Five Jackets You Need for Spring

Well, we're finally moving out of cold, snowy winter and into a sort of gloomy, rainy march, and while the weather is still a bit nippy, our jumpers and winter coats are starting to look bulky and we're itching to move into our new Spring/Summer wardrobe. But hang on there, it's not quite the weather for frolicking in our summer dresses just yet. Well, at least not without a fabulous jacket.

Jackets are one of my biggest weaknesses. I love how a great jacket can really complete an outfit. But at the same time, the wrong one can just ruin it. And today has been an especially rainy saturday, and like a stubborn child I refuse to wear my big winter coat now it's almost April.

So here is my run down of the five (ish) jackets I think everyone needs to own for Spring. I don't necessarily thing you need every single one, but one of two should cover you for the new few months of drab grey and rain.

Classic Leather Jacket

What? Every girl should own a leather jacket. The one above is from Forever 21, and I picked it because it is quite a lot like mine!! A simple, leather biker jacket is one of the most versatile jackets you can buy. I've found a cropped one is much easier to wear, especially if you want to wear it with high waisted skirts and dresses, but you can easily find the perfect leather jacket anywhere.

Pay attention to zips and studded details which add a unique edge.

Price? Obviously, real leather is much better quality, softer, and will last much longer, but naturally, a real leather jacket will be much more expensive than its fake counterpart. Go real for an investment, but don't snub high street equivalent. Mine is from H&M, but even Primark have some nice ones.

Why? A leather jacket gives instant bad-girl edge to any outfit. Try with tonnes of black eyeliner or a smudge of red lipstick

Trench Coat

What? I personally love this bright, bold blue trench, but a trench coat should be something you know will go with the rest of your wardrobe. Neutrals like classic beige, black, and navy will always look fabulous and flattering, but bright blues, pinks and greens will look amazing when you want to stand out from the crowd!!

Pay attention to fit and length. Trench coats can be one of the most flattering coats you can buy, so make sure it has a great fit. Length is also important; do you want to wear it over dresses? If so tend towards a longer one, if you want it for over jeans or skirts, maybe consider a cute short one.

Price? Expect to pay what you would usually pay for a good quality coat. Quality is important, but perhaps not as important as your winter coat which will need to be mega-durable. Mine was £80 from TopShop last year and is a gorgeous navy, which I love for wearing with my summery bright dresses, but it also makes a great statement with black. I would say prices will be from about £30 for decent quality, but you can probably pick one up cheaper than that on the high street.

Why? Because a trench coat is the perfect balance between sexy and cool. It's ultimately effortless. And if you need any more persuading, check out Burberry's Art of the Trench campaign!!

Chic Blazer

What? Blazers have been everywhere the past few seasons, and come in many different forms; boyfriend, shrunken, fitted... and colours; grey, black, navy, brights... the possibilities are endless!! I have to admit, I've never been the right shape or size to pull off the oversized-blazer look, so mine are always the cute fitted type. In fact, all of mine have been suit jackets borrowed from my mum!!

Pay attention to shape, size, fit and colour. Blazers are always in in some shape or form, but style can vary. Find one that best suits you. Grey is always effortlessly chic, but black is classic. Bright and patterns are great; floral blazers are a fabulous trend for Spring/Summer 2010.

Price: Blazers are everywhere at the moment, but naturally the more you pay the better the fit and tailoring will be. It could be worth considering getting one altered for a better fit. Check out workwear sections or even the men's section for a great boyfriend fit.

Why? The sexy secretary look never goes out of style.

Cool Denim

What? As I mentioned in my last post, I never thought I'd find myself wanting a denim jacket again, but here I am!! Denim jackets are effortlessly cool and casual. They look fabulous with a floral dress for spring and can be found in some many styles, colours and shapes.

Pay attention to where you wear it. Denim jackets give instant 'dressed down chic' so don't wear one to anything too formal. Again with leather, they come in loads of styles so pay attention to great details. They should look thrown on, so fit isn't as important.

Price? Check out vintage and charity shops, and your mum or auntie's wardrobe for real vintage denim. Denim jackets are absolutely everywhere right now so you should manage to bag a bargain!!

Why? For ultimate thrown-on chic.

Military Babe

What? The military trend is going nowhere. Sophisticated and trendy, a great military jacket will always stand out and look incredibly on-trend.

Pay attention to fabulous buttons, details and colour!! Black, navy or khaki are the obvious choices, but what about a Cheryl-esque red?

Price? Mine, personally, was from Primark for £22, and I also have a military style cardigan from H&M that was a mere £18- bargain!! Boohoo have a fabulous selection for under £30 too. As great as this trend is, it is going to come and go so don't invest too much as it may not leave the back of your wardrobe next summer...

Why? Who doesn't want something to make them feel up to Cheryl's standards of style?

What do you think? What are your favourite jackets for the next few miserable months? I struggled to pick 5; fur coats and gilets, capes and waistcoats have also been everywhere the last few months.

Do you agree with my list?

Drop me a comment!!

Charlotte xxx


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