Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Part Time Hiatus.

Okay, I know I said I wanted to go on hiatus during my exam period. And then I said I wasn't going to. Well, now I've sprung back again.

I really want to have time to update, but the truth is I have a complete different set of priorities when I'm at uni. At the moment I'm up at 7 every day to be in the library for half 8, 9am. I work all day, meet friends, go home, cook dinner for my housemates, some days I work at my bar (and now kitchen!!) job, some days I have dance classes, sometimes I have meetings, some nights I go out or stay in and watch Glee with my friends (yeah man.) but really, most days I come on the computer for about twenty minutes; check my various email accounts, check facebook and I'm off.

I'm not going to say I am revising 24/7, but in the day time that is what I mainly dedicate my time to. And even though I have loads of ideas for what I want to write on here, I can't justify spending the same amount of time I did over Easter writing this blog. I don't even really think I'll have time for any musings; but there have been a few on my mind. I dunno, I guess we'll just have to see.

I think I just find there's so much more to do here, and I'm not saying that this is the case all year round when I'm at uni. This is simply because I have exams. During regular term time I have loads of free time. But right now I feel guilty if I'm not doing something for my degree.

My exams finish on 28th May, and I have loads and loads of ideas and exciting opportunities coming up that I really want to tell you about. And God, I love this blog. I've gotten so much out of it and all the opportunities I've been offered are all a result of this blog.

But at the moment, I have to put my degree first.

Thank you for all your support. You're amazing.

Feel free to drop me any comments or emails while I'm not around.

I will try and update if and when I can, but I'm tempted just to say "no updates til after exams."

Ahh I dunno. We'll see how stressed out I am!!

Charlotte xxx

Saturday, 24 April 2010

home sweet home?

(that's my campus btw, isn't it PREEEEEETTY :DD)

So I'm back in Birmingham now. Home alone and feeling a bit lonely.

I hate having an hour or so to kill. I can never find anything to do that doesn't take up loads of time. I have work at 8.30 so I've got about 40 minutes before I have to leave.

Next door are having a BBQ and I have the back bedroom so I can see them from my desk, and I know they can see me which makes me a ittle uncomfortable.

Living in two places is weird. You never feel like you completely belong anywhere. Well, the last year or so I've realised how much I do belong in Birmingham. I'm so happy here, I have so many friends here. I love it. But I also feel like being home has meant I've missed out a bit. A lot of my friends have been back for a while now and I feel like I've missed loads of things they've been doing while I've been home. I have this major hatred and fear of being left out and forgotten about. It's something that haunted me with my up-and-coming year abroad. I'm scared everyone is going to move on without me.

I have enjoyed being home. I just miss my friends and my independence and hate being smothered. I hate that I feel so isolated. At uni my friends live in my house, or within 5 minutes walk. I can walk to the library or to the shops. I can be out and about and I love it. And home no-one lives that close.

I still have a lot of great friends at home, but I do miss my friends at uni when I'm home. I don't know, they're like my soul mates. We all have our home friends, but we all loved being together again.

I don't know, it's weird. I moaned so much in the second last to week for being home that I wanted to be back. I did. But I do like being at home. I do like being looked after and my mum buying me things. But I love my uni life. And it is that, a different life.

I think it all comes back to the fact I don't like change. I like being comfortable, I like planning, I like routine. And I don't like that being disrupted.

And I also like to have lots of friends in different places, but I hate being left out. And I've started to realise if you want to have lots of different friends you have to miss out sometimes. You have to spend equal time with all of them, and you have to prioritise.

I'm different people at home and at uni. It's just very odd.

In my first year I hated uni and lived to come home and see my boyfriend and family. Now I'm much more settled it's weird coming home. But I've grown up a lot this past year. But it doesn't make going away any less scary.

And I dunno, this is probably just because I'm alone and it's a bit weird and now my parents have left I miss them. I should probably go get ready for work soon. At least then I'll see people and my friends and my housemates are back tomorrow and everything will go back to normal :]]]

I'll try to update as much as I can now I'm back, but exams are my priority I'm afraid :[[[

Love you all :]]]

Charlotte xxx

Friday, 23 April 2010

truth be told I miss you, and truth to told I'm lying.

I'm really tired tonight so this won't be a very long or exciting post!! This outfit was a bit of a last resort outfit, after putting all my clothes to take back on my bed and then realising I hadn't decided what to wear today!! This was the kind of outfit I liked simply because it was minimal effort. It's the kinda thing I'd just wear to uni without having to think about it much. A lot of the outfits I post on here have involved a lot of thought and I don't really have time to do that every day. I liked this because it was easy but looked good :]]]

I'm not sure why this vest top look so baggy. Maybe it's been washed too many times :[[

I felt way 80s in this outfit but I really liked it :]]

I'm really getting excited to go back to Uni now. I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends and going back to work and getting all back into my nice routine!! But it's still a bit of a shock to be going back. I do like going back and being looked after but I do start to miss my independence!! Just a few weeks of exams and then I'm free!! Yay!!

Today has been spent revising and running errands. I finished the revision notes I wanted to get done, had lunch, got all my clothes and shoes out and then walked into Stockport. I stopped in a lovely little charity shop and saw a great Baseball style jacket for £6. Very first season GG Vanessa, but not really my style. I was very tempted though. I got a few bits in Stockport though; the black version of that white lace top from yesterday, sorted out the buckles on my gorgeous yellow Mary Janes, exchanged my duplicate Pandora charm for a gorgeous little converse shoe charm and couldn't resist the Top Shop sale, where I got a nude polka-dot cardigan, some grey woolly tights, a denim hair flower and some knee high nude socks :]]]

I also got my new glasses today!! They're gorgeous but very strong!! I am very, very sort sighted but they're taking some getting used to!!

vest top- top shop floral skirt (with belt)- river island denim jacket- new look pink flats- new look necklace- primark

That's all from me, and could be my last outfit post for a while. I don't know how crazy I'll be when I get back to uni, and I won't have time to update tomorrow. I'll try to still write my musings though, and I'll still be checking my email so still send me any emails or comments you want to send me.

Thank you for your amazing support. I'm so proud of this blog now, but it would be nothing without my readers. Thank you so much.

I'll be back soon :]]]




Oh god, I hate packing.

I really really hate packing.

You might have noticed, I have a lot of clothes.

In fact, a lot of everything!!

And every time I come home, more clothes that I haven't worn for ages become more appealing. I always end up with a lot more stuff coming back than went back!! And I don't have much wardrobe space at uni.

I have clothes in drawers, clothes in the bottom of my wardrobe , at the top of my wardrobe, clothes on the back of my door, clothes in an Ikea hanging storage...thing. Clothes everywhere. With shoes and bags under my bed.

And the worst thing is, I have a 40KG luggage allowance for my year in America. For a YEAR.


I'm never mastered, or wanting to master, that whole "capsule wardrobe" thing that Gok Wan goes on about. I mean, what's fun about that? I love clothes. I love dresses and skirts and tops and shorts and shoes and jackets and coats... I love clothes!!

Clothes are my addiction. And I argue it's much healthier for me than drink or drugs. Clothes make me happy. And not just the thrill of shopping. Opening my wardrobe to beautiful clothes, making wonderful outfits; that's what makes me happy.

A girl can never have too many clothes.

But right now I could do with some more storage space!!

Maybe you can have too many clothes...


Thursday, 22 April 2010

i'm a mountain that has been moved.

I saw this dress yesterday and instantly fell in love with it. I love the sticky out skirt and the gorgeous floral pattern and the edgy studded belt. And as I went to the till I saw this white lace top and just couldn't resist getting it for layering underneath!! I really want to get one in black as well; it'll be so nice for making my summery-and-a-bit-awkward strapless dresses easier to wear!!

Problem is, this is one of my favourite outfits ever, but I'm really not a fan of the shoot. My camera ran out of battery half way through, so there are no good pictures of me in the full outfit; which included my leather jacket for a bit of an edge. And yeah, meh. I'm getting bored of my usual poses and I really need to experiment with different shooting modes and places, but I just feel stuck in a rut a bit with my photography. Any advice would be amazing!!

Today has been a nice day again. I had my eyebrows done and then headed off to the library, did some work, went for a coffee and a sandwich and then back to work!! I'm looking forward to going back to uni but I am going to miss being home- but I'll probably get more work done!! I have work on Saturday night and I absolutely lovelovelove my job, and plus the place where I work has been all done up while I've been home for Easter and I can't wait to see it :]]] I also can't wait to see all my friends. I have so much fun at work. HI EMILY, FAYE, HANNAH AND HELEN :DD I also got an email today about whether I want to be trained as kitchen staff, which I definitely want to do and I'm very excited about it. I love the possibility to learn new things!!

Oooh my glasses have arrived- already!! I'm going to pick them up tomorrow. Maybe some glasses photos coming up?

I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do with this blog when I go back. The idea of putting it on hiatus really upsets me, and I wonder if I'll have loads of ideas while I'm not writing and then feel uninspired or unable to write down what I wanted to say when I get back. But outfit photos are a no-no. They take up way too much time. Time I don't have anymore. But what makes me sad is that I've really loved posting up my outfits every day. It's been such a wonderful challenge to wear something new and exciting every day and I've really loved it. And I love all your wonderful comments. I'm so proud of this blog. I really feel like I'm getting somewhere with it now. But at least if I stop doing outfit posts I can wear the same outfits over and over again!! I always feel the need to wear something new every day so I don't let you all down!!

Blogging though, I really love. I'm thinking of writing an article for my student newspaper on blogging but I'm not sure what angle to take yet. I'm excited though. I love writing for the Lifestyle section. It's so fun, and it's what made me decide I wanted to be a magazine writer, get into fashion and start a blog. I'd really really love the opportunity to be editor next year. I wanted to go for it this year, but they said it wasn't fair with me going away for a year, but to email them next year and they'll see what they can do and make sure they write me a recommendation to the new editors. Fingers crossed!! I'm going to keep writing next year though so the editors know how important it is to me and how much I want it. I have so many ideas for the section, and I know I could do it justice. It's such a passion for me.

Going away is frustrating though, because right now all I can think of is what I'm missing out on and what I'm leaving behind. There was a promotion available at work that I was desperate for and know I deserved, but I wasn't allowed to go for it on account of the fact I won't be there. There were three of us who really wanted it, and in my opinion deserved it, who weren't allowed to go for it. I mean, we might get a chance next year, but we might not. But it's very frustrating. Especially when some people who got the promotion, in my opinion, didn't deserve it as much as we did. But you have to learn from these experiences don't you? These things are there to try you. And I really hope the experiences I gain from my year abroad surpass being promoted or being a newspaper editor. And hey, you never know, I might get all three in the end.

dress (including belt)- pilot lace top- pilot boots- office flower hair clip- new look jewellery- topshop/ark/

I'm feeling a lot better about, well, the world today. I got a bit upset yesterday about the stressed of my year abroad and worried about work experience and whether I'll ever get a job. But today I got an email about writing an interview for a magazine, a real magazine, over summer. I'm so excited. I hope it all comes off. And I'm excited for the other opportunity I should be starting after exams. It's way out of my comfort zone, but such a challenge!!

I have another idea for a post tonight but I really should get back to work :[[ I'll see if I have time, if not I'll try to write it over weekend :]]]

Drops me lots of lovely comments, please :DD



Wednesday, 21 April 2010

your promises, they look likes lies

urrrgh I hate days when I hate ALL my outfit photos!! I hate it when I've worn an outfit all day and then I look at the photos and think, god I look awful!! And I've always loved this outfit, even though this top is way too short to wear as a dress. I wore it for my first date with someone who went on to mean a lot to me, and still does :]]]

I don't really feel like I looked like me today, but I kinda liked it. It's fun sometimes to kinda be someone else for the day. As anyone who knows me will know, black eyeliner in my crutch. But I was so insanely in love with this lip colour today that I decided to forego the eyeliner for the first time in years and just wear big red lips. I worked my outfit around my lipstick- does anyone else ever do that? Just me? It gave me an irresistible urge to pout though!!

striped top- dorothy perkins jacket- next belt- new look brogues- peacocks pearls- topshop necklaces- ark and

lipstick- rimmel- diva red

I kinda feel sort of Parisian Chic in this outfit. The stripes, the blazer, the brogues, the big red lips. Or someone who works in an office. Someone important!!

I've had a nice day again today. I went to the library this morning after taking my photos and did some work for a couple of hours. Then I went into Stockport and had a mooch and did a few errands and had some lunch before going back to the library to do some more work. And then I went to go see my Grandparents, which was really nice :]]] Ooh and I bought a dress!! I know, I'm naughty. But I couldn't resist!!

Oooh!! And I made a phonecall today about work experience, so I have all my fingers and toes crossed!! The lady I phoned it starting a magazine near me so I wasn't sure if she'd really want work experience people in but it all sounded quite positive so here's hoping!!

My eyes look ridiculously blue on these photos and I have no idea why!! Maybe it's the lack of eyeliner, maybe my skin is more pale than usual or maybe it's the lipstick!!

Sorry today's post hasn't been amazingly fascinating!!

Revision calls!! Let me know what you think, do you like the red lipstick? Or should I stick to my day job, eg. black eyeliner and neutral lips?

Hit me up :]]]

Charlotte xxx

Why I love geeks.

First of all, two words; Seth. Cohen. My absolute dream man. You see, I love geeks. Because what is a geek really? A guy with a passion. And who doesn't have passionate listed on their dream man list? He could be passionate about science, computers, music or (my personal favourite) literature, but the fact is he's interesting, he's passionate, and he's found something that he loves. And what is bad about that?

I've always had a thing for geeks. I love intelligent men. I love a man I can have a passionate and interesting discussion with, and who can show me that he really cares about something. It also helps that I love tall, skinny guys; I also love glasses, or curly dark hair, or any other adorable attributes. Geeks are usually the good guys. Usually. They're usually the guys who got picked on at school because they worked hard and probably weren't good at sport. They're usually the guys who have a lot of female friends and are generally the nice guys. These aren't the bad boys with tattoos and a motorbike. They're the guys who get good grades, are passionate and caring, and are probably really close to their Mums'. And for me, being close to their Mum means much more to me than a guy who would describe himelf as a 'playa.'

I think it stems from the fact that I am a geek myself. And damn proud of it. To be totally honest, I'm pretty boring. I like books and reading and writing, emo music and literary discussion. I was never really popular in school. I preferred to get on with my work. I was a bit of a loser really, and the truth is, I still am. I still love reading, spending time with my parents and early nights. But I am passionate about things that I love; whether that's authors and books, films or bands that I adore. I'm always excited about stupid little things, and I'm always obsessed with something. I have never been cool.

I love a guy doing an interesting degree, and something that he loves. Passion is exciting. To hear someone wax lyrical about something they love is completely inspiring. And being with someone passionate and exciting about something allows me to show the side of me that loves literary debate and discussion. I love guys who are sensitive. I love a guy who isn't ashamed to show some emotion. And a guy who actually still believes romance is alive and kicking.

Okay, this isn't always the case. But I love a nice guy. I've never had a thing for bad boys. I like a guy who I can take home to my mum, and a guy who can chat to my Dad. I like a guy with something between the ears. Intelligence is much sexier than nice hair and a pretty smile. I've always been a good girl, a nice girl. I'm forever told I'm the girl guys want to marry. And for a while I considered that to be a bad thing, how many guys have you said that you couldn't date but you would love to marry one day? I've always found it frustrating thatI was that girl that was too nice to go out with, but told I would make a great wife. But I've started to see it as a positive thing. There's nothing wrong with being smart and nice.

So to all the geeky boys out there, where are you? You're the reason I sit in coffee shops peeking over my book, and look round hopefully whenever I go to the library. Just hoping that maybe, just maybe, there's a kindred spirit out there just as nice and geeky as me.

Bad boys need not apply.

Charlotte xxx

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

How do people react to you being a style blogger?

I was thinking about this yesterday on my walk to the library.

Some days, I really feel like a fashion blogger. I'm not sure what that feeling is. A pride in what I'm wearing maybe. A well put together outfit. My fur coat in itself, generally triggers this feeling.

But I've never really sure how other people react to be being a blogger. I've gotten really really into blogging recently. I am inspired constantly; I have a list of ideas that I simply haven't had the time to get into words yet. I pick my outfits carefully every day and take some time out to update most days. I finally feel comfortable enough to refer to myself as a blogger.

But obviously, this is a new identity for me. And I do often find myself feeling a little uncomfortable telling people I'm into fashion, I'm a blogger and that I would like to be a magazine journalist.

I feel like there's a certain 'type' that I need to fit into when I say these things. I feel that people expect me to look impossibly stylish at all times, dress head to to in designer labels, judge people on their clothing and wear things totally 'out there.' I feel like people expect to judge me on my outfits, and expect me to make a huge impact with every outfit.

This scares me a bit. To be honest, I know a bit about fashion, but I know much more about style. I read Glamour and Company and other magazines with an emphasis on the high street. I have never actually bought a copy of Vogue. I'm learning, but I have never studied fashion, and I'm learning slowly at a rate I find comfortable. I'm starting to recognise certain designer quirks, and get more into understanding designers and their clothes, but really, my focus is on the every man. For example, the reason I chose the name of this blog; I'm just another girl who likes shopping, has a bit of an interest in fashion and wants to learn more about it. I'm a student on a limited budget from what I earn on from my simple supermarket and bar jobs. I am the girl next door. I have no fashion training, or any authority on fashion. I just like having fun with my style and exploring fashion.

I also worry that people will change their opinions of me as a person when they find out I'm into fashion. I recently had a bit of a fight with someone who means one heck of a lot to me because of a joke, in which I misunderstood, which I took to insinuate that he thought my interest in fashion was shallow and conceited.

And that is what I worry about. That people think fashion equals being shallow and self centred. I worry people think I'm judgemental. I worry people think I will become obsessed with how I, and other people look.

Yes, I've seen The Devil Wears Prada about a dozen times, and yes, that side of fashion terrifies me. I don't want to be one of those girls.  I just want to enjoy my interest in fashion. I want to write for a magazine one day, but not necessarily a fashion centred magazine. My dream is to write for Glamour. I'm actually more interested in the lifestyle and writing side of it.

I've never wanted to work at Vogue. I'm just a regular girl who likes to shop and read magazines, and one day dreams of a journalist. For people who already know me, being a style blogger hasn't changed who I am. And those who don't, I'm just an ordinary girl, trying to achieve a dream.

But there are times when I defend my outfit choices in my head with "but I'm a fashion blogger!!", but I know in reality this means nothing. Walking round Selfridges today in my cheap high street outfit I felt very small and inadequate. Being a fashion blogger doesn't come with a tattoo across your forehead. In those kinds of situations I feel the need to defend my choices, in my head of course. I probably could buy something designer, but I'd never be able to condone it. I'm a student on a student budget, and while I have two jobs I don't have very much of an income coming in. I'd love to be able to dress designer in the future.

So, what do you think? Do people react differently to you when they find out you're a blogger, or interested in fashion? Do you worry what people think? Would your opinion of someone change if you found out they were into fashion or blogger? Do you consider fashion to be conceited and unnecessary?

While I know that my future won't result in saving lives or changing the world, I like to think that through fashion I can help people to feel more confident in themselves. I hope I can help women to feel good, and feel that they are not alone. I want to write about issues concerning women and our issues, not simply fashion. I don't think fashion is life or death, but I do think the right dress or a great pair of shoes can really impact on women's confidence. And confidence is a rare and important gift.

Charlotte xxx

i used to know the name of every person I kissed

The fairly observant of you will notice that this is the exact same outfit as the one I wore last week, but with a different colour skirt. In my defence, it wasn't meant to be. I'd planned to wear this top and skirt with my new check shirt but it didn't really work, so I thought I'd just throw a waistcoat over it and my lovely lace up boots :]]

Today my mum and I went shopping for a dress for my Auntie's wedding in July, because I'm not really going to be home now properly until a week before the wedding, so we thought we'd better get it all sorted now. Formal dress shopping is a nightmare!! Everything was either a bit too long, or the wrong colour, or the wrong shape, or just didn't really stand out. I eventually went for a pink one-shoulder number (funnily enough, the first dress I picked up!!), which is quite simple, but lovely. I can't actually find a link to it though!! I'm not too sure yet if it's "the one", but I'm planning on wearing it with bright blue shoes and a bright blue clutch, and maybe silver jewellery. I tried on a few other dresses that I liked but I think this one was the nicest!!

We went into Selfridges, which I loved. All the designer clothes were just magical; I barely wanted to touch them in case I damaged them in any way!! Everything was so beautiful. I felt a bit embarrassed in my primark top and H&M skirt!!

striped top- primark waistcoat- vintage skirt- H&M boots- xavi pearls- topshop floral hair clip- new look treble clef necklace- ark name necklace- belt- new look

I didn't really buy much else other than some vest tops, some nude and lace socks and a couple of belts (I got a new black one cause this one is clearly falling apart!!) but I had a really lovely day with my Mum, and we had a gorgeous lunch in Giraffe :]]] oh and I got a great bright red lipstick which I can't wait to wear tomorrow :]]]

I've got loads of ideas to write on now, so I really need to get cracking with them before I go back to uni. I really, really don't want to put this blog on hiatus, but I don't really know what to do yet.

You'll be the first to know though :]]]

Do you like today's outfit? Do you prefer it to the black skirt? Let me know if you have any comments or questions :]]]

Charlotte xxx

edit: I also got new glasses today!! well, i picked them. I won't get them for another few weeks yet, but they're pink miu miu ones!! yay!!

Monday, 19 April 2010

My photo is up!!


fingers crossed!!

the quality of the photo isn't great and you can't see my outfit as well as I would like so I'm not going to get my hopes up ://


Inamorati Anonymous

'An inamorati is someone in love. That's the worst addiction of all'

- Thomas Pynchon- The Crying of Lot 49

I've had a really lovely day today. Nothing exciting at all; I walked to the library (thank you, Dad, for telling me to wear my coat!!) and did some work for a few hours (Pychon, funnily enough, if you couldn't guess from the title), my iPod played a plethora of fantastic songs for my walk down. And then I went for a a magazine (Company, as it had Taylor Momsen on the cover) and then thought I'd just have a look in the charity shop a few doors down. It wasn't my first time in a charity shop, but I just fail miserably at charity shopping. But this time I saw a gorgeous TopShop (get this!!) CHECK SHIRT!! It was a gorgeous purple check, and even though a size too small I thought for £2.95 it was a total bargain and I couldn't pass it up!! Then I went for a lovely skinny vanilla latte (my drink of choice) and went back to finish my revision :]]]

So after yesterday's post on check shirts I was determined to wear one of mine in a new way. I bought these shorts a few weeks ago and have been desperate to wear them. Unfortunately it was definitely too cold for bare legs today (plus, my legs are streak-tastic with fake tan that really need scrubbing off!!), so I thought I'd go with the standard tights and lace up boots. I put the flower in my hair too because I absolutely love it and I wanted a bit of a juxtaposition with the hardness of the tights and boots. I wanted to keep it girly.

I started out with it just tucked up, cause I was going to just wear my leather jacket over the top and I have a total hatred for wearing open shirts or jackets under a shorter jacket so they hang out at the sides. gah I absolutely hate it. And cause my leather jacket is short I didn't want it to be hanging out of the sides. I ended up wearing my fur coat though cause it was freezing!!

I then decided to play about with it and have a go at the thrown-on jacket like style I was talking about yesterday, and I really really love this casual look. It's just the right mix of thrown-on but put together.

check shirt- new look light wash denim shorts- miss selfridge I love NY top- gift from New York, flower clip- new look pearls- topshop treble clef necklace- ark boots- xavi

I love this shirt. You all know what an Americanophile I am, and New York is my dream. I've never even been, but it's my favourite city in the world. I'd love to live there one day. This was the one thing I asked for when my parents last went to New York and it's so worn it's all shrunk now!! But I love it so much :]]]

I then decided to go for a big of a Daisy Duke look, which I really really like!! I love the crop tops that have been in recently, but I would never ever have the guts to wear one without something underneath!! But I think this is a really cute, understated look. I've felt like I've looked really good today. This outfit is so simple, but so lovely at the same time. I'm so glad I've finally been inspired to wear my check shirts in a new way :]]]

Oh and just before I go, I read this article yesterday and it made me very happy!! Like most women, I hate my thighs and they're the one area that I can never seem to sort out. But this article was really inspiring and really made me smile. I mean, my thighs are perfect but they're real. And my hatred of my thighs has never, ever stopped me from indulging in my love of mini shorts and skirts. I've never found stick thin thighs to be attractive, and it's nice to hear that most men don't either!!

What do you think? Are thighs back in?

Let me know what you think of this, and my outfit, and anything else you might want to talk about!!

Have a lovely day :]]]

Charlotte xxx

Ask me anything.

I was intrigued by the concept of formspring, and I now have an account, here.

Ask me a question. Distract me from my revision :]]]

If you have any queries, complaints or ideas though, email me @

I'd love to dish out some style advice!!

Have a fabulous Monday- I'm off t' library :]]]


Sunday, 18 April 2010

My style...

in three easy steps here.

One of my favourite posts ever at college fashion. So inspired.


the humble check shirt.

Hands up who doesn't own a check shirt?

Today there is not outfit post because my outfit was minimal effort. Check shirt, high waisted shorts, tights.

I have a slight hatred for the check shirt. For me, it's lazy. It's too simple. For me, it's a bit too 'throw on and go.' There doesn't seem to be much of a challenge.

I was the first person I knew to get a check shirt. I'd been bought a Top Shop stylist day for my Mum, and we went on my 18th birthday. The girl was gorgeous and fabulous, and was the first person to present me with high waisted shorts and a check shirt, or two.

At first I loved it; tucked into shorts, or thrown over jeans. I loved it for precisely the reasons I'm started to fall out of love with it now. It was so easy.

Maybe I've just lost the ability to pull it off. Or maybe I just miss the exciting new-ness of a new trend. Now you can't go out without walking into an army of check shirted girls and boys. They are standard attire for everything. And why? They're no more exciting than a striped or plain shirt, but they would be sacrilegious against the name of the check shirt.

Maybe I can't *quite* pull it off. I admit, I've never managed to pull one off with jeans or leggings. I can't just throw it on; I feel the need to tuck it in.

Or maybe I just hate looking like everyone else?

I have three check shirts. One giant Top Shop one in blue and white; gorgeously huge and summery, the generic black and white check, and a more bluey and red one. None of them really inspire me. My black one is just a bit big to throw on without looking like I've been sleeping in the streets, and the big blue one doesn't have any buttons, so has to be tucked in to avoid looking about 20 stone.

Maybe I need to go back to tucking in. And try something new. Today I really wanted to imitate the fabulous Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky, but I just couldn't it right. My shirt was too baggy, my skirt too tight.

She just has a way with check shirts, maybe I should use her as my inspiration to become, once again inspired by the check shirt.

Maybe I need a tartan one...

Right, okay, my next fashion challenge is to find some new ways of wearing my check shirts!! That is my goal. Elizabeth is so inspiring and one of my absolute favourite bloggers. If you haven't checked her blog out, you really should!! She is incredibly gorgeous and her style is so, so inspiring.

I love the look of a check shirt thrown over like a jacket- two of mine are too big to really work like that, but my smaller one might be okay. And I love the look with a leather skirt!! I've tried the high waisted skirt, like in the first picture, before, but I could try again. I think I need to play around with mixing prints and colours.

A few google searches found me some help here, here, here, here and here have given me some inspiration, so finger's crossed!! It's nice to have a fun challenge to give my wardrobe a new lease of life!!

I do think perhaps I need to look for a new one. I love real tartan-looking prints, and I'd love one that could double up as a light jacket for spring and summer.

I hope this has inspired you if you're stuck in a rut with checks like me!!

Back to the revision :[[[

Charlotte xxx