Shopping Ban: Week One

Okay, let's face it, I was a little ambitious. 7 weeks without shopping? Yeah, that was never going to happen. But I've decided instead of giving up and abandoning the project altogether, I'm just going to be good and only buy things I've really thought about. I guess what I'm trying to say is no impulse buying.
I had a couple of mini downfalls this week. One was a kinda pseudo-shop. I had an email from the lovely folk over at Simply Beach asking if I'd review an item. I jumped at the chance and chose this gorgeous Polka Dot Swimsuit but my gift card ending up being more than the swimsuit alone, so I had to buy this hat too. Oops.
My other minor slip-up was on makeup. My boyfriend picked me up on Friday an hour before our movie started at the cinema and suggested a trip to Target. Thirty minutes and $23 later I had two new lipsticks, an eyeshadow pallette and a new mascara. However, all four of these items had been on my wishlist for a while, and therefore weren't impulse buys.
Now I am going to try to be good, but I know there are a couple of things I've going to need to buy for my upcoming trips. I don't have any summer sandals here, so I want to get some cheap flat sandals and I think I'm going to need some kind of beach bag or something similar. However, this week could end up quite spendy. My friend Michelle and I are booking our trip to Cali this week and I think my boyfriend and I are booking a trip to Chicago this week too (yay :]]). I'm so excited for both trips- they're going to be great!!
In shopping news however, these are the other items on my wish list, that I am therefore allowed to buy, despite the ban...

God, I feel like every single blogger has one at the moment and I'm desperate for one. I'm hoping to pick one up at Savers or Target or somewhere cheap, or even getting a cheap one from a vendor somewhere.

cream/white cardigan
Just for a cover up on those chilly evenings. I'm kinda addicted to cardigans and like to have them in every colour. I want a hip-length, light, cotton button-up cardigan.

tan cardigan
I have been on the hunt for a tan cardigan for what seems like forever. I did find one but I'll be damned if I'll pay $40 for a cardigan!! Just one of those things I need to keep my eye out for

summer sandals
I have some great tan gladiator sandals at home that I wish I had with me. I just want some cheap sandals to get me from A to B.

A lot of the clothes I bought on my intense week of online shopping have arrived, so it's like going shopping twice. However, one pair of my Charlotte Russe shoes have broken already (I wore them for the first time today. They broke within 3 hours) and my local store don't have them in my size. I don't want to wait to order more so I think I'm going to stitch them back together and make do. Very frustrating though!!
My Blowfish shoes came today though and my ASOS dress came on Friday. It's finally starting to get warm now so I can't wait to show you my summer wardrobe.
Sorry for no proper update today- I really wasn't feeling myself this morning.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter, I'll fill you all in tomorrow.

Charlotte xxx


  1. i loved everything about this post because i could never do 7 weeks without shopping either and id probably come up with the next best alternative like you did. haha cant blame you, shopping is necessary sometimes. Cali and Chicago are amazing places, im so jealous!

    im following, hope you can check me out :)


  2. Good luck, Charlotte!! I'd never be able to do that either... I'm trying to limit my shopping to thrifted items, unless there's something that I absolutely need/want to have. So, not really a shopping ban, but more like a shopping resolution?

  3. It's sooo hard to stop shopping, it's good you only bought things you really needed/had been on your wishlist though. Fedoras are awesome for summer bad hair days, I have one but want more!
    I need to go on a ban too, I know after surgery I will for about 3-4 weeks, so I'm not tooo worried

  4. This is going to be a tough one, especially as I am sure it'll e all you think about! After a while you'll probably realise you don't need half that stuff anyway x

  5. Good luck, it is seriously tough- I always end up breaking my bans thinking "just one little thing won't hurt!" x

  6. I am doing something similar:

    Rock what you got-- wear more of what I already have then shopping all the time haha


  7. this is very smart and will be hard. I applaud you! I wish more ladies did this. I tend to sell my dresses after I wear them a couple times. Then with the money from selling a dress I buy another. I haven't bought one in a couple weeks though because no one has bought any of my stuff!


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