truth be told I miss you, and truth to told I'm lying.

I'm really tired tonight so this won't be a very long or exciting post!! This outfit was a bit of a last resort outfit, after putting all my clothes to take back on my bed and then realising I hadn't decided what to wear today!! This was the kind of outfit I liked simply because it was minimal effort. It's the kinda thing I'd just wear to uni without having to think about it much. A lot of the outfits I post on here have involved a lot of thought and I don't really have time to do that every day. I liked this because it was easy but looked good :]]]

I'm not sure why this vest top look so baggy. Maybe it's been washed too many times :[[

I felt way 80s in this outfit but I really liked it :]]

I'm really getting excited to go back to Uni now. I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends and going back to work and getting all back into my nice routine!! But it's still a bit of a shock to be going back. I do like going back and being looked after but I do start to miss my independence!! Just a few weeks of exams and then I'm free!! Yay!!

Today has been spent revising and running errands. I finished the revision notes I wanted to get done, had lunch, got all my clothes and shoes out and then walked into Stockport. I stopped in a lovely little charity shop and saw a great Baseball style jacket for £6. Very first season GG Vanessa, but not really my style. I was very tempted though. I got a few bits in Stockport though; the black version of that white lace top from yesterday, sorted out the buckles on my gorgeous yellow Mary Janes, exchanged my duplicate Pandora charm for a gorgeous little converse shoe charm and couldn't resist the Top Shop sale, where I got a nude polka-dot cardigan, some grey woolly tights, a denim hair flower and some knee high nude socks :]]]

I also got my new glasses today!! They're gorgeous but very strong!! I am very, very sort sighted but they're taking some getting used to!!

vest top- top shop floral skirt (with belt)- river island denim jacket- new look pink flats- new look necklace- primark

That's all from me, and could be my last outfit post for a while. I don't know how crazy I'll be when I get back to uni, and I won't have time to update tomorrow. I'll try to still write my musings though, and I'll still be checking my email so still send me any emails or comments you want to send me.

Thank you for your amazing support. I'm so proud of this blog now, but it would be nothing without my readers. Thank you so much.

I'll be back soon :]]]




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