Shopping Ban

Put it this way, I've been pretty naughty of late. Put it this way, I have ordered 3 dresses and 3 pairs of shoes. In the last 8 days. So now I am having a complete clothes shopping ban.
The Ban Rules are the following.

1. No Clothes Shopping
I definitely, definitely do not need any more clothes. The only exception to this is anything I get sent for free. That, obviously, doesn't count.
2. No non-essential makeup shopping
Essentials= anything that I run out of (foundation, mascara, eyeliner etc.) but nothing I buy until I've ran out of (example, I'm eyeing up a new mascara, but I can't but it until I finish my current one)
3. No accessory or jewellery shopping
4. Move all emails pertaining to shopping into a new folder or delete them
I think this is my downfall a lot of the time- I get regular emails and get excited and buy things.
5. No buying anything I see on blogs
Because I can't give up blogs
6. No non-essential shopping
This covers clothes, books, makeup, etc. but not magazines (they're my weakness), food, transport, social activities, etc.
7. When temptation comes, think of saving money for travelling
I'm planning a trip to California and a trip to Chicago before I leave and would rather spend money on planning that than non-essential clothes
8. No browsing shopping websites of any kind
Including Shopstyle and Ebay
9. No browsing real shops, unless it can't be avoided.
10. The ban must take place until I get back home, 8th June 2011

Wish me luck, I need this.
For some reason, when I get stressed and spend a lot of time at my laptop in the library, I find myself online shopping as something to do when I've checked Facebook and Twitter a million times.
I need to save up for upcoming trips and for my summer, as I have a few weeks work experience and won't be paid during this time, for a trip out here next year and so I can stop borrowing money from my parents.
I know I can do this, I just have to stay focused.
Wish me luck!

Charlotte xxx


  1. oh gosh thats a long time. i need this too, i have also been very naughty lately. i might do my own, prob not for as long though but yes, i need to stop broowsing at online stores too, its so easy to lay here in my jammies just looking at all the pretty dresses lol.

  2. Goood luck!! Shopping bans are sooo difficult, but it's worthwhile if you have something fun like travelling that you're saving up for :)

  3. Good luck! I need to do something similar sooo badly. Travel is such a good motivator too!
    M xo

  4. Good luck, especially not visiting clothing sites! I've been broke for so long that I rarely buy clothes: maybe a dress every 7 months. There are so many dresses that I want but I can't afford any of them :( So I just browse online sites like crazy and dream of someday being able to have a custom tailor make all of those designs for me. haha!

  5. good luck! just be strong and be honest to yourself about not needing stuff, you can do it!! :D

  6. also you have to get all your shopping home from America missy! you'll have to pay loads of excess baggage otw! and pay like double for the shopping you do :(

    This is working for me lol.....or rather it was until i came home for the kids easter holidays and rediscovered the joys of the British high street instead of the nasty German beigeness at least.


  7. Good Luck!!! I've been doing that for little over a month now! I've made a pact with myself to not buy anything until major sale season starts in time for summer/after exams (Lord knows I'll need to take my mind off school)... I've only had one slip up (this crazy guy at this historic site got me to buy a necklace and I didn't even realize until I got home that I had actually gone back on my word). It's gonna be tough but it's not impossible :).

  8. Eeek, good luck! I'm just as bad as you but I don't even have a job - Argh!!

  9. Good for you, Charlotte!! I only buy new clothes once every few weeks, usually at discount shops & thrift stores. Every time I want to buy something, I try to think of 3-5 outfits or ways I would wear it and where I would wear it to. Otherwise, if I'm just impulse buying for the fun of it, I remind myself that the money I spend on that item, I could use to pay for a nice dinner with my friends and I. And what would make me happier in the long run? :]]

    Anyway, just some thoughts. Good luck to you - it is hard to curb spending, but it can be really rewarding too!!

    XO Michelle

  10. Good luck with your shopping ban! I know I'd have a hard time. I hope you can get your trips all settled :D

  11. Good Luck! I am only buying essential clothes at the moment because I am saving to go to New York. I'm doing ok, travel means more to be than clothes xx

  12. Good Luck! You can do it! I recently told myself that I couldn't buy anymore clothing or shoes as well until after my wedding since we need to save up for that and the honeymoon....

    It's so hard not to shop, especially when "browsing" websites. :)

  13. wow! good luck-- you can do it! I just finished my 30/30 challenge, it was tough but so worth it!! <3

  14. I've done something similar to you - I've also ordered 3 pairs of shoes and 2 dresses. :x Good luck with your shopping ban & saving up for traveling!


  15. Good luck! I'm currently doing the same thing! lol it's tough!

  16. Well, I wish you luck! I've thought about putting myself on a shopping ban, but it's just not realistic for me. I've been working on cutting my shopping down and that's worked a lot better. But God, I definitely don't need any more clothes either...I can't even fit them all in my closet. :| No more!

  17. I'm with you. i banned myself too because we're law students and we're broke. plus I've got freepiles so i don't really need to thrift. it's gonna be long year for me. good luck to you though! ;)


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