Because all the cool kids were doing it

I jumped on the colour-blocking bandwagon, it would seem. I've seen so many bloggers take on this trend recently that I had to give it a go. It's probably my favourite trend for next season because it's so easy; you don't need to buy anything new!! This outfit came together by accident when I was putting clothes away and thought, "ooh this combination could work!" I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this shirt though. I love the colour but I hate the shape. It's far too big and therefore hangs weird. And it looks totally odd on all these pictures, due to the fact I've tucked it in in a weird way.

I played around with my makeup a little bit today again. I mainly followed this tutorial by Keiko Lynn, but with a few changes. I swapped her MUFE aqua creme for Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, MAC Freshwater for UD Peace,  UD Baked for UD Half Baked (I figured half was better than none!!), her UD eyeliner for 24/7 Liner in Zero and MAC Deep Truth for UD Goddess. This was the first time I've ever adapted a tutorial instead of just choosing tutorials that include colours I already have, so I'm pretty happy with the results. I'm sorry you can't see it too well- I can't work out how to take good makeup shots without filling the screen with my face!!

This is turning into a kinda stressful week. I seem to have SO much to do!! I'm going to my boyfriend's parent's this weekend for Easter and I have a lot of work to do before the weekend. We have room inspections on Monday so I need to tidy my room too. Urgh! I really need to start making a move on finding a good company to ship all my stuff back home because I only have 3 weeks left in my apartment. Sad face :[[ I'm getting excited for finishing school though. I'm going to have a few days up here then I'm heading down to stay with my boyfriend and his parents for a week and then my best friend Michelle and I are planning a week in California- yay!! Then I have my housemate's wedding and finally spending my last few days with my boyfriend and friends in Duluth. But we're not going to talk about the leaving bit now, are we?

blue shirt- topshop
shorts- boohoo
shoes- H&M
cardigan- New Look

I'd better get back to work. Boo!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. I THINK you pulled it off so beautifully!!! I love how you color block and think you do it much more than just now. They want to be YOU instead. ;)

  2. I absolutely love your style and am now following your blog! xoxo,

  3. i have seen this trend in the blogging world lately too, you pull it off flawlessly

  4. I have seen so many color blocking activities these days but i think yours is my favorite!! LOVE those shorts!!

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    <3 emma

  5. I LOVE those shorts! They're such a great colour, and the button detail is so cute! Looks great with the blue top, I think it looks fine ;)
    I'm loving the colour-blocking trend too!
    M xo

  6. I loooove those shorts!! And with the blue top, it is so wonderful. I want some kickass shorts like this. You look super cute
    It sounds like you have some busy times ahead! But also a lot of fun

  7. Looks great, love those shorts! x

  8. cute! I don't think color blocking will ever really go out of style.

  9. love the color block look - you totally nailed it! your hair is awesome too!!!


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