My final day as a teenager

What I really wanted to do today was to go play in the park, take some gorgeous photos and maybe get an ice cream. When I woke up at 8 it seemed sunny. When I finally got up about midday, it was grey and raining. Day of fun out of the window.

I do want to go take some photos in the park though. Bramhall Park, which is literally next to my house, is absolutely beautiful. When it gets a bit nicer I will definitely be going to take some photos there. Especially when I get my tripod, which has turned out to be a bit of a disaster!! I asked for a tripod, and a few days ago I asked my mum to get my glasses out of my bag, and she found my mini Gorilla tripod. Turns out she didn't know I had one, and that was what she'd bought me for my birthday!! I showed her what I wanted though and she's ordered a stand up tripod so it should be here for tomorrow- thanks mum!!

I never really smile on photos, do I?

Anyway, so because it was raining I decided to take some photos in the lounge now I'm home from uni for a few weeks. Most of our house is a sort of beigey colour so I thought it would look great with a nude outfit. I couldn't find the nude dress I wanted to wear, so I decided to wear this nude top and a bandage skirt instead. I know I'm at home when I can't find anything!! Bet my mum's put it in the wash!!

Top- New Look, Skirt- TopShop, Jacket- Miss Selfridge, Tights- TopShop, Pearls- TopShop, Boots- Vintage

We're going out for a meal tonight to celebrate my birthday tomorrow!! My housemates and two of my best friends are coming up to visit tomorrow and then on Wednsday we're going to Alton Towers!! I can't wait!!

This outfit is quite different to what I had in mind for today. I imagined something bright and cute to celebrate no longer being a kid, but I think I've gone quite the opposite- something grown up to celebrate being an adult. And how fabulous is this nude jacket?!

I can't wait for my birthday!! I remember not really being that excited last year but I LOVE my birthday. I can't wait to spend the day with my mum, going to go see my Grandparents and spending the evening with my best friends. I'll try to take lots of photos!!

I'm not sure why I look so bored!!

I'm going to go try to write my first post for SFB now!! I'll pop a link up when it's done!!

Charlotte xxx


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