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Okay, I really, really wanted to take pictures today. I considered taking them inside but I really, really hate indoor photos and the wind is just ridiculous, to be honest. So as frustrated and disappointed as I am (I love outfit posts just as much as I (hope!) you do!!) I've decided to save this outfit for a day when I can photograph it probably (and I hate outfit-saving!!) and do this instead :]]

The love Victoria of Justice Pirate game me the Versatile Blogger award and I am super-honoured so I thought I'd carry on the blog love. The problem is, it's hard to come up with 7 Facts about myself that you don't already know! I am pretty honest in my blog and well, I talk a lot, so I feel as though you already know everything about me. I can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing!! One thing you will learn about me is that I am about the most open person you will ever know. There's no mystery to me!!

So I had a think and here's what I came up with...

1. My full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Bridget Eve Crowley... that's without my confirmation name
Yep, it's quite a mouthful. My Mum named me Charlotte after her rabbit when she was a child (my nickname is Bunny :]]) and thought Charlotte Elizabeth had a nice ring. Bridget and Eve are both my Grandmas; Bridget (or Beenie as she's better known) is my Dad's Mum, and Eve is my Mum's Mum (who happens to be about my favourite person ever.)
I used to hate my name when I was kid and literally wanted every other name I could have from Victoria (funnily enough!!) to Emma (I like the Spice Girls...) to Olivia. These days, I quite like my name, although people here pronounce it differently and often have no idea what I'm saying.
I went through a phase of being Charlie and then I was Lottie for a few years, but I tend to just be Charlotte. Some people call me Char or Charl, or just Crowley, none of which I mind. I also have a collection of odd nicknames; Russell by my best friend Kay, Rocker from the people I used to work with, Zloty from the girls I work with...

2. I am an only child with a super-big family
The thing with Irish Catholics is that they like to have children. A lot of them!! My Dad is one of 8 so I have 16 aunties and uncles and 10 cousins. If you include extended family the list is insane.
But on my Mum's side, my mum is an only child too, so we have a much smaller family on her side. I feel as though I have the best of both worlds. Growing up I had all my cousins to look after me and tease me and be my brothers and sisters, but I also get the benefits of being an only child which I love too.
I can be a bit of an only child at times; I like to spend time alone and am pretty happy with my own company. And yes, I am a bit spolit.

3. I have emetophobia and arachnophobia 
Read: I am scared of throwing up/people throwing up and spiders.

4. I like food.
I am an pescatarian and haven't eaten meat for 10 years now. I'm not as strict as I used to be, and I do enjoy fish. These days it's more a matter of habit than anything else.
I also really, really love fruit and vegetables. I get my five-a-day most days, often I get eight or nine portions. I love to cook too; I spend my free time reading recipe books.
My biggest weaknesses are sweets (especially sour ones), chips and salsa (I could eat them til I die), carrots and houmous, pineapple, sushi, and any kind of small orange fruit (tangerines, mandarins, clementines etc.)
I think my favourite cuisine is Mexican food.

5. I can't make decisions
Decisions really, really stress me out. My boyfriend and I are awful; we literally can't decide on anything. I'm usually pretty agreeable purely because I can't commit to making a decision on anything. The process of making a decision gets me really stressed and frustrated to. Even in writing this list I thought of writing about, say, my perfect day, but then deciding on what I'd say stressed me out too much!!

6. I am actually really boring
I don't even mean in a typically British, self-deprecating way. I am really boring. I have a horrible worry that people who don't know me well are soon going to realise how boring I am. My favourites things to do are to read, chill out with a magazine or just spend time with my friends. I like to party every now and again, but I'm not really a party animal. I'm a typical goody-two-shoes. I like to do well at school and I work hard (last weekend my boyfriend Dad said to me "I don't think you know how not to work hard!") and I hate feeling tired. I get excited over stupid little things though, so I keep myself entertained. I'm pretty happy with being boring. My boyfriend is the same way. We're boring together :]]

7. I like lists!!
I am kinda obsessively organised. I get stressed out when I think I might have forgotten something, so I write endless lists. Shopping lists, idea lists, outfit lists. My favourites are my To-Do lists. They usually start off with a weekly to-do list at the start of the week, which is then broken down into a daily to-do list, and then from there I plan out how every single of my hour is going to be spent. Yep, I'm that obsessive. It keeps me in check! My boyfriend doesn't plan any further than what he's going to do in the next hour so his laid back-ness is helping me to let go a little bit, but I really like to plan!

Now the hard part, who to pass this on to (I told you I can't make decisions!!)
Annebeth of The Styling Dutchman
Kate of Postcards From
Ashley of Two Eyes in the Mirror
Vickie of Magpie Girl
Veronika of Girl and Closet

If there's anything else you'd like to know about me, let me know either here or via email ( I'd really like to get a proper FAQ post going on my About Me page :]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. thanks so much sweetie! I loved your facts, I'm totally going to call you ms. Crowley from now on (from the Mr. Crowley song :D). And I'm sure people don't think you are boring :) you don't look boring, you don't sound boring, you don't feel boring! you're just a bit insecure :)

  2. I know! it was hard for me to think up 7 things too!! Woah you really do have a long name. I thought I had a lot of aunts and uncles. goodness. throwing up is really scary. I always found it odd how people MAKE themselves do it like nothing. I remember I didn't throw up from age 8 until I was 21 when I got food poisoning both times. It was a great gap that I loved. of course then I got pregnant twice so forget that no throwing up. then after each one I got a stomach virus 3 weeks after both times. so weird. Haven't thrown up since then thankfully. It's been slightly over two years. I hope it will never happen again!!! haha just want you wanted to know, right???

    I'm boring with you. I think for the most part all I do is read too.

    It is good that you are so organized, really!
    it's good that you are so open. I am pretty much the same exact way! yey!

  3. Funny post, and I followed you.

    Visit me! Lots of love

  4. It's interesting that you have this emetophobia thing. Tell me more! I didn't know it had a mom has it, and I think I've kind of got it since she psychologically passed it down to me throughout the years. Weird, isn't it?!

    I think we already talked about this last fall, but I'm a spoiled only child too and I love my alone time. I can't imagine having a bunch of siblings to have to share attention with!

    Thanks for passing on the award to me! I know I'll have trouble coming up with seven things too, but hey. It'll be a challenge.

  5. I have this HORRIBLE fear of bugs. It doesn't matter what kind of bug, but I particularly HATE flies. Which is probably why I don't like summer. So during the summertime at school and there's a fly buzzing around, I completely zone out from the lecture and constantly focus on where the fly is currently at so I can shoo it away if it comes near me. Augh...

  6. Congrats on the blogger award! :)

    It's interesting that you say people pronounce your name differently here. :x

    Haha, and I don't think you're boring at all! Though I can definitely relate to your reasons for saying so - my favorite hobby is to curl in bed with a good book, and I'll choose that over going out - most of the time. :)


  7. Yay, thank you for the bloggy award! And I loved reading your answers. Hehe, as for the boring bit? Me too, me too. I always prefer to chill out at home watch a movie, make dinner and I love to work. Hope your having a fab Monday. xx veronika


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