hot mess.

today is one of those days when you just feel FABULOUS. maybe it's because the sun is shining, maybe it's my big diva-stylee sunglasses, maybe it's because i've had my hair done, maybe it's because I just LOVE this outfit, or maybe it's all of the above!! i walked back from the hairdressers today feeling like a rock star!!

I've finally had my hair recoloured!! My hairdresser Mike is amazing, although he kinda does his own thing. No matter what you say to him, he will do your hair how HE wants to do your hair!! Today I was sat in the chair and he was putting on the colour and I said to him "this isn't my usual colour, is it?" and he was like "no, I thought you should have a change" !! So my hair is a lot darker, and more reddy purple than pink, but I do love it. And my lovely little bob is back!!

Another great thing about the sun being out is that my photos all looked amazing. I love the way the light catches on a lovely sunny day like today.

(I tried to get a photo of me spinning round but it didn't really work!!)

I also love this skirt. It's just amazing. I feel a bit like this outfit is somewhere between Sandy at the beginning and the end of Grease. Sticky-out skirt and ankle socks from the Pink Ladies days, and leather bomber from the end.

top- new look skirt- new look leather jacket- h&m socks- unknown shoes- new look

Today I'm feeling unstoppable and amazing. I wish I could feel like this all the time!! I feel like I need a flower in my hair- maybe I'll get one this week :]]]

Sorry for so many photos- I just loved them all!! Probably one of the best shoots I've done so far, but the children next door were out in the garden so I felt a bit silly and came in!!

I emailed Asda magazine today to see about work experience, and I got an email from Look magazine about a feature on what women want, and what my dream would be. I replied saying my dream would be work experience at Look magazine!!

Right, back on with the essay work!! Please let me know what you think of these :]]]

Charlotte xxx


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