Why I love geeks.

First of all, two words; Seth. Cohen. My absolute dream man. You see, I love geeks. Because what is a geek really? A guy with a passion. And who doesn't have passionate listed on their dream man list? He could be passionate about science, computers, music or (my personal favourite) literature, but the fact is he's interesting, he's passionate, and he's found something that he loves. And what is bad about that?

I've always had a thing for geeks. I love intelligent men. I love a man I can have a passionate and interesting discussion with, and who can show me that he really cares about something. It also helps that I love tall, skinny guys; I also love glasses, or curly dark hair, or any other adorable attributes. Geeks are usually the good guys. Usually. They're usually the guys who got picked on at school because they worked hard and probably weren't good at sport. They're usually the guys who have a lot of female friends and are generally the nice guys. These aren't the bad boys with tattoos and a motorbike. They're the guys who get good grades, are passionate and caring, and are probably really close to their Mums'. And for me, being close to their Mum means much more to me than a guy who would describe himelf as a 'playa.'

I think it stems from the fact that I am a geek myself. And damn proud of it. To be totally honest, I'm pretty boring. I like books and reading and writing, emo music and literary discussion. I was never really popular in school. I preferred to get on with my work. I was a bit of a loser really, and the truth is, I still am. I still love reading, spending time with my parents and early nights. But I am passionate about things that I love; whether that's authors and books, films or bands that I adore. I'm always excited about stupid little things, and I'm always obsessed with something. I have never been cool.

I love a guy doing an interesting degree, and something that he loves. Passion is exciting. To hear someone wax lyrical about something they love is completely inspiring. And being with someone passionate and exciting about something allows me to show the side of me that loves literary debate and discussion. I love guys who are sensitive. I love a guy who isn't ashamed to show some emotion. And a guy who actually still believes romance is alive and kicking.

Okay, this isn't always the case. But I love a nice guy. I've never had a thing for bad boys. I like a guy who I can take home to my mum, and a guy who can chat to my Dad. I like a guy with something between the ears. Intelligence is much sexier than nice hair and a pretty smile. I've always been a good girl, a nice girl. I'm forever told I'm the girl guys want to marry. And for a while I considered that to be a bad thing, how many guys have you said that you couldn't date but you would love to marry one day? I've always found it frustrating thatI was that girl that was too nice to go out with, but told I would make a great wife. But I've started to see it as a positive thing. There's nothing wrong with being smart and nice.

So to all the geeky boys out there, where are you? You're the reason I sit in coffee shops peeking over my book, and look round hopefully whenever I go to the library. Just hoping that maybe, just maybe, there's a kindred spirit out there just as nice and geeky as me.

Bad boys need not apply.

Charlotte xxx


  1. he is pretty. have you seen him in Land of Women?

  2. I think the Geeky boys are in Duluth but they don't drink coffee all that much. They like to write crappy songs on their acoustic guitar in hopes of one day being the next Ace Enders. They have too many hobbies, but are particularly psyched about getting new DSLR to add one more hobby to the arsenal. He doesn't have much of a style, but hopes this girl he knows can take him to H&M and sort him out. He's got the best mom in the world and will argue to prove it. He tells this girl he knows to sleep more and relax more because she probably should :)

    Sincerely, Anonymous.


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