10 'I can'ts'

There will be an outfit post later, but I've decided to do it after I've had my hair cut and coloured. Yay!! Plus I really need to work on my essay today so I can start my revision. Yay...

I was thinking about writing a few lifetyle-esque lists, cause I've had quite a nice response from my last few lists, and I thought it would be fun. And I thought a list of things I can't do could stimulate some debate and could be quite fun. So here we go :]]]

1. I can’t… stand being tired

I like my sleep, okay? I’m such an ‘early to bed, early to rise’ kinda person. Which isn’t that great when you work a bar job until 4am. I usually find that I’ve gotten up at 8am so when I get in from work I’ve been up for 20 hours. I hate sleeping into the day but I don’t get much of a choice after a day shift. And I love do love going out. I’ve gotten through many a long Friday after getting in at 4 and getting up at 8. But generally, I like my sleep. Being tired makes me moody, grouchy and generally down. Not a happy charlotte.

2. I can’t… eat without tomato ketchup

I’m a big kid. I eat ketchup with everything. My excuse is that I like very strongly flavoured food and I find most foods just don’t taste strongly enough… of tomato!! And only Heinz!!

3. I can’t… give up on my dreams. For anyone.

This is a difficult one for me. Like I said a few posts ago, I really do want to fall in love again, but I also want to follow my dreams, and I worry sometimes that they’re mutually exclusive. I have a year in America and then when I finish my degree I want to move to London or Cardiff to do my masters and then… who knows? Move to New York?

4. I can’t… imagine ever cheating

I am fiercely loyal, and when I’m with someone, they are my absolute world. I’m a little obsessive, I admit, but I’m also passionate. When I’m with someone they’re all I think about. And I’ve been cheated on enough times, I know the heartbreak it causes. I could never do that to someone. Even if it’s not ‘strictly cheating’; for example, when you’re just seeing someone and someone else asks you out for a drink. I couldn’t even do that. I’m a one guy girl I’m afraid!!

5. I can’t… ever be cool

I was never cool as school, or ever. I’ve always been a bit geeky, a bit awkward sometimes, and a bit childish. I’ve always had a close group of friends (often geeky and childish like I am!!), but I’ve never really been cool. I often say I look much cooler than I am. People think because I have pink hair I must be really cool. I’m not.

6. I can’t… leave the house without makeup

Not even to get milk. Yes, I have issues.

7. I can’t… stop biting my nails

I’ve been biting my nails forever. Forever. I was doing really well at New Year, and then I just got back into it!! I’d love to be able to stop but I can’t!!

8. I can’t… help wondering, and worrying about the future

I worry a lot. About everything. And I can’t help worrying I might die alone. With a lot of cats. Or never get a job out of uni and end up working full time in Asda. And never leave Stockport… you see, it spirals.

9. I can’t… start a fight

I’m often told I’m ‘too nice’. Fairly true. I won’t start any kind of argument, no matter how much someone upsets me. I’ll just bitch and moan. And smile and pretend it’s fine.

10. I can’t… afford to buy anything designer

I’m a proper high street girl. I like quantity over quality, I’m afraid!!

What can't you do? Are you proud of it? What do you wish you could do that you feel you can't? Drop me a comment!!

Charlotte xxx


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