Inamorati Anonymous

'An inamorati is someone in love. That's the worst addiction of all'

- Thomas Pynchon- The Crying of Lot 49

I've had a really lovely day today. Nothing exciting at all; I walked to the library (thank you, Dad, for telling me to wear my coat!!) and did some work for a few hours (Pychon, funnily enough, if you couldn't guess from the title), my iPod played a plethora of fantastic songs for my walk down. And then I went for a a magazine (Company, as it had Taylor Momsen on the cover) and then thought I'd just have a look in the charity shop a few doors down. It wasn't my first time in a charity shop, but I just fail miserably at charity shopping. But this time I saw a gorgeous TopShop (get this!!) CHECK SHIRT!! It was a gorgeous purple check, and even though a size too small I thought for £2.95 it was a total bargain and I couldn't pass it up!! Then I went for a lovely skinny vanilla latte (my drink of choice) and went back to finish my revision :]]]

So after yesterday's post on check shirts I was determined to wear one of mine in a new way. I bought these shorts a few weeks ago and have been desperate to wear them. Unfortunately it was definitely too cold for bare legs today (plus, my legs are streak-tastic with fake tan that really need scrubbing off!!), so I thought I'd go with the standard tights and lace up boots. I put the flower in my hair too because I absolutely love it and I wanted a bit of a juxtaposition with the hardness of the tights and boots. I wanted to keep it girly.

I started out with it just tucked up, cause I was going to just wear my leather jacket over the top and I have a total hatred for wearing open shirts or jackets under a shorter jacket so they hang out at the sides. gah I absolutely hate it. And cause my leather jacket is short I didn't want it to be hanging out of the sides. I ended up wearing my fur coat though cause it was freezing!!

I then decided to play about with it and have a go at the thrown-on jacket like style I was talking about yesterday, and I really really love this casual look. It's just the right mix of thrown-on but put together.

check shirt- new look light wash denim shorts- miss selfridge I love NY top- gift from New York, flower clip- new look pearls- topshop treble clef necklace- ark boots- xavi

I love this shirt. You all know what an Americanophile I am, and New York is my dream. I've never even been, but it's my favourite city in the world. I'd love to live there one day. This was the one thing I asked for when my parents last went to New York and it's so worn it's all shrunk now!! But I love it so much :]]]

I then decided to go for a big of a Daisy Duke look, which I really really like!! I love the crop tops that have been in recently, but I would never ever have the guts to wear one without something underneath!! But I think this is a really cute, understated look. I've felt like I've looked really good today. This outfit is so simple, but so lovely at the same time. I'm so glad I've finally been inspired to wear my check shirts in a new way :]]]

Oh and just before I go, I read this article yesterday and it made me very happy!! Like most women, I hate my thighs and they're the one area that I can never seem to sort out. But this article was really inspiring and really made me smile. I mean, my thighs are perfect but they're real. And my hatred of my thighs has never, ever stopped me from indulging in my love of mini shorts and skirts. I've never found stick thin thighs to be attractive, and it's nice to hear that most men don't either!!

What do you think? Are thighs back in?

Let me know what you think of this, and my outfit, and anything else you might want to talk about!!

Have a lovely day :]]]

Charlotte xxx


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