a musing on fashion history, and the breaking of rules

Just something I've been pondering for a while, when did fashion become about breaking all the rules we've always known and abided by?

Orange (I think it's Orange...) have an advert at the moment that declares that their plan is 'the opposite of socks and sandals'. What, totally in style right now? But obviously, socks and sandals have connotations with being horrendously unstylish and something for Dad's on holiday. But fashion today has turned that on its head. Labels across the spectrum of designers put socks and sandals down the catwalk for S/S10.

Similarly, my housemate Steph cannot stand tights and peep toe shoes. Another trend, previously a heinous crime that is now in style.

And denim jackets I've found to be a funny one. Denim jackets are synonymous with the 90s, yet they're back in now with a passion. And the funny thing is there are still people oblivious to the fact that they ever went out and style, and by wearing the denim they haven't taken off since the 90s they're once again, unintentionally, back in style!!

I once complimented by auntie on her jeans-and-tucked-in-top combo, to which she replied that she'd never stopped tucking her tops into her jeans, and now it's back in style again.

So has this always been the way with style and fashion? Have I just always been too young to notice it? It is strange at 20 years old to see trends come, go and come back again just in my lifetime, or in the years in which I've been exposed to fashion.

The psychology of fashion baffles me, really. How strange it is how much you can love a style, until it becomes out of fashion and you no longer feel the same way? Or how you can have never thought about a particular style or colour until you see it all over magazines and in shops, and suddenly you adore it?

These are the fickle ways of fashion, it seems.

Just a pause for thought really, what do you think?

I'm going to get back to my essay plan now; outfit photos soon.

Charlotte xxx


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