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As some of you might know, as well as writing my own blog, I also write for a number of other websites, including one of my favourite sites, College Fashion. Recently I've been doing a fortnightly column on inspiration from other style bloggers.
Basically, I spend some time on each blogger's site and get an idea of their style. While I'm doing this and saving pictures for inspiration, I write down a few words to describe their style.
I'm sure some things that I notice are completely different to what other people see, but when I've written my list, I then break their style down into 5 "how to dress like x" tips to go on the blog.
This got me doing a little self reflection. I wondered what words I would write down if I was to look through my own blog. It's funny how I have such an idea of others bloggers' style but I have no idea how I'd define it myself.

So I did what I do for every other blogger. I went through my blog (I looked back until around January- I usually only look back through about 3-4 months for each blog) and these are the words I wrote down...

-shorts, tights
- bright colours
- florals
- leather jacket
- cardigans
- belts
- knee socks
- red scarf
- red and yellow
- flat shoes
- colour co-ordination
- scarves
- black, white and red
- patterns
- black tights
- girly pieces
- edgy touches- leather, blazers etc.
- pastels
- dresses

None of this was really, truly shocking but it definitely made me think. I never thought about how bright my outfits usually are. I do wear a lot of bright colours but I always balance them out with neutrals. I also never realised how much red I wear, but that is definitely a recent thing (if you're new to my blog, up until January I had pink in my blonde and black hair and it would always clash horribly with red!!). Florals have always been my thing, and I tend to describe my style as "florals and leather" or "girly with an edge". I definitely wear a LOT of girly pieces- dresses, skirts etc, but I try to avoid looking overly girly.

So what am I going to do with this information? I haven't decided yet. I think it's great to have your own personal style, but I also think it's important to keep your style constantly moving and evolving. Maybe I'll look back in another 6 months and write another list!

What colours and styles do you find yourself drawn to? What represents your "signature style"?

Charlotte xxx


  1. It's interesting, I've been going through this same process myself recently! I would add to your descriptor: cinched waists, since you often seem to have a belt.

    I think it's good to evolve, but my own project is to work more on a consistent style. Since I can't have too many clothes, I think developing a typical silhouette would be really helpful!

    Interesting piece!

  2. This is such an interesting way to look at personal fashion. I would have to say that I find myself attracted to brights, especially pinks, & patterns.

  3. thats the excellent thing about blogging hey? being able to reflect on your style in this sort of way.

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  5. What a great exercise to do! I think this would be a great topic to revisit in another 6 months when you can compare your style choices.

    Personally I'm always drawn towards high-waisted, almost vintage silhouettes and longer hemlines like tunics. I'm also always wearing layers!

  6. Right now I think my signature style is "hippie", haha... I am in love with flower child type items and anything that makes me think of the 60's and 70's. (I am still trying hard to style an orange suede pair of vintage wooden platforms)

  7. I've been 100% preppy until last year when I hit my vintage, girly breakthrough after nearly 16 years of tomboy. Back then I wore nothing other than pants, but now I NEVER wear pants! (only on a few rare occasions when I'm really not feeling for pulling on a dress.)


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