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It's #SecondHandSeptember ! How I buy my clothes almost exclusively second hand

I've been planning a post about shopping second hand for absolutely ages but you know what I'm like - why write 200 words when you could write 2000? So here I am just managing to squeeze this into the end of #SecondHandSeptember. The main reason I've been wanting to write about buying second hand clothes for so long because these days, I buy probably 90% of my clothes second hand (and try to buy the other 10% from independent shops as much as I can!), but I didn't really get into second hand shopping until #SecondHandSeptember in 2019. If you haven't heard of # SecondHandSeptember , it's a challenge from Oxfam to buy only second hand clothing in the month of September - exactly what it says on the tin. And o ne of the biggest challenges of #SecondHandSeptember is that September is traditionally the time we all start thinking about our winter wardrobe - a new coat or boots or knitwear, so it's the perfect time to challenge yourself to buying second hand. Befo

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