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Firstly, I'd like to apologise for the fact that this post has about 4 pictures. I normally take around 60 per outfit post and narrow it down to the 10 or so that I post, but for some reason when I went outside today it was absolutely freezing and after taking just 6 pictures I had to come inside. I started to take some inside but they were pretty blah, so unfortunately this is all you're getting. The weather here is so crazy. It went from nice, Spring weather (I think of weather in terms of clothes, so cardigan and tights weather, but no coat) to super-hot (dress, no tights, bare arms) and now it's back to leather-jacket-and-fur-coat-and-tights-and-gloves weather. Boo!!

You can't tell too much from the pictures I managed to take, but I tried out Keiko Lynn's Simple Smokey Eye tutorial. I love it but it's nowhere near as neat and clean as hers.

I'm sorry I haven't been around much the last few days. On Tuesday I went down to Minneapolis for the night with my friend Laura (yep, I've spent a lot of time in Minneapolis this week, and a lot of time sitting in cars getting there and back!!) to see My Chemical Romance. Now, if you knew me when I was 16 you will understand. If not, then I'll just let you know that I used to look like this...

Oh and also this..

And finally this...

You get the idea. I was really, really into them when I was about 15/16. It's crazy to think that the first, and last times I saw them I was 16. It was kinda weird going to see a band you hadn't seen since 2007, especially in another country, when you're a whole different person now. It was awesome though. I had a really good time. We did almost miss it though. We thought they wouldn't come on til about 9, so went for dinner and dawdled over for about 8. We walked inside and it went dark and quiet and we thought "oh it's probably one of the opening acts." Nope, it was them. And we weren't going to arrive for another hour. Oops!!
It's nice to look back and reflect though. I was such an angry, miserable, angsty teenager but now I am so happy and settled in my life right now. I bet when I was 16 I never thought I'd be living in America and living such a fantastic life. It's so crazy. Sometimes it feels like yesterday that I was 16, 17, 18... but when you look back, so much time has passed since then and so much has changed. It's funny how we always think everything will last forever, isn't it? The good and the bad. I guess we all have to remember "this too shall pass", but right now I don't want to think about that!

The rest of my week has been pretty boring. Doing homework, seeing my friends and boyfriend. I did go out last night for the first time properly since I've been 21. It was pretty fun. It was nice to go out after getting one of my papers done. I'm looking forward to getting on top of all my work this weekend and hopefully having some time to chill out and see my friends and get a hair cut! We're going to a potluck tomorrow and I think I might make this. I made it earlier in the week and it was amazing!!

skirt- vintage
top- topshop
jacket- H&M
boots- very.co.uk

Oh and finally, the outfit. Well the reason for the Britney Spears title is because I love 90s music (ahem) and also because this is a really me outfit. A typically Spring/Autumn outfit for me is florals and leather. In fact, I'd be tempted to say all year around. If I had to pick one outfit to completely define my style it would definitely involve leather and florals. I'd completely forgotten about this gorgeous orangey/coral top but it'll be perfect for summer. After yesterday's post I am getting excited for summer. I bought these shoes this morning (in fuschia and in taupe) and can't wait for them to arrive. And on the pale skin matter, I went out in a skirt completely without tights last night. I was freezing, but yay :]]

So yep, that's all from me. Have a great day!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. I love when you put on an outfit and feel very much like yourself in it! I adore the leather and florals combination, its suuuch a good one. I would be rocking that too, if my leather jacket wasn't R.I.P.
    I love seeing old pictures! Im going to do a post of my old ones too, I was suuuch a metalhead, good to see you have some angsty teen roots too. The best ones always do ;)

  2. Love your skirt, i just scrolled down straight away to see where it was from and saw it's vintage : / sigh


  3. I still sorta like My Chemical Romance and you still look a bit emo with your hair! loving the pink hair btw, you should totally get that done again :D and the vibrant outfit is lovely!

  4. awww how cool. My Chemical Romance came out of NJ and I remember when the members of the band used to go to the local music shows before they got big (since they are around my age). That was when I was 16/17! I'm so old now. :: cries ::
    anyway this is a beautiful outfit and it is okay if you don't have that many shots.

    I tagged/awarded you for the versatile blogger award (up to you if you want to do one too) http://tiedemanntribe.blogspot.com/2011/04/part-of-who-i-am-some-facts.html

  5. ah schizophrenic weather is the bain of my wardrobe! Love your jacket though and the photos are really pretty - is that an effect or just from your camera? x

  6. This outfit is 190% perfection!

    Pretty sure I was in love with MCR my senior year of highschool, and they were the first concert I ever went to without parents in tow. It strange to think that their music was stuff I used to be into... and compare it to my constant binging of Nicole Atkins, Alphabeat, and She & Him that I'm on now. Oh, growing up!


  7. love it!

    i love britney spears too!

    also, i have a question..
    what american television shows are popular in england? do you know of all of our shows or do you just watch british shows?
    just wondering....... :) ttyl

  8. i was slightly punkish as a teen too, how strange! i love mkr for ages. loving the bright florals xo

  9. That's suchs a pretty skirt darling!! I love the florals!


  10. I feel the same way when I think back to myself during my teens. I was such a different person. It's crazy how in just a few years so much about ourselves can change.

  11. i LOVE your hair! and that skirt is beautiful! =)


  12. yeah, what's with the weather?! it did a total flippy flop from a few days ago. and the wind is so bad. i almost blew away yesterday. got mowed over by the wind.

    i was an angry teenager too (i can't stand my chemical romance though--sorry!). it's hard to believe i'm (you too! so WE'RE) 21 already. has five years really passed since age 16? oh my god. i wouldn't necessarily want to go back to those times, but it's sad that five years of my life has passed since then. :|

  13. I LOVE your skirt! You look so springy and joyous! I love it. And your photo editing is AWESOME!

  14. those bright colours are lovely.
    rad look.



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