to stand on my photos- I may have to start making notes. I never seem to manage to look natural and not too posed, I always feel like i'm either trying too hard or not enough!! It isn't this hard to pose on photos when I'm on nights out!!

This was the only photo of my actual outfit I got before I got scared and ran inside!! Fortunately I have a lot of nice coats so I can often get away with an outfit looking good even under a coat. The dress reminds me of Sheens Mateiken's dress (the blogger who has worn the same dress every day for a year!!) so I always force myself to wear it in new ways- I could do with 7 copies too really!! I have a black top under it too just to keep warm, but it's very versatile for layering. Oh and as you can see, I like belts!! I originaly hated this dress for the way it hangs, but it looks great with a belt!! I also love New Look...

Dress- River Island, Cardigan- New Look, Black Top (just seen)- New Look, Belt- New Look, Pearls- TopShop, Tights- Unknown.

Ellen and I are going to go onto campus tomorrow to take some photos so hopefully there'll be another outfit post in a couple of days, if I can decided what to wear...

Let me know what you think!!



busy busy!!

So after a very busy week of moving back to university, handing in essays, exchanging Christmas presents, being ill, dance classes, nights out and subsequent naps to retrieve sleep time lost from said nights out, I’ve finally had time to sit down and write a post!!

I’ve barely had a chance to look at my favourite blogs this week let alone look around all the other blogs and sites I’ve been checking up on, so inspiration is at a lo this week. Particularly as we are still in inches of snow and slush and it’s just horrible. I did get a few photos out in my garden the other day though, but I’m still getting used to taking photos of myself and my tripod so they’re better, but not the best!! I’ve had dance classes nearly every night this week so I’ve barely been in anything but sweatpants by the time I’ve gotten home every day so I only have one outfit post coming up.

I also added a few more things to my …wall of inspiration!! I started it just before the end of last term. It’s basically a wall of articles and pieces and pictures that have inspired me and that I hope will inspire me. I’m definitely going to be scanning some pictures from my fashion books for on it. I love it and it’s looking great now!!

One side of my beautiful wall- that gorgeous Burberry model I have a huge crush on, lists and ideas ripped from magazines, outfit inspiration...

The other side- my giant poster of Brooklyn Bridge (New York is my favourite city in the world...but I've never been!!), postcards, an article on a cute baby Panda...

One of myall-time favourite Glamour shoots. I love the simplicty but the amazing style, the gorgeous setting, the beautiful model...everything about it is so effortless. And I fell in love with the £4,500 Louis Vuitton jacket on the far left. It costs three times as much as my car!!

An article ripped out on a magazine I found in the library. Fight Club in my all time favourite film. I know it inside out.

In case I run out of inspiration, an article on style blogging.

And a great little cut out I keep near my mirror for those days when I can't decide what to wear!!

I've got a few more posts written and ready to go up, so hopefully there will be a few updates over the next few days!!

Ellen and I are hitting campus tomorrow to take some photos, so watch this space!!

Charlotte xxx

Friday, 8 January 2010

in which you only find out about yourself by answering other peoples questions...

Wow, here's a great little style survey I read on a bog I've only just discovered- MoreMagicalAlways. I can't believe she's only 14 years old!! It makes me feel quite intimidated!!

Definitely a blogger to keep your eye on-her blog is fabulous!! I wish I'd known as much about fashion and style as her at 14!! It's kinda funny though to think of her looking back on this in 5 years time- I shudder with embarrassment at what I was like at 14!!

In fact, this is making me think a lot about being 14. I what advice I'd give my fourteen year old self. Keep your eye out for a post on that!!

1. Latest fashion purchase?

Aside from the stationery I bought today, I've ordered a few things online recently. Topshop black and nude heart print tights and River Island leather blazer and studded pumps. Oh and a tripod for my camera- not strictly a fashion purchase but it's to help my blog, so I'll count that!!
2. Item in your wardrobe you've owned the longest?

Eek God knows!! Like I said in my last post, I never throw anything away, but I'm always constantly shopping. I did find a top today I think I got when I was 15...

3. Where is the furthest away from home you've ever bought an item of clothing? & What did you get?

I have a few things I bought last time I was in the US. Including my Fight Club tshirt which has never fitted me as it's huge, but it's my favourite film so I simply couldn't resist!!

4. One particular brand that takes up the most space in your wardrobe?

Probably Topshop or New Look. Probably New Look actually. I adore New Look- decent value for high fashion items. Topshop is by far my favourite shop though- everytime I go in I want everything!!

5. And your least favorite brand?

oooh. Sportwear? Or something truly hideous like Juicy Couture.
6. Worst personal fashion 'faux-pas'?

Haha, you see I've never worn anything I didn't think looked great at the time.

Including when I used to be really, really emo and wear tartan skirts with tights and knee high striped socks. And a Fall Out Boy tshirt. I thought I was the bomb.

7. Favorite color to wear?

I admit, I wear quite a lot of black. But I love bright colours. Especially blues and pinks. But I wear a lot of black, white, grey and navy.

8. What are your shopping strategies? How do you go about looking for new pieces for your wardrobe?

Sometimes if I want something specific I'll browse online first, looking at all the shops I know we have in my local area. But often I just go shopping and see if I can find what I want. I'm a bit of a brat when it comes to clothes though; when I want something I want it now!! I very occasionally shop online, but I shop quite a lot, or at least go into Birmingham or Manchester a lot so sometimes I just see something I love!! I have 2 jobs though and I'm also pretty tight so I always know my budget. I have been known to have a few splurges though. Like my Topshop navy mac, which is divine.

9. If you were a fashion stereotype, what would you be, based on the majority of your wardrobe?

Rock-chick with a hint of girly. While I love my leather and studs and bright coloured hair, I also love my floral dresses with pretty cardigans and flats. But I like to think my style always has a bit of an edge. I'm sort of indie edgy.

10. 4 items you really want right now (clothing/look-wise)?


- gorgeous black suede heels (see my previous post)

- a bright coloured duffle coat

- an endless collection of scarves

-black lace up boots.


I rather enjoyed that, any comments?

Charlotte xxx

shoes, glorious shoes

I have 25 pairs of shoes ready to go back to university.

Along with the good 15 pairs I have at uni.

I just like shoes.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love shoes in a Carrie-Bradshaw-esque way- I don’t get excited about buying new shoes, I don’t fall in love with shoes and I’ve never spent more than £60 on a pair. For me shoes are about completing an outfit, a practicality- there is no excuse for shoes to not match an outfit.

Okay, well there are a few pairs of shoes I’ve been in love with.

My Topshop pink Mary Janes are gorgeous, as are my bright yellow Mary Janes and my Topshop completely-impractical-pink-black-blue-pink-yellow Mary Jane heels. Maybe I have a think for Mary Janes…

But my shoes have my match my outfit, and while I have a lot of pair of amazing shoes, this can sometimes be the problem- I’m on a constant search for that pair of simple, practical, hard-wearing but completely wearable black heels. But I’ve started to come to the conclusion that maybe I’m not one of those girls who has one pair that goes with everything. Maybe the reason I have so many pairs of shoes is that I don’t like my feet to blend in!!

I also have many pairs of adorable ballet flats- black and white chanel-esque pumps, lace pumps, black and white brogues, flats in every colour- silver, black, white, pink, yellow…

And boots!! Leather black knee boots, my favourite suede ankle boots, brown ankle boots, brown knee boots, shoe boots…

But my favourite shoes have to be sky-scraper high heels. Although I always have a pair of flats stashed in my bag for when my feet start to hurt, I love high heels. I recently bought a pair of 6inch high heels originally from Schuh that I couldn’t resist for £15 on ebay- I’ll never be able to walk in them but perhaps they could be a cool ornament when I finally admit this. Perhaps a vase or something…

I’ve recently fallen for these amazing studded Bad Boys for Topshop, aren’t they amazing?

Maybe I do love shoes quite a lot. I’m finding this realization is particularly a result of the fact I’ve lived in either Uggs or slippers the past few weeks because of the snow. None of my shoes have grips and I’m finding it very frustrating. I mean, I love my Uggs, I wanted them for ages and they are lovely and warm and practical, but they’re not exactly stylish and I find they really limit what I wear. I can’t wait to be back in my black leather boots and not fall on my bum!!

But until then, Uggs it is!!

I think females all love different things. For some it’s bags, some scarves, and while I always thought my vice was gorgeous dresses and mini skirts, maybe I do have a thing for shoes. After allI did write an article for my university newspaper about how shoes are better than men…



Thursday, 7 January 2010

New hair, new year, new me!!

New hair, new year, new me!! Yesterday I found out some news that.. well if I’m honest, I didn’t want to hear. And after a few hours of rejection and crying I’ve decided that I have a lot of things to leave in 2009- and that includes boys!! Turns out I have another thing to give up this year!!

So I got my hair done yesterday, with a bit of nervousness I must admit. My hairdresser has broken her ankle and I have been panicking the last week about the length of my usually shoulder length hair and my fringe that has become so long I think my eye thinks I’m going blind!! I finally managed to book an appointment and found that it was the lady who runs the salon who was going to cutting and colouring my hair- slightly less fear!! I’m always nervous about getting a new hairdresser. I mean my hairdresser Becky knows me, we can have a chat (usually about my disastrous love life!!) and she knows what suits my face shape and how I like it. But at the same time, I’ve had my hair the same colours since I was 16 and I’ve had a pretty similar cut the past couple of year, so I decided that having someone new might be a bit exciting!!

Well, I love it!!She’s put some red in my normally blonde/pink/black hair, added a black chunk at the back, and made my blonde much more vibrant. The cut is choppy and layered and I love it!!

I wanted to wear my new TopShop heart print tights that arrived yesterday, but they demanded lots of pale, girly neutral and right now my hair is so bright and choppy it just wouldn’t have worked!! So I’ve gone for my favourite striped top (which is my Mum’s!! let’s hope she doesn’t notice if it takes a wander back to Birmingham with me on Saturday…), the sequin TopShop shorts I got from ebay for my housemates Glam Rock birthday and my mum’s Matalan gorgeous double breasted blazer. I absolutely adores blazers, and all mine are uni are my Mum’s suit jackets she doesn’t wear any more. I hope when I’m older I can be a professional like my mum and wear suits all day!!

But the shorts, oh the shorts. They’re meant to be high waisted, but if I was to pull them up to my waist they would basically be a pair of knickers!! So I’ve worn them with two pairs of tights and pulled the crotch down as much as possible so they look a decent length!! I saw an outfit like this on Lookbook once and loved it- plus I’m determined to wear these shorts!! My tripod still hasn’t arrived (starting to wish I’d gotten it sent to my uni address now because it probably won’t be here before I get back) so I’m not sure where I’m going to take my photos yet. We will see!! Well I have an essay to finish and some Pynchon to read so I’ll take the photos in a little bit :]]

Charlotte xxx

Later: Right, essay done just the book to get on with now, but I found some time to take some photos!!

My photography skills still majorly need work but I'm sure it'll improve in time. Any other fashion bloggers out there have any advice?

So we have a few photos of my outfit, and a few amateurish photo-in-mirror pictures of my hair!!

Rightio, back to post modern literature now!!

Please let me know what you think- I'm feeling a little unloved comment wise!!

I have another post planned that will be up in the next few days, and my new River Island leather studded blazer and studded pumps arrived today so expect some outfits including those the next few days!!

This is probably going to be one of my last posts before I go back to uni, where life is a mess of deadlines, reading and restricted by my tiny bedroom but I'm hoping my blog won't suffer too much!!

I also can't wait to get photoshop back!! I was quite the PS wizz in my youth but I've not had a copy of it for ages- I'm so sick of GIMP!! I can't wait for my wonderful housemate Emily to lend me her disc- yay!!

Thanks for reading!!

Charlotte xxx

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful!!

Hell, fellow fashionistas!!

Well the weather outside is definitely frightful!! Up here we’ve had some of the worst snow in the county, and while it does look gorgeous I’m getting a little sick of only being able to wear ugg boots and layer upon layer of cardigans whenever I leave the house!! Today I am looking particularly unstylish as I have a day of essay writing, only leaving the house for a hair appointment (which I am desperately in need of, the quiff the other day was a last resort as a result of my now-blindingly long fringe) so I’m in a typically student-y uniform of skinny jeans, inappropriate and overtly sexual topshop tshirt and my bright blue University of Birmingham hoodie (which I confess I adore, particularly at home as our campus is generally overcome with people in similar hoodies). I am very rarely a hoodie girl, in fact I don’t often wear jeans due to my inability to find tops that I like and my passion for dresses and skirts. I frequently go out shopping specifically for tops and come home with at least one skirt, thinking, ah well, I’ll just wear a plain top with this skirt. Topshop skirts are my weakness- I have several ‘egg-shaped’ ones with amazing patterns on; my favourite being a white haunted house print skirt, which is amazing.

But yesterday I dragged my dad out into the snow to take some photos of me. Unfortunately I hate most of them, especially since my dad decided to take more photos of the garden than actually of me, and the majority are taken so far away you can only just make me out. But still, he did an okay job. My friend Ellen has agreed to be my official photographer when we get back to uni, and I have also ordered a little clip tripod which apparently will clip onto anything, and vowed to have my camera which me at all time, particularly on campus. Our campus is absolutely stunning and would make a great backdrop for photos on a quiet Saturday when it isn’t bustling with students.

Yesterday’s outfit was a bit of a mismash of prints, but that was what I was going for (inspired by the amazingly gorgeous Delightfully Tacky). Striped New Look top, bright blue Topshop dress (the observant of you might notice its the same as the pinky one I was wearing on Sunday!!) Topshop check shirt, Next tartan tights and Barratts patent lace ups (which I don’t think you can see as the snow was so thick!!). I am very appreciative of the advice of Tieka at Selective Potential- she is absolutely amazing and her blog is fab- can you believe she’s only been blogging 4 months?

My hair is looking pretty different now to these photos from yesterday so keeping watching tomorrow for my newly reddy-pinky-blondey hair!!

I can't wait for my tripod to arrive!! There were a few photos I didn't like but these were the okayish ones. I can't wait to get back to uni to take some more!! I'll probably have a good old go with the self timer tomorrow!! I also can't wait to get photoshop back- GIMP is okay but it just isn't the same!!

I'm also really excited because my new Topshop heart print tights (which I talked about a few posts ago) have arrived so I think i'll be co-ordinating my outfit around them tomorrow!!

Let me know what you think!!


Charlotte xxx

Monday, 4 January 2010

the new nude

I’ve always been a bit dubious about nude. I mean even the name, nude. It invokes images of nighties and naked flesh, it’s not exactly sexy is it? But nude can come in many shapes and forms, and is a an easy neutral that can be worn with anything. While a sort of beigey tan seems to be the favourite of Alexander Wang (which looks fabulous on tanned skin, Burberry Prorsum went towards a more grey/khaki nude , Fendi went for a softer pinker nude Lindsay Lohan’s line for Emanuel Ungaro featured my favourite shade of dusty pink nude, and Valentino showed a gorgeous strapless number in a pale tan.

Fab Sugar also have a slideshow of a number of A-listers wearing nudes (I particularly love Penelope Cruz’s bandeau dress).

But for me nude is about girly, it’s about feminine pieces with ruffles and detail, but mixed with hard tough- girl accessories. I love the mix of tough and girly- leather jackets with tutu skirts, lace and studs. I could have gone crazy in New Look surrounded by everything in dusty pink. But I settled for a gorgeous pale beige tutu skirt which I hope will be quite girly but also versatile. I already have plenty of studded accessories- studded leather ankle boots (which I was so determined to buy a few years ago because they were reduced that they’re a size too big), a studded waist belt (which I wear over my coat), leather primark gloves and I’ve recently ordered a leather studded blazer, reduced in the River Island online sale and a pair of studded black ballet flats.

I also decided to put my hair in a quiff, don’t ask, it seemed like a good idea and I have to be honest I kind of like it!! My hairdresser has broken her ankle and my fringe is so long I’m almost blinded so I thought I’d try something new.

River Island black body suit, New Look tutu skirt, New Look ballet flats, Topshop pearls, and Topshop pearl bracelet.

I love this outfit. I can’t wait to try it with my studded boots and my new studded jacket. I also ordered these gorgeous topshop beige and black tights after seeing them on a mannequin and finding my store didn’t stock them. This is my ballet girl look. I like that with a leather blazer and boots it’d be casual enough for day time, but would work for an evening with heels.

I have no idea why I look so angry!! I’m not 100% sure about this outfit but I thought I’d give it a go. Shoes, skirt and jewellery as before, floral top from miss selfridge. I love this top and I was just curious to see how the pale colours worked with the skirt.

My mum told me this was too pale to work but I kinda like it. I couldn’t find any suitable shoes so I decided to go barefoot. The top is also from New Look. I love this top with the leather-look skirt I got with it. It also comes in black and cream and I want all three!! It’s so gorgeous and detailed for a top under £20!!

The half-on-half-off jacket thing was just to demonstrate the jacket well, on and off. I have this dress in a few colours now. It’s so simple and works so well for layering as well as just a dress. I also love the colour. This is an example of how I like to mix up girly and edgy. I really like this look.

And what I finally decided to wear today. The cardigan is Morgan and my mum’s, She brought it down because I was cold and now I’m reluctant to give it back. I love fake fur, and this is just a little bit to give the outfit a bit of an edge. I hope I can steal it before I go back to university!!

Let me know what you think.

Charlotte xxx

Sunday, 3 January 2010

shop 'til you drop

Well my trip shopping in Manchester with my mum yesterday was hugely successful. I got lots of things I needed (substitute wanted..) and a few a didn’t realize I needed until I saw them staring back at me (the gorgeous lace flats were definitely an example of this.) Unfortunately very little of what I bought was actually in the sales. Truth be told, I hate sale shopping. Even though it was minus several degrees outside in Manchester yesterday, the shops were stickily hot, claustrophobic and exhausting and I found myself bypassing the rail racing and heading for the full-priced stock. Why buy last seasons un-sellable stock when you can have something shiny and new that hasn’t been pawed by 300 people’s mitts? Don’t get me wrong, I am not a sale snob, I’m just not good at it. Everything is so cramped and there’s so many people fighting over one rail…this is the reason I can never bring myself to go into TK Maxx.

So we set off into Manchester (despite the heavy snow and slush the morning had brought out) with my sale list in tow- laid out in categories; things I definitely wanted to get, things I would like if they were cheap/in the sale and my list for Boots (there’s no cutting corners on toiletries!!).

I think I did pretty well- the only thing I didn’t manage to find from my list was a pair of simple black heels (the truth is, I’m just too picky. I didn’t want patent, nothing too high, nothing too OTT but not too boring… you can see how difficult it would be to find the perfect pair!!)

First stop was Primark which I have really started to hate over the past few years (the one in Birmingham is a nightmare!!) but it is good for fancy dress and cheap essentials (I do have some great cheap buys from there- my black military coat is amazing!!) so I was pretty chuffed with the stripey long sleeved top for £3.

primark striped top

I’ve wanted a plain black and white striped top for a while now. I bought a gorgeous pair of sequin shorts for my housemate’s glam rock themed birthday that I’ve been desperate to wear again, and I decided they’d be great with a striped top, tights and a black blazer. I also love layering at the moment and I think this would look great layered under a dress until it gets a bit warmer here!!

Next I bought a plain black body suit from River Island. I never thought I’d see the day I started wearing body suits again; I had a serious flashback to childhood today fastening the poppers!! You’d think after 11 years dancing I’d be sick of leotards but I think that’s why I still love the look!! I tried it today with a dusty beigey-pink tutu which I also bought yesterday from New Look and adore. I also got a really simply topshop dress (which I already have in floral navy and a bright blue) in a similar colour.I’m in love with all the nude pinks in at the moment- quite a lot of the outfits I made today while playing dress up are dusty pinks put together with leather and studs;I love mixing girly and edgy. I’d really glad to see nudes are in for Spring/Summer 2010.

ballet girl

I was also treated to a beautiful pair of black lace-effect pumps from my mum which I think are absolutely amazing. I wouldn’t describe myself as a shoe person, but I do own over 50 pairs of shoes. Maybe I am a shoe person…

Talking of shoes, I also got a gorgeous new pair of brown leather ankle books from Barratts. My brown boots are lovely and knee high but they were only cheap and now they’re falling apart. I love boots and these are such a lovely colour; they’ll go with everything.

Finally I got a lovely pink and blue scarf. My friend Ellen is the scarf girl; she always has an amazing collection and they always look great. I am a bit of a beginner when it comes to scarves; I can never get that thrown-on, effortless look with scarves. I feel it is a need for more scarves . I love the pattern on this scarf and i love the bright clashing colours.

So that was my shopping trip!!

My next post will be some of the outfits I created with my new things :]]]

Let me know what you think :]]]