Saturday, 30 April 2011

Style Reflection

As some of you might know, as well as writing my own blog, I also write for a number of other websites, including one of my favourite sites, College Fashion. Recently I've been doing a fortnightly column on inspiration from other style bloggers.
Basically, I spend some time on each blogger's site and get an idea of their style. While I'm doing this and saving pictures for inspiration, I write down a few words to describe their style.
I'm sure some things that I notice are completely different to what other people see, but when I've written my list, I then break their style down into 5 "how to dress like x" tips to go on the blog.
This got me doing a little self reflection. I wondered what words I would write down if I was to look through my own blog. It's funny how I have such an idea of others bloggers' style but I have no idea how I'd define it myself.

So I did what I do for every other blogger. I went through my blog (I looked back until around January- I usually only look back through about 3-4 months for each blog) and these are the words I wrote down...

-shorts, tights
- bright colours
- florals
- leather jacket
- cardigans
- belts
- knee socks
- red scarf
- red and yellow
- flat shoes
- colour co-ordination
- scarves
- black, white and red
- patterns
- black tights
- girly pieces
- edgy touches- leather, blazers etc.
- pastels
- dresses

None of this was really, truly shocking but it definitely made me think. I never thought about how bright my outfits usually are. I do wear a lot of bright colours but I always balance them out with neutrals. I also never realised how much red I wear, but that is definitely a recent thing (if you're new to my blog, up until January I had pink in my blonde and black hair and it would always clash horribly with red!!). Florals have always been my thing, and I tend to describe my style as "florals and leather" or "girly with an edge". I definitely wear a LOT of girly pieces- dresses, skirts etc, but I try to avoid looking overly girly.

So what am I going to do with this information? I haven't decided yet. I think it's great to have your own personal style, but I also think it's important to keep your style constantly moving and evolving. Maybe I'll look back in another 6 months and write another list!

What colours and styles do you find yourself drawn to? What represents your "signature style"?

Charlotte xxx

Friday, 29 April 2011

Strawberries and Cream

Dear Blogging World,
Meet my pale, slightly bruised, a little insect-bitten English legs. Yes, Today I finally decided to get them out. It's a rare beautiful day here and I just thought "bugger it! I'll do it!" My legs are far from my favourite feature. I was not blessed, unfortunately, with long skinny legs, but kinda short, stubby ones. When you start dance classes at the age of 2, you kinda miss out on the opportunity for skinny legs. I've spent my whole life hating my muscley carves, but they're the result of a lot of dancing and hard work and I love dancing. I danced consistently from being 2 to being 13 and got back into it properly at University. It will always be the one thing that makes me feel completely happy and free.

I was actually reading the rather fabulous Luella's Guide to English Style and the fabulous Luella Bartley said...
"English girls have the best legs. They may be slightly pasty, occasionally a bit scuffed and can veer towards the large in the calf, but this is all a cause for celebration."
And today is definitely a day like no other to celebrate being British!!

Yes, I was a good British girl and got up at 4.50am to watch the wedding. It made me very homesick but very happy to be British. As much as I love the States and have no doubt in my mind that it'll be here that I will end up living in the future, I do love being British. Being British and living in the States is pretty awesome. I have a terrible fear of moving out here and losing my accent though!! But yep, I did get up to watch the wedding and I was crazy about Kate's dress. So glad she chose a British designer and glad she chose McQueen. Who doesn't love McQueen?! I was actually dressed in this tshirt this morning, but this beautiful dress arrived yesterday and I just couldn't resist!!

Action shot!!

This dress is the perfect dress. Coral, polka dots, and a bow. It's beautiful. It went perfectly with my new coral lipstick too. I know the tennis shoes were a little of an unusual choice, but I felt so cute and British in this dress (I would definitely go for High Tea in this!) that I thought white pumps were a perfect little addition. If you're not from the UK, you probably don't love these type of shoes as much as we do. I remember when I wrote my Modern Staples post for College Fashion a lot of people were like "eh? Canvas pumps?" but they're kinda a big thing at home, especially with tights. They kinda have that laid back coolness of brogues without being too classy. They're very Top Shop.

dress- boohoo
shoes- new look

And seeing as I got my legs out, here's another first; a picture of me smiling. With teeth. This may be the first. picture. ever. since I was about 12 of me actually smiling. I don't know what it is, I just hate the way my face looks when I smile with my teeth!! But today I was just so happy to be frolicking outside in the sun that this is a genuine smile!! Sorry this post is so photo-heavy by the way- this is one of my favourite shoots I've ever done!!

Well I'd better get back to my homework!! Pretty chilled weekend I think, but I have a party tomorrow with a couple of friends that should be fun. The theme is Pokemon or Hipster so I'm going as Misty from Pokemon and Erick is going as a hipster. I have a yellow tank top and denim shorts, I just need to get hold of some red braces (or "suspenders" as Erick corrected me, I told him they were something very different!!) or some ribbon and my costume will be complete!!
Have a great day and if you have sunshine, go enjoy it!!

Charlotte xxx

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

First Lady

For some reason, these photos were super-duper over-exposed. My ISO was set to 100. I have no idea what was up with my camera. But anyway, they look kinda rubbish. I also wasn't going to do an outfit post today because the weather has been on and off with snow and wind, but I grabbed a spare 10 minutes to take these.

Yet another colour blocking outfit- I love it! My inspiration for this outfit was no other than the First Lady, Michelle Obama. I was researching a post on Colour Blocking for a site I write for and came across a picture of her in a turquoise dress and a purple cardigan- two things I would never have put together. But I'm very happy with the results!! Don't worry, I'm not going to get all political on you. I am very ignorant when it comes to politics. You can talk to my boyfriend about that, he's the one with the Political Science degree. My Mum wants him to be president- she thinks I'd be a good First Lady, haha.

So today has been exciting. Michelle and I booked our flights to San Francisco!! We've decided not to go to LA because it would be really hard to get about without a car, and we're just going to spend a week in SF. Any advice on things to do and see? I'm also hoping to book Chicago with my boyfriend tomorrow so my bank balance is seriously going to take a hit these next few days!! It's all going to be so worth it though- I'm so excited!!

dress- topshop
cardigan- H&M
shoes- Target
scarf- Forever 21

Well I'm supposed to be going out tonight so I'd better get on with my work first!!
Have an awesome day!!

Charlotte xxx

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Lady in Red

Sorry for the lack of real posts the last few days. I just wasn't feeling myself at all yesterday (however, I found later it was nothing a double-shot iced skimmed milk vanilla latte couldn't fix) but I really didn't feel like posting. Part of this was also to do with the fact that I wore brand new shoes in the morning that broke after 3 hours (never fear, I got the super-glue out on them this morning and they're as good as new now) so I just felt kinda rubbishy and ended up getting changed after that.

Happy Belated Easter, by the way! What did you get up to? I went down to my boyfriend's parent's house on Saturday and had a really fun, chilled out weekend with his friends and family. We also owned at both Cranium and bean bag throwing. I love going down to my boyfriend's parent's, I always have a great time and I love having a couple of days just me and him. This is threatening to be a kinda crazy week; I have two papers due in and my independent study is getting started, but I'm kinda feeling on top of it.. right now at least!! I have 1800 words of my 6000 word independent study done. Admittedly, it's rubbish so far, but hey, there are words on a page!!

lace dress- topshop via ebay
socks- urban outfitters
shoes- stolen from Mum
blazer- zara

I'm really starting to enjoy wearing heels in the day time, which is good because every pair of shoes I've bought recently are heels. My Blowfish platforms may be the comfiest heels I've ever owned though. I can't wait to wear them properly. However, the weather is being kinda crazy again. Yesterday I was boiling in a dress and tights, and today I'm kinda chilly in a jacket. Apparently it's going to snow again next week- in May!! My wardrobe has been a little all over the shop the last few days. I had no idea what to wear this morning but I knew I wanted to blog, so I looked at my little outfit inspiration list (you know how much I love lists!!), and I'd written down this outfit and thought, fab. I really, really like it actually!! I bought these socks ages ago, but hadn't worn them yet. The ruffles kinda confused me but I like the scrunched-down look they give. These shoes are also my Mum's- thanks Mum!

I've been feeling a lot better about my life and myself the last few days. I've just decided, you know what, this is my life and this is who I am and I can't change that, unless I want to. I know I can't please everybody and I can't be perfect. And I'll never be able to be completely perfect in my own eyes. But I'm surrounded by people who make me happy, and more importantly who I make happy and they love me just the way I am. I waste too much time and energy sometimes on worrying about what people think. But I have to just be happy with who I am and grow to be more positive, and if I want to make changes that I think will make me more positive then I will. I only have a short time left here and I want to enjoy it and make the most of every minute, and not spend it worrying. My boyfriend always says he's much happier when I'm happy, and I want him to be happy. </end positive affirmation>

Have a wonderful week and I'll be back soon :]]
Charlotte xxx

Shopping Ban: Week One

Okay, let's face it, I was a little ambitious. 7 weeks without shopping? Yeah, that was never going to happen. But I've decided instead of giving up and abandoning the project altogether, I'm just going to be good and only buy things I've really thought about. I guess what I'm trying to say is no impulse buying.
I had a couple of mini downfalls this week. One was a kinda pseudo-shop. I had an email from the lovely folk over at Simply Beach asking if I'd review an item. I jumped at the chance and chose this gorgeous Polka Dot Swimsuit but my gift card ending up being more than the swimsuit alone, so I had to buy this hat too. Oops.
My other minor slip-up was on makeup. My boyfriend picked me up on Friday an hour before our movie started at the cinema and suggested a trip to Target. Thirty minutes and $23 later I had two new lipsticks, an eyeshadow pallette and a new mascara. However, all four of these items had been on my wishlist for a while, and therefore weren't impulse buys.
Now I am going to try to be good, but I know there are a couple of things I've going to need to buy for my upcoming trips. I don't have any summer sandals here, so I want to get some cheap flat sandals and I think I'm going to need some kind of beach bag or something similar. However, this week could end up quite spendy. My friend Michelle and I are booking our trip to Cali this week and I think my boyfriend and I are booking a trip to Chicago this week too (yay :]]). I'm so excited for both trips- they're going to be great!!
In shopping news however, these are the other items on my wish list, that I am therefore allowed to buy, despite the ban...

God, I feel like every single blogger has one at the moment and I'm desperate for one. I'm hoping to pick one up at Savers or Target or somewhere cheap, or even getting a cheap one from a vendor somewhere.

cream/white cardigan
Just for a cover up on those chilly evenings. I'm kinda addicted to cardigans and like to have them in every colour. I want a hip-length, light, cotton button-up cardigan.

tan cardigan
I have been on the hunt for a tan cardigan for what seems like forever. I did find one but I'll be damned if I'll pay $40 for a cardigan!! Just one of those things I need to keep my eye out for

summer sandals
I have some great tan gladiator sandals at home that I wish I had with me. I just want some cheap sandals to get me from A to B.

A lot of the clothes I bought on my intense week of online shopping have arrived, so it's like going shopping twice. However, one pair of my Charlotte Russe shoes have broken already (I wore them for the first time today. They broke within 3 hours) and my local store don't have them in my size. I don't want to wait to order more so I think I'm going to stitch them back together and make do. Very frustrating though!!
My Blowfish shoes came today though and my ASOS dress came on Friday. It's finally starting to get warm now so I can't wait to show you my summer wardrobe.
Sorry for no proper update today- I really wasn't feeling myself this morning.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter, I'll fill you all in tomorrow.

Charlotte xxx

Friday, 22 April 2011

Come on sweet catastrophe

These photos almost didn't happen. I'd just gotten outside and decided this tree would be a nice spot for my photos today. I set my camera up and went to get my remote. gone. my remote is always in my camera bag. I then spent the next 25 minutes having a (strangely calm) freak out before almost giving up. I took all my shoes from under my bed, searched the apartment high and low. And where was it when I eventually found it? On the floor, of course.

Okay hair disclaimer. It is a state. I know. I'm holding off getting a cut and colour until after finals, because right now I just can't spare the three hours to sit and have my hair done. It seriously needs doing though. Growing out a bob is a big of a nightmare. I had a trim at Christmas but I've been growing it since November now. My brown is also going kinda gingery. Anyway, it's a mess and I'm sorry.

I can't believe it's taken me til now to show you this shirt!! I bought it in New York (and also a similar one in black). Like most style bloggers, I am obsessed with Peter Pan collars. How does that happen? I feel as though the blogosphere has its own set of trends because we all get so much inspiration from each other. Anyway, I've been putting off wearing it because I didn't want to ruin it by wearing it with my red blazer (does anyone else have that thing when they buy new things they don't want to "ruin" them by wearing them altogether?) when I first got it. Anyway, it's super-cute and my new favourite shirt. As with all my outfit posts though, I didn't realise til after that it's tucked in all weird. This skirt is a big of a problem too. I know I moaned and moaned about losing weight and I'm very happy that I have, but all my clothes are too big!! Everything has a sort of unflattering hanging to it, especially round my waist.

Now, makeup disclaimer. I am a bit orange at the moment. I've ran out of my favourite foundation and have been desperately awaiting more from my Mum, so I ended up having to switch to my other slightly-too-dark foundation. It's making me super-paranoid that I look like an Oompa Loompa though. I thought a grey smokey eye might detract the attention...

peter pan collar top- H&M
skirt- primark
blazer- H&M
shoes- peacocks

One of my far-from-complimentary guy friends said he liked my shoes today. That was kinda a big deal. So what's new with me? Nothing, really. This week has been all about the homework, unfortunately, and that isn't really going to stop for a while now. But I'm going to my boyfriend's parents' tomorrow for Easter weekend which will be really nice. I love going down and hanging out with his family. Tonight I'm going for dinner with a friend and then I'll probably just be lame and go watch a movie with him. Everyone is leaving to go back home for Easter so there's nobody about here!!

Have a great weekend and happy Easter!!

Charlotte xxx

Lake Voice

(damn, I forgot to get a picture of the back!! It says See it, Hear it, Read it, in case you were wondering)

Okay, this isn't technically an outfit post, per say, but it is what I wore today.
Lake Voice is an online publication that we're running in my Editing II Journalism class. We completely design, run, edit and write the publication. I have a great group of colleagues at Lake Voice and I'm really proud of everything we've achieved this semester so far.
My official role in Lake Voice is of Ombudsman- I am in charge of all emails, comments, questions, submissions etc. but I am also involved in writing about the experiences in the Newsroom, editing and of course, writing. Today was my last story submission for the semester, but I've been really happy with the stories I've produced this semester.
When I first starting in this class I was a very nervous journalist. I knew I could write, but my ability to interview needed improvement and interviewing generally made me nervous. I definitely feel much more confident in my abilities now and am really proud of the stories I've written and the feedback I've received on them.
While Lake Voice is based in Duluth, we hope our stories are relevant to the wider world too, so I'd really love you to check it out and see what we do over there!!
The stories I've written for the publication are here but you should pop along anyway and see what we do!!

Charlotte xxx

PS. Shorts are Miss Selfridge and cardigan is H&M :]]

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Because all the cool kids were doing it

I jumped on the colour-blocking bandwagon, it would seem. I've seen so many bloggers take on this trend recently that I had to give it a go. It's probably my favourite trend for next season because it's so easy; you don't need to buy anything new!! This outfit came together by accident when I was putting clothes away and thought, "ooh this combination could work!" I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this shirt though. I love the colour but I hate the shape. It's far too big and therefore hangs weird. And it looks totally odd on all these pictures, due to the fact I've tucked it in in a weird way.

I played around with my makeup a little bit today again. I mainly followed this tutorial by Keiko Lynn, but with a few changes. I swapped her MUFE aqua creme for Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, MAC Freshwater for UD Peace,  UD Baked for UD Half Baked (I figured half was better than none!!), her UD eyeliner for 24/7 Liner in Zero and MAC Deep Truth for UD Goddess. This was the first time I've ever adapted a tutorial instead of just choosing tutorials that include colours I already have, so I'm pretty happy with the results. I'm sorry you can't see it too well- I can't work out how to take good makeup shots without filling the screen with my face!!

This is turning into a kinda stressful week. I seem to have SO much to do!! I'm going to my boyfriend's parent's this weekend for Easter and I have a lot of work to do before the weekend. We have room inspections on Monday so I need to tidy my room too. Urgh! I really need to start making a move on finding a good company to ship all my stuff back home because I only have 3 weeks left in my apartment. Sad face :[[ I'm getting excited for finishing school though. I'm going to have a few days up here then I'm heading down to stay with my boyfriend and his parents for a week and then my best friend Michelle and I are planning a week in California- yay!! Then I have my housemate's wedding and finally spending my last few days with my boyfriend and friends in Duluth. But we're not going to talk about the leaving bit now, are we?

blue shirt- topshop
shorts- boohoo
shoes- H&M
cardigan- New Look

I'd better get back to work. Boo!!

Charlotte xxx