a day in the park.

Well, Happy Easter to all of you!! Today we decided to go for a walk in the park, take some photos and go see the alpacas :]]] Heaton Park in Manchester is lovely, such a lovely park. It was a nice day, but probably not quite warm enough for the way I was dressed!!

I really wanted to wear the lace body I showed in my post a few days ago with this skirt, but it doesn't quite fit, so I'm going to exchange it tomorrow or order a new one from the Top Shop website. I ordered this top a few weeks ago from New Look and it's so simple but gorgeous.

I realised how much I really miss editing photos, so these are edited using GIMP. I'd give anything for photoshop, I used to be so good with it, but I've never been able to get hold of it for my laptop. I'm hoping to beg, borrow or steal for a copy.

It was nice to finally be able to eat chocolate today after giving it up for lent!! Like most people, I indulged a bit this morning but it's going to be hard to resist with all that chocolate in the house!!

Top: New Look Skirt: New Look Jacket: Miss Selfridge Boots: Vintage

My dad took these photos today so I didn't get much chance to play around with my tripod. I'm definitely going to be taking it outside this week though to take more photos. I'm not in work until Friday now- yay!!

I got quite excited today because I looked around and thought, wow, England really is beautiful. But I'm excited because Minnesota is supposed to be just as beautiful. I can't believe I'll be leaving in just over 4 months!!

I'm getting a bit down now about the new few months though. Essays, exams, organising stuff for my year abroad... it's all quite intimidating. I only have 4 exams and one essay, but I have loads of reading to do to prepare for them. My course involves a lot of reading so I have a lot of re-reading and revising to do before my exams start. I'm already nervous and I need to start getting motivated. Which involves cutting down my hours spent on the internet, browsing blogs and facebook!!

Talking of which, I've found loads of fantastic new blogs this week which I will write about soon. I've been really inspired this week so I think I'll do a post tomorrow about all the beautiful things that have inspired me this week!!

And oh, look what happened today though!!

I'm hoping that I can glue them or I might have to get a new pair!! My first vintage item of clothing too!!

Have a lovely day, don't eat too much chocolate!!

Charlotte xxx


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