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edit: i wrote this post yesterday morning but didn't have time to post it. ergo, it's not all relevant for right now, but i'm going to post it anyway :]]]

okay, so I'm a bit sulky today. for several reasons. firstly, because i hate my birthday being over!! seriously, i'm such a child!! I've had an amazing few days and I'm sad that it's all over and I have to go back to the real world now. And I'm also a bit down cause I'm going back to work today and I have a horribly long shift.

my job really isn't that bad. i work in Asda making pizza. I do quite enjoy it. The people are lovely and I get to work with the public which I do love, but I find it all very restrictive. I have a hideous uniform (think bright green tabbard, hair net, oh and a green trilby hat) and obviously because I work with food there are some restriction. No jewellery or watches (later, pandora bracelet :[[),my hair has to be tied back, including my fringe and I can't wear nail varnish. Which I hate. After one shift I met up with my housemate who said she didn't recognise me without my nails painted. It makes me sad because I have two big long shifts the next two days and it means I can't wear what I want until saturday, and I am so inspired at the moment by my new clothes and other bloggers that I just want to dress up!! And going back to work also means I'm officially home for the next few weeks. And while I love being home, and I only left my best friends yesterday, I miss my housemates, my friends, my house, just uni life in general.

But still. I had a fantastic birthday. On Tuesday I opened my presents and then my mum and I went shopping to take back some of the things I wasn't sure about (I know that sounds harsh, but my mum said she'd rather I take things back and exchange them than keep things I wouldn't wear), went to see my grandparents and then came home and my friends came over for tea. And then yesterday we had a fantastic, but chilly day at Alton Towers, which was fab.

But alas, I am now twenty years old. Wow. But I got some fantastic presents!! I would have loved to have done these as outfit posts but I just haven't had time. Look out for them soon though!!

Cake stuff!! My housemates and I love to make cakes so my mum got me this cake book, decorating set and cute little retro cake cases!!

No birthday is complete (in my eyes!!) without new shoes!! My mum picked the heels for me, and I chose the flats as an exchange for a few things she'd got me that I wasn't sure about. Nude shoes a go go :]]] Can't wait to wear these with or without black tights, or with my black heart print tights. Heels are from New Look, and flats are from Next.

New skull candy headphones!! yay!!

I almost considered exchanging this scarf, but then my mum wore a similar one with my nude biker jacket and it looked fab, so I had to keep it!! It's from River Island. The skirt is actually a pinky nude, and is from New Look.

Finally got a long sleeved lace body!! Yay!! It's quite sheer though so I got a plain black spaghetti strap body from River Island in the sale to go underneath :]]

I exchanged the denim jacket my mum got me, which although it was gorgeous, was too long to wear with a high waisted skirt, so I got this cropped one from New Look. I can't wait to wear it with a floral dress or playsuit.

How gorgeous is think pink and silver watch? Thanks mum!!

I bought this myself from £10 in the New Look sale. The photo hasn't come out too well, but it's a gorgeous nude and black print. It will look great with my new nude shoes!!

TEN BOTTLES OF TOMATO KETCHUP!! THANKS ED!! I am hopelessly addicted to this stuff. Seriously. I eat it with absolutely everything. This should keep me happy for a few days!!

My tripod!! Look how big it is!! And it all folds up into a bag!! Can't wait to go out with this!!

I got my Pandora bracelet for Christmas and I already have ten charms on it!! I got the fish charm from my Nan for my birthday (long story, my nicknames are Bunny and Kipper, and I got a bunny from my mum for Valentines day, so I decided I needed a fish too :]]]) and the Easter chick from my mum. My best friends also got me this gorgeous little suitcase, which I'd had my eye on for a while, to celebrate our travels round Europe over summer, and my trip to America!!

So there you go!! I did pretty well this year I think!! Ooh and I'm also awaiting the arrival of the Pineapple playsuit!! But I'm starting to accept that it could look absolutely awful on, so I have back up playsuits just in case!!

With me being back at work (even though I'm only planning on doing two days a week) I'll try to update whenever I can. I have a few ideas so keep popping back here.

Thank you to all my readers, old and new, and I'd love to hear from you.

Charlotte xxx


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