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Hello everyone!!

Well on Sunday, Ellen and I decided to go take some lovely outfit photos and I decided it would be a great day to take my fur coat out for the first time since Christmas day!!

I fell in love with this coat (don't worry, it's fake!!) in October and banged on and on about it til I finally found it sitting under my Christmas tree!! It's luxuriously silky soft and a gorgeous beigy-yellow colour. I have a bit of a thing for gorgeous coats and jackets, so for me this is a real treat!!

It was our first day out taking photos but I think we did pretty well!! Except for the fact I misjudged how cold it was and was therefore only able to take my lovely warm coat off for one picture!!

We liked the look of this tree!! It annoys me on all these photos though that my dress is longer than my coat!!

Coat- Miss Selfridge, Dress- H&M, Bracelet- Pandora, Watch- unknown.

I have numerous pairs of black tights- they are my absolute staple!! My shoes are from New Look and I adore them. Chanel-esque flats go with everything!! I really like this photo- I like how the grass is very green!! I still don't have a full version of photoshop though- I really miss selective colours!!

I meant to crop the bins from the background of this one!! I really liked the look of this wall as we were walking onto campus and I thought it would make a really nice contrast with the luxurious fur coat. I really like the way this came out. Oh and my bag is Paul's Boutique. It's huge and squishy and I can fit everything in it. Be warned though- the charms drop like flies!!

I don't especially like this photo because I look really angry!! But it was the only photo I had of my whole outfit under my coat!! This is inspired by an article I have on my wall about mixing up your wardrobe- hence the strapless LBD over a white tshirt. I thought this fencing would make a really cool background!!

Dress- H&M, White tshirt- H&M, Belt- New Look (from another dress), Necklace-Primark

And a few action shots of me walking towards the library!! My spiritual home!!

I am unashamedly a total geek. I'd rather read a book than watch a film- in fact I'd rather read a book than do most things!! I'm not cool, but I've grown to embrace that and find people who would also stay in and discuss books than go out and party all night. Not that I don't like to have fun, I love to go out, but I have fun in different ways.

lots of new and exciting posts coming up!!




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