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I’m often criticised for wearing what people would consider ‘night outfits’ in the day time; dresses, skirts, pretty tops, heeled boots, a reasonable amount of makeup, and this had led me to wonder what the distinction is between what is considered suitable for day wear, and what people consider only being suitable for going out clubbing or partying.

But is there a difference, really?

I have to say, since becoming more interested in style and the clothes I put on my back, I have been wearing more clothes that I considered to be more evening attire in the day time. But what is wrong with that? Why shouldn’t I make as much of an effort in the day time as I would do in the evening? Dressing up in the day time makes me feel just as good as I do at night, and I don’t come home covered in snakebite!!

Carrie Bradshaw never went out in anything less than fabulous in the day time, and most of her outfits could easily translate from day to evening. Day wear can be just as fun as evening wear. Okay, there are a lot of things I would wear at night that I wouldn’t wear in the evening, but I think it is important to keep variety, and versatility in your wardrobe, particularly in the current economy when we can’t really afford to wear things only when we go out. I do think there are a few tips that are helpful in making evening wear suitable for day without looking completely over dressed…

  1. Consider your shoes

For me, the most basic difference between my day and night clothes is the inclusion of heels. I usually wear flats or boots in the evening, and then add heels at night. For me, this makes a huge difference. Heels make everything look instantly smarter, and flats and boots give a more casual edge.

2.Consider your jacket

Leather, denim and cardigans will instantly make an outfit look more casual and suitable for day time. Cover up more in the day and go all out at night!

3. Tights and socks

Although I often wear tights or socks on a night out, they generally make an outfit look more wearable. Black opaques will make that LBD look a little more translatable into day time, and bright coloured tights and socks always add a fun touch.

4. Makeup

Although I do wear a lot of makeup in the day time, I wear a bit more at night. Keep your makeup slightly more toned down in the day to avoid looking like a clown. Or a prostitute.

5. Layering

I love wearing a tshirt under a strapless evening dress, or layering a shirt over a smart dress. This also eliminates you looking, well, a bit slutty in the day time. Save cleavage and leg for the evening, and keep sophisticated in the day!!

What do you think? Should dresses be saved for the evening, and only casual wear worn in the day time? Or do you like to mix it up?

Let me know what you think!!

Charlotte xxx


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