Come on sweet catastrophe

These photos almost didn't happen. I'd just gotten outside and decided this tree would be a nice spot for my photos today. I set my camera up and went to get my remote. gone. my remote is always in my camera bag. I then spent the next 25 minutes having a (strangely calm) freak out before almost giving up. I took all my shoes from under my bed, searched the apartment high and low. And where was it when I eventually found it? On the floor, of course.

Okay hair disclaimer. It is a state. I know. I'm holding off getting a cut and colour until after finals, because right now I just can't spare the three hours to sit and have my hair done. It seriously needs doing though. Growing out a bob is a big of a nightmare. I had a trim at Christmas but I've been growing it since November now. My brown is also going kinda gingery. Anyway, it's a mess and I'm sorry.

I can't believe it's taken me til now to show you this shirt!! I bought it in New York (and also a similar one in black). Like most style bloggers, I am obsessed with Peter Pan collars. How does that happen? I feel as though the blogosphere has its own set of trends because we all get so much inspiration from each other. Anyway, I've been putting off wearing it because I didn't want to ruin it by wearing it with my red blazer (does anyone else have that thing when they buy new things they don't want to "ruin" them by wearing them altogether?) when I first got it. Anyway, it's super-cute and my new favourite shirt. As with all my outfit posts though, I didn't realise til after that it's tucked in all weird. This skirt is a big of a problem too. I know I moaned and moaned about losing weight and I'm very happy that I have, but all my clothes are too big!! Everything has a sort of unflattering hanging to it, especially round my waist.

Now, makeup disclaimer. I am a bit orange at the moment. I've ran out of my favourite foundation and have been desperately awaiting more from my Mum, so I ended up having to switch to my other slightly-too-dark foundation. It's making me super-paranoid that I look like an Oompa Loompa though. I thought a grey smokey eye might detract the attention...

peter pan collar top- H&M
skirt- primark
blazer- H&M
shoes- peacocks

One of my far-from-complimentary guy friends said he liked my shoes today. That was kinda a big deal. So what's new with me? Nothing, really. This week has been all about the homework, unfortunately, and that isn't really going to stop for a while now. But I'm going to my boyfriend's parents' tomorrow for Easter weekend which will be really nice. I love going down and hanging out with his family. Tonight I'm going for dinner with a friend and then I'll probably just be lame and go watch a movie with him. Everyone is leaving to go back home for Easter so there's nobody about here!!

Have a great weekend and happy Easter!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. i want your skirt so very very badly. these pictures are amazing. love this post. if you get a free second stop by and check out my picks for Fabulous Friday and who I choose for fash fave and fash fail of the week. xoxo

  2. Cant beat a peter pan collar. I love the lighting in your photos, what do you edit them with?

    Helen, X

  3. I love your shoes too! and the peter pan collar of course, I have fallen for that trend too, but I was inspired by Peggy Olson! :D Peggy my one true love <3 your hair looks fine to me, dramaqueen!

  4. I think your hair actually looks really nice at it is! Ought to see mine, haven't had it dyed since september, argh!! Love that top x

    I'm having a little easter giveaway here if you'd like to enter!

  5. ooh, the shirt IS indeed so fabulous, how cute is that peter pan collar? Love it. And I'm glad that the pictures happened for you... they are so pretty. Hope your having a wonderful Friday & I have total outfit envy. ;-) xx veronika

  6. Wow, the pictures are gorgeous! I'm glad that you got to take them. :) The peter pan collared shirt looks adorable! I really like how you wore yours with a black blazer. :)


  7. This is such a cute outfit, I love everything. The peter pan collar is definitely my favorite. Lovely photographs too! xo

  8. i love your outfit...really want your skirt, its so cute.

    check out my new blog and follow if you like:)
    i always follow back..


  9. What a great atmosphere in these shots. Love the second one especially. I love peter pan collars too a whole lot.

  10. I looove the skirt, those zippers on it are so flattering. And the peter pan collar is super cute.
    I hate when my hair is in an awkward stage, you're at least still looks great! Glad you finally found your remote :)

  11. I actually hate it when you lose things! I once lost my remote control for my TV for a whole day, found it in a box under my bed.... why the hell I'd put it there, I don't know!! :P
    Lovely outfit, the skirt is really cute :)

    L x

  12. I always feel that way about ruining the amazing things I buy by wearing them without premeditation :) That first time has to be epic or I feel as though I'm not doing it justice. Love that skirt! I am going to New York for the first time this week and now I want to shop!

  13. Weird, I was catching up on blogs while writing my post a few minutes ago and we've got the same thing goin' on. Knee-high socks and brogues! How fun. Maybe it's a spring trend and I didn't realize it?

    I can deal with too dark foundation, but too orange is the worst! Yours doesn't seem that bad, though. Hopefully you'll get your new one soon, for comfort's sake!

  14. I have just discovered your blog and I have to say I adore your sense of style and I'm glad you could take these pictures :)

    Consider me a new follower !

    Virginie’s Cinema

  15. Adorb! There is nothing I love more than some thigh highs and an a-line skirt. You are rocking this look!

    VoilĂ !

  16. I just lost a bunch of weight and I have the same slightly-too-big problem with a lot of my clothes. Which is frustrating as all get-out since I really LOVE some of those pieces... and now they look wonky on me. But hey, a reason to go shopping ;)


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