Oh god, I hate packing.

I really really hate packing.

You might have noticed, I have a lot of clothes.

In fact, a lot of everything!!

And every time I come home, more clothes that I haven't worn for ages become more appealing. I always end up with a lot more stuff coming back than went back!! And I don't have much wardrobe space at uni.

I have clothes in drawers, clothes in the bottom of my wardrobe , at the top of my wardrobe, clothes on the back of my door, clothes in an Ikea hanging storage...thing. Clothes everywhere. With shoes and bags under my bed.

And the worst thing is, I have a 40KG luggage allowance for my year in America. For a YEAR.


I'm never mastered, or wanting to master, that whole "capsule wardrobe" thing that Gok Wan goes on about. I mean, what's fun about that? I love clothes. I love dresses and skirts and tops and shorts and shoes and jackets and coats... I love clothes!!

Clothes are my addiction. And I argue it's much healthier for me than drink or drugs. Clothes make me happy. And not just the thrill of shopping. Opening my wardrobe to beautiful clothes, making wonderful outfits; that's what makes me happy.

A girl can never have too many clothes.

But right now I could do with some more storage space!!

Maybe you can have too many clothes...



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