i would rather have a broken heart than give up hope on you.

Firstly, if you've never listened to Manchester Orchestra, you really should. Seriously.

Secondly, hello!! Long time no speak, how are you? Yesterday was a bad day. I spent most of the morning crying, sulking and crying some more, and then being so down I couldn't bring myself to work. And then spent the rest of the day at work. Urgh.

But today, today is better. It's sunny, I'm planning an essay and having a nightmare about my student loans stuff for next year (put it this way, a year abroad is exciting, but it isn't half a lot of hassle!!). I can't wait to get this essay finished. I feel like it's been hanging over me forever. The plan is almost there and I plan so meticulously that I can generally write it all out in a few hours. My essay plans are mental. I generally do a good twice as much research and work as I should. Essays take me hours. And I plan ridiculously. Initial notes, typing them up, selection of quotes, first plan, second plan, in between plans, final plan... and then I'm ready!!

Finishing my essay means I can go shopping and for coffee with my BFF Shaunagh on Tuesday afternoon, and then start my revision process. Urgh. But I'm going out on Thursday and Saturday so I'll just think of what to wear to get me through it. I don't like exam season. It stresses me out. I feel like I should be working every second of the day and if I don't, I panic. I just want these next few weeks to be out of the way, get all my forms filled in and then go off travelling round Europe for two weeks, do some work experience, have an amazing leaving party and then head off to the USA!!

I absolutely love this outfit. I picked the dress up on a whim, but it was a bit big so I got it in a smaller size, but I've been dying to wear it. It has such gorgeous puffy sleeves, lacey detail, gorgeous pattern, and it's such a lovely florally green and nude colour.

The waist coat comes from my mum. She thinks it's about 33 years old. I love it, it's fab. I can't wait to throw it over everything!! I'm also going to buy a denim shirt this week to put over everything for summer. I don't really wear jeans much, but I am embracing my new-found love of denim!! I'm also thinking of maybe a denim or chambray skirt and some high waisted denim shorts. I've seen some lovely ones on the Miss Selfridge (here) in a gorgeous stonewashed blue.

I spent friday night with two of my bestbestbest and oldest friends, gossiping and watching The Hangover and the last two episodes of Sex and the City. Ahhh don't you just love it? I can't wait for the new film. I think we're all going to get dressed up to go see it!! Carrie Bradshaw is my total idol, I adore her. She has the life I want to live when I grow up- fabulous writer in New York!!

Hmmm Glamour released their 50 Best Dressed 2010 list this week (you can read it here), and while I agree with many of the people on the list (Sarah Jessica Parker- who should have been MUCH higher on the list, Fearne Cotton, Pixie Lott, Victoria Beckham, Alexa Chung, Leighton Meester...), there were a few I thought should be much higher, and some much lower. Kristen Stewart for example, I cannot stand. She always looks so horrifically awkward in whatever she is wearing and no matter how great her dress is her hair and makeup always completely ruin the look. And Cheryl Cole, at number one, I feel was a bit of a cop off. Yes, she always looks great and the nation love her, but really? Remember how she used to dress before she was Brand Cheryl Cole? I think her stylist should be the one getting the awards. She looks great on the red carpet, but I always think she lacks...something in her daytime attire. I think I'm partially fuelled by this article too. Yes, it was in the Daily Mail, but it embodies a lot of how I feel about society, especially young girls, today. If you're interested I wrote an article on children growing up too fast for my student's newspaper, which you can read here.

*breathes* right, end rant. I did receive the most lovely comment on here the other day from Cafe Fahionista, and I'm going to repost it here because it made me feel so shiny and fuzzy :]]

'Gosh you are fabulous. Your hair, your style, your current ensemble. I just love it all. Not to mention the title of this post…can you say AMAZING?!'

So yay :]]] Talking on my hair though, there's been issues. I've managed to get it to get a bit better today, but yesterday I was in tears that I hated the colour and especially the cut and it wasn't what I wanted. My mum even rung the salon to tell them I didn't like it and wanted it redoing!! I still don't quite feel me with the colour. It isn't my usual colour and I miss my usual pink-ness, but I'm sure I'll get used to it, but I think I managed to get my hair more like my usual bob today, which was what I wanted :]]]

The reason why half of these are really edited and the rest half is because I made the mistake of not going to take the photos until long after the sun had gone in. I was trying to be good and finish my essay plan before I took them!! But it meant the lighting wasn't as nice as I would have liked, so I edited them but the tutorial I was using was nice, but just too over-done. You couldn't see the colour or pattern of the dress, and the colouring took away from the actual outfit. So I fiddled around with the layers and stuff to get this :]] I'm really happy with it now, I'll probably use this colouring more frequently.

dress- dorothy perkins denim waistcoat- vintage pumps- next bird necklace- topshop

I've been offered a very, very exciting opportunity today, but I'm going to keep it quiet until I know some more about it and until it's been confirmed. I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch!! But it's very, very exciting!!

Hmmm I wish I'd gone back and edited the colouring on the over-coloured photos now but I can't be bothered now!!

What do you think? Drop me a comment!!

Charlotte xxx


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