Ray Of Light

Yeah, most of these photos have a giant purple light streak through them which I didn't notice til I put them on my computer. Fail.
I was meant to take photos in this outfit yesterday, but I came back from the gym and it was windy as hell so I showered and put something totally new on so I could photograph what I was wearing today. Sneaky, huh? I actually really liked what I changed into afterwards so I'll have to photograph that this week too. I actually have so many outfit to show you! I've been holding on to two Lovely Ones items since Christmas now that I'm struggling to style too, but I really need to send them on!!

Notice something new around here? Yep, my lovely friend Tamara made me this header a few weeks ago and thanks to Ashley I finally manged to get it up this weekend. I love it. The whole thing seems much cleaner than my own layout, and it's so summery and bright. Yay.

I'm kinda overwhelmingly stressed right now which is a little horrible, but I'm taking solace in the little things. Last night I went for dinner with my boyfriend which was amazing- salad, baked potato pizza (believe me, it's heaven) and a shared chocolate brownie sundae. Amazing. Then we just hung out and his house and sleepy ol' me fell asleep and left him to play video games. We were meant to be going to Chicago this weekend but we've decided to go over the summer and we're going down to Minneapolis instead which should be fun. I just have so much to do before then!!

You can't really tell from these photos, but I wore a smokey eye today. As I've mentioned before, I've started to get really into makeup. I especially love Keiko Lynn's tutorials. I bought a couple of MAC brushes and some eyeshadows in New York and this week I got some more brushes and eyeshadows from ebay and managed to get some good deals. I love ebay!

skirt- topshop
tshirt- walmart
leather jacket- H&M
shoes- new look
scarf- forever 21

I'd better get back to work. Have a wonderful day :]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. I hate when you take a picture and then realise there's something wrong with it. It's even more annoying that you don't realise until it's way too late, but the streak looks kind of cool anyway!

  2. I loveee the look you put together! I want that leather jacket lol

  3. Love the new header! So Cute! :) Sorry you're stressed- try and relax! And as usual, love the look!

  4. such a cute outfit! that skirt is <3 I have my eye on a similar one from River Island. I love these pictures btw, I actually prefer it when pictures have "imperfections" like the purple streak thingy! :D

  5. I hate having to retake photos, it's sooo frustrating. I love your outfit! The red skirt and leather jacket look fantastic together. & your new header is quite fantastic :)

  6. loving that red skirt, i think the photos look kinda cool with the light in them :)

  7. love this outfit!

    I'm your new follower!!

    Visit my blog and follow back if you'd like!


  8. wow girl gorgeous outfit!! you look stunning <3 i love your skirt and jacket!! and wonderful photos!!

  9. i actually like the way the streak looks in the photos. Cute skirt

  10. what a great outfit! i love the red pop of color with the skirt and those over the knee socks top it all off! and i like the purple streak in the photos...adds a different element to the photo. nonetheless, you look fabulous! xo


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