and if we don't all take cover then we're all gonna fall back in love again

Today I'm feeling... well I'm feeling a lot of things!! I'm happy because I got up early and got loads done today. I finished my essay, sent some creme eggs to my friends (which I've been meaning to do for ages), sent some more work experience emails out, did some filing (then ran out of plastic wallets!!) and sorted out my student loan. Though, during this I did discover a whole folder of notes missing from the uni files and notes I'd brought home at Easter. While they could be in the house (though I've looked everywhere!!), it's probably going to mean a 160 mile round trip back to Birmingham to go see if they're in my room. Urrgh, what a nightmare!! it's all the notes for my first exam too, and the one I feel most uncomfortable and unprepared for.

I apologised for the unwashed, plaited hair. Part of my getting up and getting things done day meant I didn't want to spend all my morning washing and styling my hair. My housemate Steph always plaits her fringe and I always think it looks so lovely. She did mine a few weeks ago and I loved it so now I do it whenever I can't be bothered to wash my hair. My fringe is always the one bit that can rarely go unwashed, and with the colours in my hair I really shouldn't wash it every day.

This is one of my favourite go-to outfits. And it's one of the first times in a while I've not warn anything new!! This top is gorgeous and was a complete bargain, and I adore these shorts- I have them in navy too. And I'm really into military jackets and this little cardigan is lovely. I have a great military coat (which I really should show on here..) which was only £21 from Primark, but I get so many compliments on it!!

I'm really glad to have my Charlotte necklace back too!! I managed to snap it a few weeks ago into a perfect Char and Lotte,and I've missed it ever since. The only thing is I can't find my little Eiffel Tower necklace I always wear with this jewellery!!

I am clearly not wearing any shoes on these photos. This is because I went out in my wrecked boots and they are in fact, quite wrecked and I'll have to get some glue tomorrow. So most of these are just in my tights. Or my piggy slippers!!

My dad just came in and said he'd cut a chunk out of his finger with a drill. No, Dad, I don't want to see it. I do want to drive you to the A and E Department if you'll let me!!

I like this outfit. It incorporates so many of my favourite trends (lace, nude and military) and I love the girly lace top juxtaposed with the more tough shorts and military cardigan. I decided to keep these photos a bit more laid back though. I had loads of my dramatic "head to the side pout" photos but they didn't really fit the mood. I like these photos, they convey my personality much more. They're much more fun.

I also decided to take these inside because I made the mistake of going to the shop without taking a hayfever tablet so I was a bit itchy and red by this afternoon so I thought I'd better take some inside. I need some more interesting settings to take my photos!! It's going to be even worse when I get back to uni though!! My house is very small and though we have a little garden I can't think of anywhere to take nice photos!!

shorts- topshop top- select military jacket- H&M pearls- topshop necklace-

I'm also feeling a bit... disheartened today. I sent some follow up emails out for work experience and everyone I've emailed has either said they're booked up or that I don't really have enough experience yet. It's very frustrating that I can't even get work experience without work experience!! I guess I just have to keep trying, and I have been offered an exciting experience that will be great for the CV if it does go through. So I dunno, fingers crossed.

Let me know what you think :]]

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