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May Life Lately

May disappeared in the blink of an eye for me! As I mentioned in my last post , the day after we came back from Barcelona, I started coughing. Then the next day I felt absolutely awful. And then the day after that I finally tested positive for Covid. It’s been a long time coming and I’m so grateful to be triple vaccinated. I felt pretty awful for a few days and was testing positive for 6 days but I managed to keep working the whole time from home (though one day I did have to go to bed as soon as I finished work at 5pm!) and thankfully I don’t seem to have had any lasting effects. But the result is I feel like May was a bit of a blur! While I was ill I obviously couldn’t do much and I really struggled to read and mostly spent the time feeling lethargic and sorry for myself!  But looking back, it wasn’t all bad. Here’s my One Second Every Day for May and everything else I got up to … What I Did I was soooo relieved to finally test negative on the day that I had a big work team meeting

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