How do people react to you being a style blogger?

I was thinking about this yesterday on my walk to the library.

Some days, I really feel like a fashion blogger. I'm not sure what that feeling is. A pride in what I'm wearing maybe. A well put together outfit. My fur coat in itself, generally triggers this feeling.

But I've never really sure how other people react to be being a blogger. I've gotten really really into blogging recently. I am inspired constantly; I have a list of ideas that I simply haven't had the time to get into words yet. I pick my outfits carefully every day and take some time out to update most days. I finally feel comfortable enough to refer to myself as a blogger.

But obviously, this is a new identity for me. And I do often find myself feeling a little uncomfortable telling people I'm into fashion, I'm a blogger and that I would like to be a magazine journalist.

I feel like there's a certain 'type' that I need to fit into when I say these things. I feel that people expect me to look impossibly stylish at all times, dress head to to in designer labels, judge people on their clothing and wear things totally 'out there.' I feel like people expect to judge me on my outfits, and expect me to make a huge impact with every outfit.

This scares me a bit. To be honest, I know a bit about fashion, but I know much more about style. I read Glamour and Company and other magazines with an emphasis on the high street. I have never actually bought a copy of Vogue. I'm learning, but I have never studied fashion, and I'm learning slowly at a rate I find comfortable. I'm starting to recognise certain designer quirks, and get more into understanding designers and their clothes, but really, my focus is on the every man. For example, the reason I chose the name of this blog; I'm just another girl who likes shopping, has a bit of an interest in fashion and wants to learn more about it. I'm a student on a limited budget from what I earn on from my simple supermarket and bar jobs. I am the girl next door. I have no fashion training, or any authority on fashion. I just like having fun with my style and exploring fashion.

I also worry that people will change their opinions of me as a person when they find out I'm into fashion. I recently had a bit of a fight with someone who means one heck of a lot to me because of a joke, in which I misunderstood, which I took to insinuate that he thought my interest in fashion was shallow and conceited.

And that is what I worry about. That people think fashion equals being shallow and self centred. I worry people think I'm judgemental. I worry people think I will become obsessed with how I, and other people look.

Yes, I've seen The Devil Wears Prada about a dozen times, and yes, that side of fashion terrifies me. I don't want to be one of those girls.  I just want to enjoy my interest in fashion. I want to write for a magazine one day, but not necessarily a fashion centred magazine. My dream is to write for Glamour. I'm actually more interested in the lifestyle and writing side of it.

I've never wanted to work at Vogue. I'm just a regular girl who likes to shop and read magazines, and one day dreams of a journalist. For people who already know me, being a style blogger hasn't changed who I am. And those who don't, I'm just an ordinary girl, trying to achieve a dream.

But there are times when I defend my outfit choices in my head with "but I'm a fashion blogger!!", but I know in reality this means nothing. Walking round Selfridges today in my cheap high street outfit I felt very small and inadequate. Being a fashion blogger doesn't come with a tattoo across your forehead. In those kinds of situations I feel the need to defend my choices, in my head of course. I probably could buy something designer, but I'd never be able to condone it. I'm a student on a student budget, and while I have two jobs I don't have very much of an income coming in. I'd love to be able to dress designer in the future.

So, what do you think? Do people react differently to you when they find out you're a blogger, or interested in fashion? Do you worry what people think? Would your opinion of someone change if you found out they were into fashion or blogger? Do you consider fashion to be conceited and unnecessary?

While I know that my future won't result in saving lives or changing the world, I like to think that through fashion I can help people to feel more confident in themselves. I hope I can help women to feel good, and feel that they are not alone. I want to write about issues concerning women and our issues, not simply fashion. I don't think fashion is life or death, but I do think the right dress or a great pair of shoes can really impact on women's confidence. And confidence is a rare and important gift.

Charlotte xxx


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