Lust haves

Lust haves.

Every now and again, okay so quite frequently, I fall in love. It’s often not an exact item, but just something that I absolutely need to get my hands on and I need to make mine. I become like a child, wanting it right here, right now. I want to go out straight away, and I definitely don’t want to wait 3 to 5 working days for postage.

Today, it is a pair of lace-up boots.

And a bandage skirt.

The bandage skirt has been found lurking on the Miss Selfridge website and I am currently leaving in my basket until I decide I’m ready to leave my £22 behind.

But the boots, well they are still a mystery.

I know that will make my already short legs look even short and I know they won’t flatter my calves, and most of all I know I won’t get as much wear out of them as I would like. But lust overwhelms practicality.

It started with More! Magazine posting a whole page on them. And then I started looking online. And then I went on ebay.

And now I have about 15 pairs in my Watching section on ebay.

And now I’m starting to google “how to wear army boots.”

And it’s just a vicious cycle.

I love boots. And I admit, I already have many many pairs. But everyone needs another pair, right? And I want black lace up ones.

They’d look so good with a mini skirt (especially a bandage skirt…) or with shorts or a dress. They’re the perfect mix of smart and casual.

I especially like this look here, with a pretty floral dress and oversized cardigan-

I love to toughen up a pretty dress with lots of leather; I always thing that’s the kind of style that defines me. Girly, but with an edge.

The bandage skirt too, ahhh.

I loved CF’s post on the versatility of the bandage skirt and thought to myself, why don’t I have one of these?! I especially love the pink and black outfit; now how great would a pair of black lace up boots look with that?!

This is a bit of an impulse buy extraordinaire, but when you’re watching a pair on ebay currently at £11, what’s a girl to do?




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