Worse things happen at sea

Hi! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty chilled out- potluck, drinks and a bar on Friday, homework and hanging out on Saturday and hanging out with my boyfriend and his friends and more homework on Sunday. It was nice to be up here for a change this weekend and to get some work done, but I couldn't help feeling overwhelmingly restless! I have such a short attention span- I always have to be busy and doing stuff!!

On Sunday, I was very, very reluctant to let my boyfriend take me home, so I suggested a trip to Savers to buy some more time with him. My boyfriend is really into thrifting, in fact, I think I've only known him buy a couple of things new since I've known him, so I knew it would be a good place to kill some time. I am not good at thrifting. Or rather, I don't get a chance to go on a regular basis. The Savers in Duluth isn't far away, but without a car it would take me about an hour to get there on the bus. It's the kind of place I'd love to be able to easily get to, because I'm sure they have lots of great things that always get snatched up before I arrive. Yesterday, however, I had some success. I picked up a few shirts and a skirt (I ended up getting a mid-length navy polka-dot skirt and umm-ed and ahh-ed over a coral shirt, which I decided to keep in the end and am very glad I did!) and was about to go to the changing room when I found this blazer. I couldn't resist. Yes, it is a boy's blazer (I think the label says it is an age 12) and yes, I can barely move my arms and I'd never get the buttons over my boobs, but for $3 I really can't complain!! It was one of those beautiful thrift store finds that seem to happen to everyone else, but me! What's the best thing you've ever found in a thrift store?

striped top- primark
shorts- miss selfridge
blazer- thrifted
shoes- peacocks

The rest of the outfit was pretty easy to put together. After my inspiration post on Saturday I was desperate to get my denim shorts and tights out, and while I've always hated mixed black and denim, I loved the look of this striped top with these stonewash shorts. I'm really considered my fourth pair of jeans in the form of a pair of light blue, skinny, stonewash jeans. I tend to avoid dark denim but I love stonewash and I really should invest in more jeans! I wasn't sure what to go for regarding shoes, but thought my black and white brogues would be perfect.

I don't know how much you can tell, but I did my makeup following this peacock-inspired tutorial using my Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box. I love Urban Decay cosmetics, especially their eyeshadows, and really want the Box of Shadows III. If only I had $50 to spare!! I really, really love this eye makeup tutorial. It's basically just a brown-y coloured smokey eye with a bluey eyeshadow-liner underneath (I added a little black eyeliner too just to define my eyes- they look naked without it!!). I originally did it on Saturday night and ended up not doing a lot, and admittedly it's a little much for day, but I really really like it. I'm looking forward to trying some more makeup tutorials so watch this space!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!! Back to the homework and sugar-free Red Bull for me. Oh the student life!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. you look amazing ,your make-up is supreme! xx

  2. Nice outfit, I love your shoes!

  3. Love this combination, the blazer, shorts, and necklace look great with the shorts!
    What a great find the blazer was too. I don't know what the best thing I've ever found thrifting is, because most of my clothes are thrifted! Haha. Maybe my black leather skirt!
    M xo

  4. love the buttons on these shirts - great look!

  5. I love the top and blazer. I am a huge fan of the nautical look x

  6. loving that blazer esp with the stripes chicky :) xo

  7. I love it! Not only is the blazer a great find, but I think it looks so chic unbuttoned ;)

  8. I really love this combination! Nautical chic, I may have to reproduce this outfit from my own closet;)

  9. oh i love your blazer soooo much!!! i have been trying to find a navy one but no luck yet. It looks so cute with the stripes and highwaisted shorts :)!

  10. I moved into a new apartment on the weekend so things were rather hectic and stressful, but it's definitely nice to be in my new place. I wish I were better at doing makeup... as is I just wear gold eye shadow and black mascara, sigh.

  11. Love this gorgeous look! Stripey tee, tights, shorts, and the over-sized pearls -SO adorable. Basically... I love it all. Hope your having a fantastic week!! xx veronika

  12. My best thrift store find? Definitely the Christian Dior suit jacket I picked up for $1. It is black and white checkered with a purple lining. Beautiful.


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