dishevelled romantic.

hmm. i'm not very keen on these photos. i really should have taken them before i laddered my skin colour tights and developed a food baby after lunch.

it was my first trip alone with my tripod though. i'm definitely far from getting the hang of it, but still, it's a start!! Tomorrow I promise not to wear anything nude!! There has been a lot of nude of late!! But i bought a gorgeous new playsuit today and a new dress, and have ordered a new lace body. yay!!

Hair definitely needs doing. My hair is barely even pink and I am roots central. Hoping to get it done this week but I have so much work to do- essays, revision, passport forms... urgh!!

I really liked this outfit, though I got a lot of stick for the length of my dress. It is a dress!! I was inspired by a girl I saw in a nude vest and leggings (unfortunately, she was wearing leggings as pants...) and a grey blazer. I felt rather sophisticated!!

I've started to do my makeup more subtle now we're coming into Spring. Today I wore grey eye shadow without my usual heavy black liquid liner, which is a bit of a nice change. I'm exciting about spring coming up, but I'm not looking forward to fake tan season!! I'm a great fan of fake tan, but it is a total nightmare to keep up with!!

dress- topshop blazer- next ( stolen from mum) pearls- topshop socks- new look shoes- next

I've finally started working on my essay so I'm going to try to spend more time on that than on the internet, but I will try to get a few photos and updates on here :]]]

I'm thinking on writing a few more lifestyle pieces. What do you think?

Charlotte xxx


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