all 'american' girl

this idea started out as a bit of fun but in the end i quite like it.

I am a self confessed americaophile. I love the place. I love everything about it, the culture, the people...everything. I've been studying American Studies now for over a year and I love it just as much, if not more after studying it. I had a lecture last year on Americanization and cultural landscapes that I thought was fascinating. I'm really enjoying the modules i'm doing this year in American studies and I can't wait for the modules in my final year!! I particularly love American literature and culture- though it makes English really hard though cause I always want to write about American authors!!

I'm getting kinda nervous and excited now about my year abroad. Come August I will be spending a year at the University of Minnesota- Duluth!! I'm so scared and excited but I can't wait!! It's going to be so amazing!! I've started to receive lots of information this week about the process involved now, and I've started talking to a girl from my university who is there at the moment and I've been looking at her facebook photos, Duluth looks beautiful!!

I wanted this post to be some kind of urban princess thing. I felt my outfit was a bit Lindsay Lohan meets Agnes Dean. The black leather skirt is very short, I wanted it to be high waisted but it really was too short, but I bought it in a smaller size to fit my waist so now it won't go over my hips!! I love it though, and I always wear a belt to make it look high waisted!!

My I Heart NY shirt was a present from my parents when they went to New York last year. It was the single only thing I asked for when they went. I've worn it so much that it's all small and shrunken now- I'll just have to go to New York and get one!! New York is my favourite city in the world, even though I've never been. I'm definitely going to go next year though, it's been my dream since as long as I can remember. Wonder if I can get an I Heart MN shirt?

The Micky Mouse ears are homemade- my housemate and I went out on an American Idols bar crawl as Mickey and Minnie mouse last year; complete with facepaint and cardboard ears. I love them!!

It was really dark by the time I got home yesterday so I had to take these photos on my room, while is pretty small, but I think they came out alright!! I decided they looked cool in black and white- plus it saved a shedload of editing!!

This photo is my favourite. My tripod tipped after I'd already pressed the timer button so this was kinda accidental. Oh yeah- outfit.

fake leather skirt- new look, tshirt- new york, belt- new look, cardigan- new look, pearls- top shop, charlotte necklace-, eiffel tower necklace- accessorize, shoes- peacocks.

I absolutely adore these shoes- I really wanted a pair of brogues and these were such a bargain from Peacocks for £15 that I just had to have them. They're not as hard as regular brogues and they give everything a great edge. I couldn't get a good photo of them with my outfit but I thought they deserved their own picture!!

Right i'd better go to bed now as my housemates have said I look like a raccoon with eyeliner all over my face!!

I might take some outfit posts tomorrow, but I got my University of Birmingham Dance Society hoodie and tracksuit bottoms yesterday and I love them!! Maybe i'll do a photo in them!!

Let me know what you think :]]]

Charlotte xxx


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