Forever 21- Part 1

I figured it would make way more sense to do my Birthday posts in two parts as I have about a gazillion photos and a LOT to tell you all!! This first post is about my actual Birthday on Wednesday.
Unfortunately, I had class 8-11am and then because I'm super cool, I went to the gym. Then I came home and skyped my parents and opened my presents from them. My Mum broke her finger on Wednesday though! The irony is that 21 years ago she was in hospital having me and then 21 years later she was back in hospital on 30th March! Get better soon Mum!
Here are the presents I got from my parents...

A 21 Me to You Bear (I have an 18th one at home, too)

A flash for my camera (my boyfriend is totally jealous)

A new (gold!) Charlotte necklace. I used to have a plastic one that broke, then I got another plastic one, that broke. I hope I don't break gold so easily!

Then I went for lunch with my BFF Michelle (sushi times!) and bought my first legal alcohol! I always have to explain the date on the ID because our dates are backwards in the UK (date/month/year) but once I explained it was my 21st Birthday he let me pick out a free shot! 

I then spent the afternoon with my lovely Boyfriend who took these pictures. It was an absolutely beautiful day in Duluth (I didn't wear a coat all day!) and I was so happy because the last few days have been awful! We were really blessed with good weather, because we decided to go for a drive up the North Shore of Lake Superior. We stopped off at a couple of places and took these photos at a lighthouse (that we're still not sure if we were allowed to be at...).

After it got a little bit windy we decided to head back home as I really really wanted ice cream, but we decided it probably made sense to go have dinner first. We went to my favourite Mexican restaurant, ate a LOT of chips and salsa and I had my favourite (and usual Birthday meal) of vegetable fajitas. And naturally, I had to get a Margarita! 

dress- modcloth
shoes- topshop
cardigan- primark

Then, still full from dinner, we decided to have a quick look around the mall. My boyfriend and I can spend hours in Barnes and Noble. I usually find myself in the cookbooks or self help or literature and he looks around the bargain books and the photography magazines. We also went shoe shopping and shock horror! I wasn't the one who came home with shoes.

Then I finally got my Coldstone! I'm not usually a big ice cream fan but I could eat Coldstone all the livelong day. I was totally full from dinner but had to get a Cheesecake Fantasy. Then we headed over to our friends' house for a couple of drinks and ended up going home at 10.30pm! I was so tired and felt as though I should stay up late on my 21st Birthday but to be honest, it was one of the best birthday's ever and I would't have changed a thing about what I did. It was lovely spending the day with my favourite oeople, especially as it was my first Birthday away from home and without my parents. I just went to bed sad it was over!!

In my next post I'll tell you all about my 21st Birthday celebrations!!

Charlotte xxx

outfit pictures by Erick :]]


  1. Sounds like so much fun! Happy birthday, lovely! :) Beautiful photos!

  2. congratulations!!!!! you look stunning, I love the black and white with that glorious fuschia pink, those socks are so sexy and the fun pink shoes <3 love it! I bet your day was awesome :)

  3. aww that teddy is so cute, your poor mum though :(. LOL to having to explain the date, i always get confused with american dates =S. You looked stunning too hun, love the dress and pop of bright pink. xo

  4. Sounds like a perfect birthday. I've only been up the north shore once my entire life. Lulz. I think I recognize the background in your pics as where my boyfriend and I stopped last autumn to take pictures on our way up to Gooseberry falls.

    I'm bummed I couldn't make it to your party! I think we should make up for it before you go home, definitely. When do you leave again? I was thinking we could maybe hit up the cities together for a weekend or something and CASUALLY meet up with a few other bloggers while we're down there. What do you think?

  5. Happy birthday lady!! It sounds like an absolutely amazing one. That sure is a sexy flash you got there. What a fantastic gift.
    And those outfit photos your boyfriend took are gorgeous, I love your outfit, the knee high socks are lovely with hints of pink. Amazing

  6. What beautiful photos of you and Happy birthday once again!

  7. awesome outfit!

  8. This is such a great birthday outfit! black + pink = awesome! I will be wearing this colour combo for my birthday. Great shoes btw x

  9. Hello! My name is also Charlotte and I have been looking for a necklace with our name on it for ages!! Where did you find it?


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