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August Life Lately

I heard someone say recently that August is "the Sunday of the year" and I've never heard my weird feelings about August described so perfectly! I always find myself feeling so much pressure in August to soak up as much summer as I can, as though as soon as the calendar reads "September" any second of sunshine evaporates. And as much as I'm a basic autumn girl, there are so many things I love about summer and I hate feeling the soul-crushing pressure of not having "made the most" of it! Exactly how I feel on a Sunday! In the end August was a bit like a Sunday for us - a quiet one for us this year with lots of BBQs, sewing and hanging out with friends which was much-needed! Here's my One Second Every Day for August and below is everything else I got up to... What I did I might start calling this section "what I sewed" because I feel like all I talk about in this section now is sewing!  In August I finished two projects. The first was

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