serious isSHOES.

ahh shoes.

I wrote an article for my student newspaper on why I prefer shoes to men (read it here), I have over 60 pairs and I have obtained 3 more pairs in the past week. To cut it short, I like shoes.

But I don't love shoes.

I'm not one of those people who walks past a shoe shop, mouth gaping and tongue lolling out. Sure, I like pretty shoes, but I also like shoes for £20 from New Look. My problem lies much deeper than that.

I have serious issues with shoes, because I think they are possibly the most important aspect of an outfit. A fabulous outfit can be ruined by the wrong pair of shoes. The wrong colour, the wrong style, the wrong texture, the wrong pattern, just wrongwrongwrong!! Ugg boots with an otherwise smart outfit, sandals in mid-winter, chunky strappy shoes with a delicate dress... you get the idea.

And so I have developed a sort of fear. A fear of getting the shoes wrong. A fear of someone else who feels just like me, judging my footwear. Colour is my key issue. Shoes should complement, but not be too matchy-matchy. They should never clash, or bring in a whole new colour. Black and silver don't go with everything. And when the season changes, everything gets even more complicated.

Hence, I keep buying shoes.

Yesterday I ordered a pair of blue flats as I wanted to order this dress (it's sold out in my size, but after a phonecall to my local store they've saved me a size bigger and a size smaller- fingers crosses!!) to wear with my new denim jacket. But then I had a panic that I don't have any blue shoes to go with the jacket and the dress. Yellow flat? Too bright. White flats? Too pale. Pink flats? Not enough pink in the dress. Nude flats? Too soft with the brightness of the dress. So I just had to buy a new pair of shoes. Had to, you see.

So this is my issue. I like to match. My mum is the same, she has shoes in every colour under the sun. Neither of us are really shoe people, but we both see shoes as a necessity. I'm definitely more of a dress and skirt person, but a dress is nothing without the shoes to match.



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