2022 in Review

After 2 years of lockdown and uncertainty, 2022 was a really great year for me.

We "made up" for so many things we couldn't do in previous years - going to see Hamilton again (Phil had bought me tickets for Christmas in 2019), going away for our wedding anniversary for the first time (despite being married for 3 years) and finally, finally getting our trip to Barcelona my parents bought me for my 30th back in 2020.

I also had a great year for my hobbies - so many parkrun milestones this year, 2 half marathons for the first time sine 2018 and most importantly, learning to sew!

While there were no big milestones for us last year - no new jobs or pets or major life events, I feel so truly grateful for the year we had and the people we shared it with.

In 2022 I also completed my 4th year of One Second Every Day! Instagram wouldn't let me share a video longer than a minute but here's my 1/6 of a second every day!


We were so lucky to have so many amazing holidays in 2022 after two years of not getting abroad.

For Christmas 2019 Phil got me tickets to see Hamilton again, and in January last year we finally managed to go. We had the best long weekend in London which included a parkrun Bushy pilgrimage and two theatre trips.

In February we had a fantastic weekend at Centre Parcs celebrating Phil’s Mum’s 60th. We played badminton and I tried, and failed, to learn archery. It was so much fun!

In April, after 3 years of marriage we were finally able to celebrate our wedding anniversary and had a lovely few days in Chester! One of the highlights was staying at the Oddfellows which was honestly one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in.

Another rescheduled trip at the end of April to Barcelona! Finally! My parents bought me this trip as a 30th Birthday present in 2020, but I’d been asking Phil to take me to Barcelona for 6 years so it was long in the making! I am fully obsessed with Barcelona and could go back right now. One of the best holidays I’ve ever had.

Over the summer we had a couple of trips with Bobby - starting with the most brilliant long weekend in Yorkshire and Northumberland. We loved it so much we might go again this year! And then we also had our annual family trip to the Lake District in September which is always so lovely and was made even better by Phil’s cousin and his fiancĂ©e from Australia joining us.

And finally, Australia of course! I’ve written enough already about our incredible trip to Australia in November. The most amazing trip and the perfect way to end the year. 


Not my absolute best year for races - two 10Ks (the third one I was meant to be doing was cancelled at the end of the year due to ice!) and my usual two half marathons (one only 2 weeks after I had Covid and the other where I went out way too fast and completely messed up my time), but it was a great year for parkrunning!

2022 was the first full year back parkrunning after 2 years so it allowed us to finally hit our 50 parkruns in a year goal we’ve wanted to hit since we ran 49 in 2019 (we managed it on our last parkrun of the year!)

I also ran my 250th parkrun last year, as well as volunteering 12 times, getting my first PB in 6 years, and visiting 13 new parks (including our Bushy pilgrimage and 2 parkruns in Australia).


I love sewing sooooo much I genuinely wish I’d started doing it years ago! It’s such a huge part of my life now. I feel like I think about sewing all the time and after years and years of not going on Instagram I now have a dedicated sewing account with over 400 followers which I love! I surround myself with only positive sewing accounts and it keeps me so inspired!

In 2022 I made:

  • 3 Lotta dresses
  • 2 Stevie tops
  • 2 Dominique skirts
  • 2 Lizzie skirts
  • 1 Indigo dress
  • 1 Zadie jumpsuit
  • 1 pair pyjamas

I also took 3 fantastic sewing classes with Ministry of Craft.

Outside of sewing I read 80 books (down from 100+ the last few years) and went to the cinema 19 times. More on this in my 2022 favourites blog coming soon!

Needless to say, I had a great time in 2022. I can’t wait to see what 2023 brings!

Charlotte x


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