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Reflections on Me Made May 2023

Last month I took part in a sewing challenge called Me Made May created by Zoe of So Zo What Do You Know? In her words, Me Made May is "a wardrobe challenge that helps you improve your relationship with your handmade items. It can also teach you what to make (and not make) in the future!" Me Made May is all about the personal challenge - you set a pledge and throughout the month of May you work to complete your pledge. It's not about sewing throughout the month or taking photos or Instagram - it's just about challenging yourself to wear more of your homemade clothes. For my first Me Made May I kept my pledge simple: I went with 8 because I work from home 3 days a week (usually in leggings and a sweatshirt to be honest!) and I keep it pretty chilled over the weekends too if I don't have plans, so I decided to focus on the 2 days a week I'm in the office and aim to wear Me Made for those 8 days I'd be in over the month of May. I also haven't made that m

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