Wednesday, 31 March 2010

21 Things I Want To Do Before I'm 21.

Carrying on from my Twenty Things I have Learnt Now I'm (nearly!!) Twenty, I was thinking of another list like that I could do, when I came up with 21 Things I want to do before I'm 21.

There's probably a lot of things on this list I won't manage. And a lot of them depend on factors other than my determination, but I'm going to give them my best shot.

(I'll do a proper post tomorrow about my birthday, but I want to get this down while it's fresh in my mind!!)

1. Be Taken Out for Dinner

At twenty years old, I've never really been taken out for dinner. I mean, not really. I've been taken on dates for coffee or for lunch, and I've been out for meals with boyfriends where we save money by splitting the bill and drinking tap water, but I'm talking romance. Flowers, wine, candles... shallow, maybe, but I am pretty traditional. I want someone to take me out and spoil me. Is that to much to ask?

2. Go to New York

New York has been my dream since I was about 10 years old. I've always wanted to go. I've seen it in the movies and I know it's where I want to be. My dream life is something not dissimilar to that of Carrie Bradshaw's. Living in New York, writing for Vogue... ahh!! My parents have said they will fly over to Minnesota (where I'm spending a year studying next year) and take me to New York for my 21st Birthday next year. Squee!!

3. Drink from a Red Cup!!

For you Americans, this isn't a big deal, but for us British, this is exciting. There are always red cups in parties in American films and you literally can't get them over there!! I can't wait to go to a proper American house party and feel 16 again being too young to drink!! Though I'll miss being able to order a glass of wine legally!!

4. Pick my Dissertation Topic(s)

This time next year (when I will excitingly be 21!!) I really need to have started thinking about my dissertation topic. Or should I say dissertations. Plural. I have two extended essays to write; one for English and one for American Studies. I have ideas for both; something on transgressive fiction for English (I found out that there's a module where I can study Chuck Palahniuk- my FAVOURITE author!!), and something, maybe, on sexuality and women for American Studies. My seminar tutor wrote his dissertation on The Simpsons, so I'm actually considering writing on Sex and the City. I'm taking a course in Feminist Theory next year at Duluth so I'm hoping that will inspire me.

5. Get 1000 hits a day on GNDF

Okay, ambitious. But I'm hoping with a lot of hard work I could do it. I hope so anyway. I have a lot of ideas for this blog, it's just executing them!!

6. Take a photography course.

Again, to help with my blog. I got a tripod for my birthday and I really want to learn to take great self portraits for my blog. (If anyone knows any great tutorials that would be amazing!!) I'd really like to take a photography course and then maybe upgrade to a SLR camera.

7. Be a better driver

Right, I'm an okay driver. I passed my test first time 2 years ago, but I only really drive now when I come home for the holidays and I'm a nervous driver. I want to practice my motorway driving and be confident enough to drive on motorways alone, and practice my parking, which right now, terrifies me.

8. Get the position of Lifestyle Editor of my student newspaper

Now this is one I might not achieve, but it would be my dream if I could. I wanted to go for it this year, but obviously with me having a year abroad next year I wasn't able to go for it. I'm hoping to carry on writing for the newspaper next year from America and trying to get in touch with the current editors next year about maybe having some kind of email-based interview. Even Skype!! Finger's crossed. I'd love to get my job, I'd love the challenge and it would really help me prove how serious I am about being a magazine journalist.

9. Help SFB become huge.

Failing that, or as well as, I'd love to help Student Fashion Blog become a fabulous equivalent to the amazing College Fashion. Michael has a great vision, I hope he can make it a reality.

10. Vintage Shop

Something I've wanted to do for a while and I'm determined to get started with. Lauren, who I'm going to Minnesota with, is fabulous and a great vintage shopper. I hope she can show me a thing or two!!

11. Learn a New Skill

I'm not sure what yet. Maybe it will be photography? But I've always wanted to learn to knit, or play guitar. In my head by a beautiful indie boy on a beach somewhere...

12. Get Awesome Work Ex.

Oh, please please please!! I'm on the reserves list for Look Magazine, and I have some work ex in fashion over summer, but I'd love something solid at a magazine. The pushy, mithering emails are going out soon...

13. Stop Biting my Nails.


14. Get something published

And not just in my student newspaper. t I'd love to have something published in a real magazine or newspaper, regional or national.

15. Write for the student newspaper in Minnesota

Because I've written so much this year for Redbrick I'd love to branch out to something different. I want to write as much as possible for as many publications as possible before I finish uni.

16. Start a new blog

When I got abroad, I'm definitely going to keep this blog going, but I really want to start a whole new blog about my travels and experiences in America.

17. Love every minute of next year

I can't wait to go to America, and I know it's going to be hard and different and I'm going to get homesick, but I really want to enjoy it as much as possible. It's going to be an amazing year.

18. Be more spontaneous

I am a very organised person, I like to know exactly what I'm doing and what is going on, but in regards to next year, I want to take every opportunity I get.

19. Be on a target for a 2.1

Above everything, my degree is probably the important thing in my life. So far, I'm doing pretty well, and I'm getting 2.1s and Firsts in all of my marked work. I just need to keep this up for the next 2 and a half years!! Especially with exam season coming up- urgh!!

20. Host a dinner party

I love to cook, and I love entertaining. I don't eat meat and I've never cooked it, but I'd love to host a dinner party. I watch enough Come Dine with Me, I should know how to get it right!!

21. Fall in love

Enough said. I've been single for a year now and I just want to meet someone and fall in love. I'm ready for that again now.


Monday, 29 March 2010

a day of firsts.

My first outfit post at Chictopia.


First post at SFB!!

Okay, so the image I used didn't quite work, but oh well. My first post for SFB is going to be the first in a series on fashion rules and how to break them. My first post is on double denim.

You can read it here.

It's weird writing for a different blog to here. I have to bear in mind a more student based audience, and also a male audience, which I've never really thought about before. But it should be a challenge, and an exciting challenge!!

I also received an invitation to join Delance Fashion today, which was quite exciting. It's a social networking site for bloggers, so I'm hoping it'll help me get my blog noticed more.

I also reapplied for membership at lookbook and weardrobe today, so fingers crossed!!

I really want to get my blog out there more, so the only way to do it is to join lots of websites and read lots of blogs!!

Please, if you know anyone who might be interested in reading my blog, link them across to it. It would really mean a lot. Keep reading and commenting, I love you all!!

Charlotte xxx

My final day as a teenager

What I really wanted to do today was to go play in the park, take some gorgeous photos and maybe get an ice cream. When I woke up at 8 it seemed sunny. When I finally got up about midday, it was grey and raining. Day of fun out of the window.

I do want to go take some photos in the park though. Bramhall Park, which is literally next to my house, is absolutely beautiful. When it gets a bit nicer I will definitely be going to take some photos there. Especially when I get my tripod, which has turned out to be a bit of a disaster!! I asked for a tripod, and a few days ago I asked my mum to get my glasses out of my bag, and she found my mini Gorilla tripod. Turns out she didn't know I had one, and that was what she'd bought me for my birthday!! I showed her what I wanted though and she's ordered a stand up tripod so it should be here for tomorrow- thanks mum!!

I never really smile on photos, do I?

Anyway, so because it was raining I decided to take some photos in the lounge now I'm home from uni for a few weeks. Most of our house is a sort of beigey colour so I thought it would look great with a nude outfit. I couldn't find the nude dress I wanted to wear, so I decided to wear this nude top and a bandage skirt instead. I know I'm at home when I can't find anything!! Bet my mum's put it in the wash!!

Top- New Look, Skirt- TopShop, Jacket- Miss Selfridge, Tights- TopShop, Pearls- TopShop, Boots- Vintage

We're going out for a meal tonight to celebrate my birthday tomorrow!! My housemates and two of my best friends are coming up to visit tomorrow and then on Wednsday we're going to Alton Towers!! I can't wait!!

This outfit is quite different to what I had in mind for today. I imagined something bright and cute to celebrate no longer being a kid, but I think I've gone quite the opposite- something grown up to celebrate being an adult. And how fabulous is this nude jacket?!

I can't wait for my birthday!! I remember not really being that excited last year but I LOVE my birthday. I can't wait to spend the day with my mum, going to go see my Grandparents and spending the evening with my best friends. I'll try to take lots of photos!!

I'm not sure why I look so bored!!

I'm going to go try to write my first post for SFB now!! I'll pop a link up when it's done!!

Charlotte xxx

Sunday, 28 March 2010

emotional wreck.

Thank you to Luinae of More Magical Always for her fantastic lazy links this week.

A couple of the links this week spoke volumes to me. I mentioned on my Twenty Things I Have Learnt Now I Am (nearly!) Twenty about settling less than you deserve. Even at twenty, I worry about the future. I watch Sex and the City and worry about being single at 40, and this means I often end up with people who don't quite treat me right. I spend a lot of time expecting people to change, and I'm starting to find out that people don't change. I am an incredibly insecure person, and I feel like I should be happy with what I can get, even if deep down I know that what I'm getting isn't quite good enough. This post here is fantastic. I should take that advice.

I also loved this post, this is my life. I am a very, very emotional person (or drama queen as my friends prefer to consider it!!) and my emotions often rule my life. I thought this piece was fantasticn advice.

I love writing like this, I'd love to be able to write the kind of pieces that people can really connect with. I'm really going to work on writing these kind of advice pieces. Even though I probably won't be able to take my own advice.

Charlotte xx

Student Fashion Blog

I have been a very, very lucky girl, and have been invited to become the final writer for student web-magazine-

Michael, who runs the site, has a vision of it 'to become the no.1 stop for students searching for fashion related content from a student perspective' .When I applied for the internship at College Fashion and said in my application I'd love to create a British version of College Fashion; and it would seem that this is it!!

I am very excited to start writing, and very grateful to Michael for giving me this opportunity. It open up a whole new world for me and fashion blogging, but it will mean that some things here at GNDF will change. I'm going to have a more personal approach to my blog here, and have more of my list and tips-based posts for SFB. Of course, I will still keep up a lot of the features here, but I'm going to try to have more outfit posts over here. I will link up all my posts from SFB here too :]]]

I promise to not put my posts at SFB above my posts on here. As excited as I am, this is my blog and I'm proud of it. But it is my first experience writing for an online magazine and it's very exciting!! At the moment I'm hoping to still update here every couple of days, and for the moment update on SFB once a week.

I'm very excited but nervous about the opportunity. Already the site is growing and has over 200 fans on facebook so I have a lot ot live up to!!

Do you have any features you would especially like me to write for SFB? Obviously it's more student-based and also more magazine based, so my outfit posts etc will stay here. I'd love to hear your feedback!!

I'll keep you updated!!

Charlotte xxx

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Five ways to mix up your wardrobe for Spring

I know how it gets, it’s finally spring and suddenly everything in your wardrobe feeling so last year, and you feel like you’ve worn every outfit before in a million different ways. No-one needs to be buying tonnes and tonnes of new things for Spring (though I do think there are so essentials you need for Spring/Summer 2010, maybe I should write on that…*makes note*) so I have a few tips on mixing up the wardrobe you already own…

  1. Wear a dress as a top

I demonstrated this last week here, and this works great with a bandage skirt. As long as the dress is short enough to cover the length of the skirt, this will work great. I am awful at buying tops, and always come out with armfuls of dresses, so this is a great way to get extra wear out of those pretty dresses. Watch out for material (stretchy and float) materials work best for this), styles and patterns, and consider different colours and style of skirt. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns; this was a great trend for S/S10.

2. Layer up your evening wear

I wrote about this on my last post, but it’s kinda more resonant here. Most evening dresses, in particular strapless dresses, can look great over a t shirt or long sleeved top. Try a printed dress over a striped top, or an LBD over a white t shirt (I did that here). It gives a new lease of life to those evening clothes that often only come out when you have a night on the town!!

3. Mix up your shoes

Normally wear your skirt with flats? Try it out with boots. Black and white outfit? Wear bright pink shoes!! Mix it up with your shoes and have a bit of fun. Don’t just pick out your standard black ballet flats!! Shoes say a lot about a person, what do yours say?

4. Accessories

Okay, so we all know this one. But a great scarf, or statement necklace can really complete an outfit. Tie a scarf in a new way, or wear a bracelet round your ankle instead for a change. Mix it up with patterned or bright coloured tights, or ankle socks. One little feature can really change the whole look of an outfit. Change your jacket or throw a shirt over instead of a cardigan for a great street look. Denim shirts are really in at the moment, or use your old checkered shirt that you have lying round from last year.

5. Change how you wear it; hair, makeup ect…

Like I showed a few days ago here, I really like how my outfits take on a whole new lease of life when I wear them with my glasses. Adding a bright lip or smokey eye can really change an outfit. Even doing your hair differently can completely change an outfit.

I’ve realise as I’ve been writing this that it is quite similar to the post before, but I think mixing up your wardrobe is interesting and fun. I’m the world’s worst for getting bored and everything I own and storming out with an ‘I have nothing to wear!!’. College Fashion have a great post on it here, and I think it’s really important that you wear things in new and different ways to avoid getting bored of your wardrobe. Fashion should always be fun and inspiring!! I generally, in life, have a very short a attention span, and I hate looking the same.

Another great tip is to borrow things from people, or even swap. Your housemates, your friends, your siblings, even your mum and grandma!! Different people wear things in such different ways, it's always fun to see how your style shows in what you wear. Observe the street, people you see on campus, and websites such as LookBook and The Satorialist. I also find having this blog and taking pictures of my outfits every day keeps me on my toes and stops me repeating what I 've worn a few days before!!

Have fun, and feel free to email me at for any tips and advice. I'd love to bear what you think!!

Right, I think I’m going to get on writing a Top Ten Things You Need for Spring, inspired by this post!!

Charlotte xxx

day and night

I’m often criticised for wearing what people would consider ‘night outfits’ in the day time; dresses, skirts, pretty tops, heeled boots, a reasonable amount of makeup, and this had led me to wonder what the distinction is between what is considered suitable for day wear, and what people consider only being suitable for going out clubbing or partying.

But is there a difference, really?

I have to say, since becoming more interested in style and the clothes I put on my back, I have been wearing more clothes that I considered to be more evening attire in the day time. But what is wrong with that? Why shouldn’t I make as much of an effort in the day time as I would do in the evening? Dressing up in the day time makes me feel just as good as I do at night, and I don’t come home covered in snakebite!!

Carrie Bradshaw never went out in anything less than fabulous in the day time, and most of her outfits could easily translate from day to evening. Day wear can be just as fun as evening wear. Okay, there are a lot of things I would wear at night that I wouldn’t wear in the evening, but I think it is important to keep variety, and versatility in your wardrobe, particularly in the current economy when we can’t really afford to wear things only when we go out. I do think there are a few tips that are helpful in making evening wear suitable for day without looking completely over dressed…

  1. Consider your shoes

For me, the most basic difference between my day and night clothes is the inclusion of heels. I usually wear flats or boots in the evening, and then add heels at night. For me, this makes a huge difference. Heels make everything look instantly smarter, and flats and boots give a more casual edge.

2.Consider your jacket

Leather, denim and cardigans will instantly make an outfit look more casual and suitable for day time. Cover up more in the day and go all out at night!

3. Tights and socks

Although I often wear tights or socks on a night out, they generally make an outfit look more wearable. Black opaques will make that LBD look a little more translatable into day time, and bright coloured tights and socks always add a fun touch.

4. Makeup

Although I do wear a lot of makeup in the day time, I wear a bit more at night. Keep your makeup slightly more toned down in the day to avoid looking like a clown. Or a prostitute.

5. Layering

I love wearing a tshirt under a strapless evening dress, or layering a shirt over a smart dress. This also eliminates you looking, well, a bit slutty in the day time. Save cleavage and leg for the evening, and keep sophisticated in the day!!

What do you think? Should dresses be saved for the evening, and only casual wear worn in the day time? Or do you like to mix it up?

Let me know what you think!!

Charlotte xxx

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Twenty Things I Have Learnt Now I am (nearly!!) Twenty

I have less than a week left now until I am no longer a teenager. Which is a scary thing. I’m not sure what it is about turning twenty but I keep thinking of everything I want to achieve by the time I’m 30. I want a job that I love, to live somewhere that I adore, and to be with someone who makes me truly happy.

I can’t say I’ve had the best teenage years. But the last few have been amazing to I’m hoping my 2os will be fabulous. Oh wow, twenties. I will soon be in my twenties!!

But I started to think about all the advice I’ve been given in the past few years, most of it I haven’t been able to take (I am shocking at taking advice!!). I have made a lot of mistakes and I continue to make a lot of mistakes. And I know these may sound a little hypocritical because I’m sure I’ll be doing the total opposite of these soon enough, but this is the advice I wish I could take. A lot of them are attempts for me to squish in several bits of advice in one point, I admit (my original list was 35 points long), but these are the mottos I should learn to live by…

  1. You can’t change people, but you can change the way you feel about them. No-one is perfect. Try to get along, and take the good with the bad. It’s easy to judge, but not to walk in someone else’s shoes. And sometimes people surprise you.

  2. Life is a marathon not a sprint. One of my Dad’s favourites. Don’t worry if life isn’t perfect right now, things will get better. Take each day as it comes.

  3. Everything happens for a reason. One very dear to my heart. Sometimes the only thing that gets me through the day. We’re all going to go through tough times, but we come out stronger in the end.

  4. Learn from your own mistakes. You will never be able to learn from what other people did wrong. And we all know no matter how many times you know what (or who) you’re doing is wrong, you’ll never change until you get hurt. Life is about experiences. Learn from what you did wrong. Never regret anything.

  5. Life is about priorities. Take care of whatever it is that is important to you, even if other people don’t understand.

  6. Sometimes you have to put yourself first. I am a classic worrier who never wants to upset anyone, but you can’t live your life for other people.

  7. I will never understand boys. Simple as that. But I hope to find one who can understand me.

  8. Do whatever makes you happy. But not necessarily short term. Some of the things that will ultimately bring you happiness take a lot of hard work and pain. But they’re worth it in the end.

  9. Stay true to who you are. This one is tricky, especially when you’re young and peer pressure is everywhere. I’ve learnt to accept that while I love to party, I also get tired easily and I like a nice early night with a book from time to time. And my friends accept that about me, and I’ve finally learnt to accept it myself.

  10. You can’t do everything. One that plagues me. I always want to do, achieve and manage everything all at once. I’m slowly learning I can’t do everything I want to do. But I can do my best.

  11. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be perfect. Nobody is perfect. Accept who you are.

  12. Find people who love you. And you love right back. Don’t lose touch with people who are special to you. It’s so easy to let it happen, so rekindle your friendship before it’s too late!!

  13. Don’t accept less than you deserve. In life, in relationships, in friendships. It’s harder than it sounds, believe me.

  14. It pays to be organized. I like to plan. I have a very untidy room and I’m always stumbling on pages of unfilled notes, but I stick to my to-do lists as much as I can!!

  15. Always look fabulous. Why not? I always try to look my best. It makes me feel better no matter how down I am. And you never know who you might meet!!

  16. Stop looking for “the one.” I’m trying very hard with this. I don’t have much luck with guys, but I’m learning to have fun with people who make me smile, and come what may.

  17. Fight for what you believe in. I’ve gotta say, I’m a lover not a fighter. But I’d love to be able to fight for what I think is important.

  18. Appreciate everything in life. Don’t expect to have everything handed to you on a plate. Say thank you. And appreciate the little things.

  19. Take the positives out of everything. And take every opportunity you get.

  20. Be the best “you” you can be. I will never be as stylish as Alexa Chung, or as successful as Victoria Beckham or as beautiful as Cheryl Cole, but I’m doing the best I can to be a good student, a good friend, a good daughter and to have a laugh along the way. I’ve spent too many years comparing myself to people who I will never be. I am never going to be perfect, but I’m finally accepting who I am. And I’m not that bad, really.

I won't stick to this for long, but maybe I should print them off and stick them on my wall?

Charlotte xxx

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

a simulation

I was horrifically rained on today on the way home from uni, and my hair became so unspeakable awful that I couldn't take any outfit posts when I got in!!

So I decided to have a helping hand from Polyvore and simulate what I wore today!!

Today's look is one part sexy-Parisian-school girl, and another part burglar chic. You will see what I mean. Obviously the actual attributes of my outfit are different from the ones in the picture, but they are practically the same.

This outfit came about a bit by accident; I wanted to wear this outfit with my playsuit (see my post a few days ago), but the neckline just wasn't right with the striped top, and as I'd worn my shorts yesterday, I pulled out my bandage skirt and voilĂ !!

I think I'm going to put my legs away tomorrow though. Even though I've had skin colour tights on my legs have been getting a bit chilly!!

In my oufit, the skirt was topshop, striped top was primark, belt was new look, pearls were topshop, socks were H&M, brogues were Peacocks and leather jacket was H&M.

I'm sure I must have featured my little Peacocks brogues before? They're amazing and they were only £15!! I adore them. I am also carrying on my love for knee socks and monochrome. Yes I know it's coming into Spring, but monochrome is always incredibly chic; if it's good enough for Chanel, it's good enough for me!!

I'd better get on though, I have £50 of stuff in my New Look basket I'm going to order when I finish my essay- yay!!

Charlotte xxx

Geek chic.

I don't really wear my glasses very often because I am a slave to my contacts, but I decided today I'd give my eyes and treat and not wear my contacts!! One of my friends I've been friends with for quite a while now only found out last week I wear glasses!!

Weirdly enough, when I wear my glasses, instead of trying to hide the fact I look like a geek, I always choose to embrace it. I love to dress up and today I felt like I was in character rather than just another day.

I apologise for the really shitty, amateurish 'photos in the mirror'. The ones I took with my camera were really really rubbish and I just wanted to capture the outfit before I got undressed!!

As I said in my last post, I really love knee socks. I think they're so cute for spring; warm, but not as dark and wintery as black opaque tights. Plus I think they have such a naughty, sexy edge to them that you really can't avoid. I definitely got some strange looks today but I felt great!!

shirt- topshop, vest- topshop, shorts- topshop, socks- H&M, leather jacket- H&M, boots- vintage, pearls- topshop

My housemate has a full length mirror in her room- I'm very jealous!! I always go in her room to see what my shoes look like with my outfit!!

This was pretty much the only non 'mirror' photos that actually came out okay!! One of my housemates came in while I was taking them so I got a bit embarrassed and stopped!!

I think knee high socks are my new favourite thing ever :]]]

Right I'd better actually go be the geek I am and go finish off my American History essay. 'Assess the impact of the atom bomb on American culture, 1945-60?' anyone?

I'll try to take some more outfit photos later to put up tomorrow but I've majorly crippled my neck today and I can hardly move it so I'm not sure what they'd turn out like even if I did get a chance to take them.

Have a fabulous Tuesday,

Charlotte xxx

Monday, 22 March 2010

dressed to impress

I'm not sure what it is the past few weeks but I've finally started to feel like a fashion blogger.

I don't feel as nervous and embarrassed going out in something that is a bit out there.

I've just started to feel more confident in who I am and what I'm wearing.

It may have something to do with the fact that the last few weeks I've been running into the guy I like nearly every day, so I decided that it was important that I look fabulous every day. And that didn't just mean my skirts got shorter (even though they did. Noticeably...), it meant that I made sure every day I may an effort. And that I tried something new every day. Whether it was wearing a dress as a skirt, or swapping my usual black tights for skin colour tights and socks (I love that socks are in this season- I'm wearing knee-highs right now!!), or wearing something I'd normally save for evening in the day time.

And well, I'm not sure if he appreciated it, but other people did. I had loads of compliments, but also a fair few criticisms. At lot of people have told me I try too hard. And there were days that I worried I was so dressed up that people would think I was doing the walk of shame!! But when all you have to look forward to is a day in the library, why not dress up for it? I've really enjoyed dressing up everyday, and if people think it's daft then I just tell myself, 'Im a fashion blogger. I want to stand out.'

I've also really enjoyed experimenting with new trends; ankle and knee socks have been everywhere this season and they've been a lot of fun to wear. I went out last Wednesday night in socks and high-heeled Mary Janes and I loved the look!! I've also been less afraid to mix patterns and prints and just have fun!! Fashion should always be about having fun.

I've always wanted to turn heads. And I may not be beautiful enough to do that, but if I can do it with the way I dress, I will. And it must be working; I got picked out to be photographed my my university newspaper (which I write for as much as I can!!), last week :]]

My mum always looks fantastic and she's just as high maintenance as I am. I really don't care that I have to get up an hour and a half before I leave the house to get ready and spent 30 minutes + doing my hair. Call me self-absorbed, called me shallow. I fully accept that. I am a nightmare. I am so demanding and high maintenance and obsessed with the way I look. But I always make the effort whether I'm going out clubbing or nipping to get milk.

So, do you dress to impress? Do you only dress to impress if there's someone in particular you want to impress? Do you think I'm as superficial and self-absorbed as most people think I am?

I'd be really interested to hear what you think.

(outfit posts coming soon- promise!!)

Charlotte xxx

10 of my favourite... playsuits!!

I don't know what it is about playsuits; they're ten times more difficult to get out of than a dress, a nightmare when you need the toilet and there's a common misconception that they aren't dissimilar to a onesie. But they're just so much cuter, more stylish and sexier than your standard lbd. They can be worn in the day time, evening and for every occassion.

They've been all over the catwalk for the last couple of years and it looks like they're going nowhere. My personal preference is for short-style playsuits, but there are loads of full-leg styles on the high street.

This is my pick of my favourite playsuits on the high street at the moment...

1 Miss Selfridge

Okay so slight bias in the fact I actually own this playsuit. But I do love it and I get tonnes of compliments on it!! It's a gorgeous silky material and it's just fabulous.

2. Asos

I absolutely adore this playsuit- it is exactly the kind of thing I want for spring. It would be fabulous with a denim jacket and lace up boots for spring and then when it gets warmer with sandals and bare legs. It could also be worn in the evening with heels.

3. Top Shop

How amazing is this gorgeous Hawaiian print playsuit? This would be perfect over a bikini on the beach or for an evening meal when the sun goes down.

4. Top Shop

Another classic from topshop, perfect for spring!!

5. Asos

I adore this little nautical number- so on trend!!

6. Asos

This would be fab as a great substitute for a dress for a formal event. Love the colar.

7. Asos

Love the Eiffel tower print!!

8. Miss Selfridge

I love this gorgeous top and shorts combo. Instant outfit!!

9. Asos

I have a huge crush on this tuxedo-style playsuit. And it's down to only £20 now!!

10. Top Shop

And of course, the pineapple print playsuit I featured in a post yesterday. Is there anything cuter?

What do you think? Which are your favourites? Drop me a comment!!

Charlotte xxx

Sunday, 21 March 2010

And all I do is miss you and the way we used to be

I'm feeling melancholic.

These are from a few days ago. I've decided just to upload outfit posts depending on how I feel and which photos fit my mood. Even though it was a lovely day when I took these photos and they don't really reflect my sulky mood, I thought they'd be nice to put up. It's a nice break from American History essay research too. Although to be honest, I've spent the last few hours browsing online shops and refreshing facebook.

I hate sundays.

I decided not to edit these too much to save time and also because it was such a lovely light day anyway.

The top is actually a dress my mum gave me because it wasn't right for her, but I've never liked the fit as a dress. It works great as a top though!!

Dress/top: Next, Skirt: H&M, Belt: New Look, Leather jacket: H&M, Necklace: Primark, Boots: Vintage

I'd better go carry on learning about the impact of the atom bomb on American culture now!!

Charlotte xxx

I think I'm in love...

Or is it cuter as a dress?

I absolutely love pineapple. I eat it nearly every day.

This little playsuit would be perfect for me with a denim jacket and boots, or gladiator sandals for summer.

I'm getting very excited about my birthday now (9 days of being a teenager left!!) and I'm actually looking forward to working 20 hours a week again for a few weeks over Easter so I can buy little beauties like this!!

I really want a little floral playsuit. In fact, I might do a post on some of my favourite playsuit.

Isn't this fabulous too?

Are fruits the new florals?

Charlotte xxx

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Five Jackets You Need for Spring

Well, we're finally moving out of cold, snowy winter and into a sort of gloomy, rainy march, and while the weather is still a bit nippy, our jumpers and winter coats are starting to look bulky and we're itching to move into our new Spring/Summer wardrobe. But hang on there, it's not quite the weather for frolicking in our summer dresses just yet. Well, at least not without a fabulous jacket.

Jackets are one of my biggest weaknesses. I love how a great jacket can really complete an outfit. But at the same time, the wrong one can just ruin it. And today has been an especially rainy saturday, and like a stubborn child I refuse to wear my big winter coat now it's almost April.

So here is my run down of the five (ish) jackets I think everyone needs to own for Spring. I don't necessarily thing you need every single one, but one of two should cover you for the new few months of drab grey and rain.

Classic Leather Jacket

What? Every girl should own a leather jacket. The one above is from Forever 21, and I picked it because it is quite a lot like mine!! A simple, leather biker jacket is one of the most versatile jackets you can buy. I've found a cropped one is much easier to wear, especially if you want to wear it with high waisted skirts and dresses, but you can easily find the perfect leather jacket anywhere.

Pay attention to zips and studded details which add a unique edge.

Price? Obviously, real leather is much better quality, softer, and will last much longer, but naturally, a real leather jacket will be much more expensive than its fake counterpart. Go real for an investment, but don't snub high street equivalent. Mine is from H&M, but even Primark have some nice ones.

Why? A leather jacket gives instant bad-girl edge to any outfit. Try with tonnes of black eyeliner or a smudge of red lipstick

Trench Coat

What? I personally love this bright, bold blue trench, but a trench coat should be something you know will go with the rest of your wardrobe. Neutrals like classic beige, black, and navy will always look fabulous and flattering, but bright blues, pinks and greens will look amazing when you want to stand out from the crowd!!

Pay attention to fit and length. Trench coats can be one of the most flattering coats you can buy, so make sure it has a great fit. Length is also important; do you want to wear it over dresses? If so tend towards a longer one, if you want it for over jeans or skirts, maybe consider a cute short one.

Price? Expect to pay what you would usually pay for a good quality coat. Quality is important, but perhaps not as important as your winter coat which will need to be mega-durable. Mine was £80 from TopShop last year and is a gorgeous navy, which I love for wearing with my summery bright dresses, but it also makes a great statement with black. I would say prices will be from about £30 for decent quality, but you can probably pick one up cheaper than that on the high street.

Why? Because a trench coat is the perfect balance between sexy and cool. It's ultimately effortless. And if you need any more persuading, check out Burberry's Art of the Trench campaign!!

Chic Blazer

What? Blazers have been everywhere the past few seasons, and come in many different forms; boyfriend, shrunken, fitted... and colours; grey, black, navy, brights... the possibilities are endless!! I have to admit, I've never been the right shape or size to pull off the oversized-blazer look, so mine are always the cute fitted type. In fact, all of mine have been suit jackets borrowed from my mum!!

Pay attention to shape, size, fit and colour. Blazers are always in in some shape or form, but style can vary. Find one that best suits you. Grey is always effortlessly chic, but black is classic. Bright and patterns are great; floral blazers are a fabulous trend for Spring/Summer 2010.

Price: Blazers are everywhere at the moment, but naturally the more you pay the better the fit and tailoring will be. It could be worth considering getting one altered for a better fit. Check out workwear sections or even the men's section for a great boyfriend fit.

Why? The sexy secretary look never goes out of style.

Cool Denim

What? As I mentioned in my last post, I never thought I'd find myself wanting a denim jacket again, but here I am!! Denim jackets are effortlessly cool and casual. They look fabulous with a floral dress for spring and can be found in some many styles, colours and shapes.

Pay attention to where you wear it. Denim jackets give instant 'dressed down chic' so don't wear one to anything too formal. Again with leather, they come in loads of styles so pay attention to great details. They should look thrown on, so fit isn't as important.

Price? Check out vintage and charity shops, and your mum or auntie's wardrobe for real vintage denim. Denim jackets are absolutely everywhere right now so you should manage to bag a bargain!!

Why? For ultimate thrown-on chic.

Military Babe

What? The military trend is going nowhere. Sophisticated and trendy, a great military jacket will always stand out and look incredibly on-trend.

Pay attention to fabulous buttons, details and colour!! Black, navy or khaki are the obvious choices, but what about a Cheryl-esque red?

Price? Mine, personally, was from Primark for £22, and I also have a military style cardigan from H&M that was a mere £18- bargain!! Boohoo have a fabulous selection for under £30 too. As great as this trend is, it is going to come and go so don't invest too much as it may not leave the back of your wardrobe next summer...

Why? Who doesn't want something to make them feel up to Cheryl's standards of style?

What do you think? What are your favourite jackets for the next few miserable months? I struggled to pick 5; fur coats and gilets, capes and waistcoats have also been everywhere the last few months.

Do you agree with my list?

Drop me a comment!!

Charlotte xxx

Monday, 15 March 2010

my birthday list

In just over two weeks I am going to be *gulp* twenty years old. Which means I can no longer pull teenage strops, sulk, or act like a kid. Well, that will probably never happen, but presents most probably will!!

I absolutely love my birthday. Even though it is right at the end of march, I start getting excited as soon as February is over. I’m such an attention seeker anyway; I love having my own day. And hey, a girl only gets one a year!!

These are the main things on my birthday list this year…


I love my little mini, bendy tripod but it can be an absolute nightmare, so I'm hoping a stand-alone tripod will make taking regular photos much easier. Trying to find something suitable to clip my bendy one too and keeping it still is an absolute bloody nightmare!!

Nude Shoes

I am yet to find a pair exactly like the ones I have in my head, but these are pretty similar!!

Style Books

I seem to have dozens of fashion and style books on my Amazon wishlist, but can a girl ever really have enough? I love reading and I love buying books; I'd much rather read something physical than on the internet. This one comes highly recommended, and who knows style better than Rachel Zoe?

Denim Jacket

I have to admit, I never, ever thought I'd myself asking for a denim jacket for my birthday past about 1999, but they're back with a vengeance!! I love that they're so easy and casual, but I'm slightly frustrated that neither my mum not I have one left from the 90s!! I will definitely be wearing this over floral dresses come April. Double denim is yet to convince me yet. I am still scarred by Britney and K Fed. *shudder*

Skull Candy Headphones

These bright pink babies have been my trademark since I was in college, but they finally decided to give up hope on me during a particularly long and seat-less journey from home back to uni. I love them. They're so comfy and I have never been able to use in-ear headphones since!!

1001 Books to Read Before You Die

I am a self confessed book obsessive. If I had the time and the money, I would just spend my life buying and reading books. Nothing beats that feeling when you bring home a new book. After I finish my degree I'm hoping to do 52 Books in 52 Weeks (which is nothing compared to the amount of reading I do for my degree!!) so I'm hoping this will be a great source of inspiration!!

With the dance show finally, and sadly over, I am back in the real world of catching up on reading and writing essays, so hopefully I'll get some chance to update my blog more over the next few weeks, and then I hope lots over the Easter break. I'm also hoping to get nagging lots of companies for journalism and fashion experience over the break too!! I have some work experience with a fashion company for two weeks though, I'm on the reserves list for Look Magazine for over summer, and I just emailed about an internship that sounds absolutely perfect for me!!

Fingers crossed; I hope you all had a lovely weekend!!

Charlotte xxx

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

British Style.

Despite my post on my excitement about going for my year studying in America, I am fiercely proud of being British. Fiercely. More than this I am fiercely proud of being Northern, but that’s a totally different matter…

Being British means a lot of different things for different people. I’m always fascinated to find out what people consider “British”; whether that be customs, culture, style or fashion.

I take being British for granted. I have to admit, there are a lot of stylish people in every city, not just London!! Although there are a lot of people who prefer to show off sportswear and baby bumps, I do think we take style quite seriously in this country. I’m always disappointed to see some of the Street Style on College Fashion because I always thing “I know loads of girls with more style than that!!” Maybe it’s because I’m a student, but when I’m walking round campus I see loads of gorgeously dressed young people who just have something. Though I am a shopaholic I do honestly believe you can’t buy style, but there is something that stylish people have.

But what is British style? I don’t think I really appreciated it as being different from any other style until I read this post on college fashion, which pointed out all of the things that I simply take for granted living in the UK and being British. I’d always planned on keeping a year abroad blog of fashion and lifestyle on my year abroad and now I’m even more intrigued to look at differences that extend beyond the lacking on Cadbury’s chocolate and people not knowing what I mean by a car boot.

So I got to thinking, what defines British style? What makes it different from other style around the world?

Coleen at College Fashion says “many of the students I have seen abroad have mastered the “just-rolled-out-of-bed-looking-fabulous” style” and I think that is a fairly accurate description of British style in terms of me and many people I know at University. Smudgey eyeliner, messy hair, a streak of bright lipstick. If Kate Moss is the epitome of British style, then she is definitely the forerunner of this style. I also think an outfit should look like you haven’t tried too hard. British style is sophisticated and pulled together, but it also shouldn’t look like you’ve tried too hard.

Here in the UK we are influenced heavily by our climate. For those of you who have never been to Britain we have a moderate climate and by that I mean it’s blimmin’ chilly!! From about September to November you need some kind of jacket and from December until early March you definitely need a good winter coat. Keeping warm and remaining stylish is definitely a priority over here. Scarves are a key accessory, and you can’t go wrong with a great pair of leather gloves.

Another staple that I took for granted as a staple around the world are tights. Especially black opaques. From September to June I wear black opaque tights nearly every single day. With skirts, with shorts, with dresses…with everything!! On the other days, jeans are a huge deal over here. Classic blue are indigo are always popular, but black, grey and even white in the summer are always great. Skinny jeans are still the most popular style.

The Times Online made a great list of 50 things every British girl should own which I think is fab and totally true!! High heels, pearls, a great little tea dress and a leather jacket all made the list.

Much of British Style is influenced by the amazing street style we have had in this country; from mods to punks to hippies to the influence of classic vintage pieces. I think most British girls are interested in fashion, and fashion can be seen in many different ways. Even when watching America’s Next Top Model I find myself thinking that a lot of the models don’t look too stylish on their off-days. So I started to think, maybe fashion is a bigger thing over here?

But then my housemate pointed out to me that our amazing British High Street is in fact a very British thing. And this terrified me. I couldn’t live without my weekly dose of TopShop, River Island, New Look, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins and hey, even cheapo shops like Primark and Select. While I love to shop online, there is nothing quite like going into a beautiful shop and finding yourself overwhelmed with lust. We are so lucky in this country to have beautiful clothes and beautiful shops that aren’t just high end. I think that is one of the things I will definitely miss on my year abroad!!

So I have decided to start a sort of British Fashion focus in some of the pieces on my blog for the next few months. I will be doing a regular focus on pieces which I think epitomise the British wardrobe (think blazers, brogues, cardigans and ballet flats), why they are important and how to wear them. I will also be doing a sort of Campus Cool feature where I will be photographing and interviewing people I see around my beautiful campus who exude style.

So lots of exciting new things to come on GND fashion!!

Sorry it’s been such a long time without an update- come next week I will have lots of outfit posts to put up, and hopefully, some interviews on British style!!

Charlotte xxx