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I have been a very, very lucky girl, and have been invited to become the final writer for student web-magazine-

Michael, who runs the site, has a vision of it 'to become the no.1 stop for students searching for fashion related content from a student perspective' .When I applied for the internship at College Fashion and said in my application I'd love to create a British version of College Fashion; and it would seem that this is it!!

I am very excited to start writing, and very grateful to Michael for giving me this opportunity. It open up a whole new world for me and fashion blogging, but it will mean that some things here at GNDF will change. I'm going to have a more personal approach to my blog here, and have more of my list and tips-based posts for SFB. Of course, I will still keep up a lot of the features here, but I'm going to try to have more outfit posts over here. I will link up all my posts from SFB here too :]]]

I promise to not put my posts at SFB above my posts on here. As excited as I am, this is my blog and I'm proud of it. But it is my first experience writing for an online magazine and it's very exciting!! At the moment I'm hoping to still update here every couple of days, and for the moment update on SFB once a week.

I'm very excited but nervous about the opportunity. Already the site is growing and has over 200 fans on facebook so I have a lot ot live up to!!

Do you have any features you would especially like me to write for SFB? Obviously it's more student-based and also more magazine based, so my outfit posts etc will stay here. I'd love to hear your feedback!!

I'll keep you updated!!

Charlotte xxx


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