Twenty Things I Have Learnt Now I am (nearly!!) Twenty

I have less than a week left now until I am no longer a teenager. Which is a scary thing. I’m not sure what it is about turning twenty but I keep thinking of everything I want to achieve by the time I’m 30. I want a job that I love, to live somewhere that I adore, and to be with someone who makes me truly happy.

I can’t say I’ve had the best teenage years. But the last few have been amazing to I’m hoping my 2os will be fabulous. Oh wow, twenties. I will soon be in my twenties!!

But I started to think about all the advice I’ve been given in the past few years, most of it I haven’t been able to take (I am shocking at taking advice!!). I have made a lot of mistakes and I continue to make a lot of mistakes. And I know these may sound a little hypocritical because I’m sure I’ll be doing the total opposite of these soon enough, but this is the advice I wish I could take. A lot of them are attempts for me to squish in several bits of advice in one point, I admit (my original list was 35 points long), but these are the mottos I should learn to live by…

  1. You can’t change people, but you can change the way you feel about them. No-one is perfect. Try to get along, and take the good with the bad. It’s easy to judge, but not to walk in someone else’s shoes. And sometimes people surprise you.

  2. Life is a marathon not a sprint. One of my Dad’s favourites. Don’t worry if life isn’t perfect right now, things will get better. Take each day as it comes.

  3. Everything happens for a reason. One very dear to my heart. Sometimes the only thing that gets me through the day. We’re all going to go through tough times, but we come out stronger in the end.

  4. Learn from your own mistakes. You will never be able to learn from what other people did wrong. And we all know no matter how many times you know what (or who) you’re doing is wrong, you’ll never change until you get hurt. Life is about experiences. Learn from what you did wrong. Never regret anything.

  5. Life is about priorities. Take care of whatever it is that is important to you, even if other people don’t understand.

  6. Sometimes you have to put yourself first. I am a classic worrier who never wants to upset anyone, but you can’t live your life for other people.

  7. I will never understand boys. Simple as that. But I hope to find one who can understand me.

  8. Do whatever makes you happy. But not necessarily short term. Some of the things that will ultimately bring you happiness take a lot of hard work and pain. But they’re worth it in the end.

  9. Stay true to who you are. This one is tricky, especially when you’re young and peer pressure is everywhere. I’ve learnt to accept that while I love to party, I also get tired easily and I like a nice early night with a book from time to time. And my friends accept that about me, and I’ve finally learnt to accept it myself.

  10. You can’t do everything. One that plagues me. I always want to do, achieve and manage everything all at once. I’m slowly learning I can’t do everything I want to do. But I can do my best.

  11. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be perfect. Nobody is perfect. Accept who you are.

  12. Find people who love you. And you love right back. Don’t lose touch with people who are special to you. It’s so easy to let it happen, so rekindle your friendship before it’s too late!!

  13. Don’t accept less than you deserve. In life, in relationships, in friendships. It’s harder than it sounds, believe me.

  14. It pays to be organized. I like to plan. I have a very untidy room and I’m always stumbling on pages of unfilled notes, but I stick to my to-do lists as much as I can!!

  15. Always look fabulous. Why not? I always try to look my best. It makes me feel better no matter how down I am. And you never know who you might meet!!

  16. Stop looking for “the one.” I’m trying very hard with this. I don’t have much luck with guys, but I’m learning to have fun with people who make me smile, and come what may.

  17. Fight for what you believe in. I’ve gotta say, I’m a lover not a fighter. But I’d love to be able to fight for what I think is important.

  18. Appreciate everything in life. Don’t expect to have everything handed to you on a plate. Say thank you. And appreciate the little things.

  19. Take the positives out of everything. And take every opportunity you get.

  20. Be the best “you” you can be. I will never be as stylish as Alexa Chung, or as successful as Victoria Beckham or as beautiful as Cheryl Cole, but I’m doing the best I can to be a good student, a good friend, a good daughter and to have a laugh along the way. I’ve spent too many years comparing myself to people who I will never be. I am never going to be perfect, but I’m finally accepting who I am. And I’m not that bad, really.

I won't stick to this for long, but maybe I should print them off and stick them on my wall?

Charlotte xxx


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