Minneapolis, Minnesota

In my head this was going to be like a little travel guide, but then I realised I've been to Minneapolis all of four times so I'm not really the authority to tell you all about it.
Instead, I am going to show you the pictures from my weekend and maybe tell you a little bit about the things in the pictures. I know, exciting right?

Okay, let me give you an idea about how much of a big deal this sculpture is to me. When I got my Minnesota Tour Guide Book (thanks, Kayleigh!!) last Christmas, this was the picture on the cover. This was my image of Minneapolis, of Minnesota. For me, it means going to somewhere completely new and exciting. It's symbolic of Minnesota for me. And to make it even more of a big deal, when my parents came to visit we drove around for almost two hours trying to find this sculpture garden. We didn't. So this weekend I finally got to see it. This sculpture is the Spoonbridge and Cherry which my little flier tells me was built especially for this spot at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. I have no idea what the point of it is, but it looks cool. #ignorance

one of the other sculptures in the garden, Molecule

Then we crossed over the Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge, which has a poem inscribed along it. The poem is by John Ashbery. I also like to take arty pictures of bridges.

On the other side is Loring Park, and as it was such a beautiful day (okay, I say that, it did rain when we were in the sculpture garden a bit) we decided to walk around. In Minnesota I'm starting to find that one minute it's Winter and then suddenly bang! it's Spring! It was so nice to walk around in just a cardigan and sunglasses all weekend!! We were so lucky with the weather this weekend, I just wish we'd had more time to see more things, but I'm looking forward to exploring Minneapolis more over the summer before I leave.

So that was my weekend!! I wish I'd taken more pictures but I always wish that! To be honest, this was probably the most photograph-worthy event of the weekend. Friday we just hung out and got very little sleep at Erick's friends' house, and after this on Saturday we went back to Erick's parents' house before we came back here to Duluth. I had a lovely weekend, but I'm very sad it's over!! I love Minneapolis; it's definitely a city I could see myself living in in the future.

Back to the grind!!
Hope you had a lovely weekend too :]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. great artpiece, I totally get what it meant to you, I love how you give us a bit of a peak in your innermost thoughts and feelings :)

  2. I'm obsessed with that sculpture. It's SO AMAZING!! Who knew Minneapolis was so interesting? I never cared much because I've been to the Minneapolis airport a zillion times and never really gave it much though :p

    I enjoy reading your writing so much, that I look forward to every next post :)


  3. Wow - the sculpture is amazing! Minneapolis looks like a fun place to visit. :) Sounds like a fun weekend!


  4. lovely blog! how you do with your polaroid effect photo?

    dejoiss ♥


  5. Your BF & U are so sweet-- Like russell brand and katy perry reversed :-P



  6. that spoon and cherry scuplture is amazing! why dont we have more cool sculptures like that over here!! :) x


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