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To cut a long story short, I've experienced a lot of negativity the last few days and it was really getting my down about myself. The way I looked, the way I was, the way I portrayed myself. This morning I didn't like what I was wearing and felt generally kinda down about myself. I'd planned to go home and just throw some jeans on after the gym, as I was spending the day on homework anyway.
Then I decided no. I won't let this get to me. So I came home from the gym, put on a dress, lipstick and heels and felt strong and confident enough to face the world. I am no longer going to listen to the negativity. As someone pointed out, I do have a problem in lacking perspective. I get so involved in one tiny problem or issue that I forget about all the wonderful aspects of my life. My life is amazing, and sometimes I just need a reminder of that. And today was one of those days. I have a wonderful life here. I have amazing friends and the best parents anyone could ask for, and I'm in a relationship that constantly makes me happy. Sure, shit happens, but I have some amazing people to support me when it does, and I know I can depend on myself. I shouldn't need validation from anyone but myself, and from now on, I'm going to try not to.

Okay, rant over. Here's what I wore today, anyway. As I said, it wasn't what I wore this morning (I was remixing a Lovely Ones piece but it didn't quite go as I'd planned) but it made me feel happy. This is one of my birthday dresses I bought myself from my parents. Its the Modcloth Flowers of Romance dress and it's pretty. One of my 22 Things to do Before I'm 22 (which I will put up soon!!) is to have one day a week to wear heels. I really want to get used to wearing them because I love heels. I've had so many compliments on them too!! Okay, nothing much left to say, so here's what I wore today.

dress- modcloth
leather jacket- H&M
shoes- dorothy perkins

Have a great day!

Charlotte xxx

edit: also, I deleted my Tumblr account. I wrote a post saying I was deleting it and then realised, duh, no-one would read it because I was deleting my account. Here is what I said.

i realised I don’t need this.
i’ve saved any post I might want to look back on.
i’m deleting my tumblr.
i might come back, but if I will it will be purely related to my blog.
i don’t like who i’ve become on here and i think it’s only going to get worse.
if you want me, you can find me at my blog.
i’m buying a journal, and keeping the rest to myself.
thanks to all the people who have been there, i really appreciate it.
but it’s just not worth it.
Thanks to all of you who were supportive but it wasn't having a positive influence on my life and I realised I didn't need the negativity. I have no regrets. I'll let you all know if I start up again.


  1. i love that dress. and you look beautiful!

  2. I always love reading your blog because you dress like I wish I dressed every day! Because you inspire me to put myself out there sartorially and make a statement and wear what I want. You inspire me Charlotte, and I hope that makes up for the negativity. You always look amazing, you always wear great clothes, and you're doing so many great things right now, and you're doing them because you had the initiative to get there.

  3. Well, firstly, thank you stumbleupon, for bringing me here. Ive never read your blog before or anything like that, but as a random passing comment, theres no merit in any negativity for your looks or image, your outfit is amazing to put it simply, quirky, fun, different, and you look gorgeous in it.

  4. Hello lovely Charlotte, glad to hear that you were able to rise above the negativity -sorry to hear that you had a few off days. I think that your fabulous! And your outfit post is clear proof of that, the photos are gorgeous, and this outfit is a new fave of mine. Happy Wednesday to you. xx veronika

  5. Hello Charlotte. Glad that you overcame feeling down about yourself. that happens to me at times more so often than occasionally but I try my best to inspire myself and I do that by checking out my favorite blogs.. including yours! I don't think you have to feel bad about yourself cos you're a fab girl! And I love your dress and jacket here! Keep it up darling!


  6. I love this outfit! I love the floral dress with the red heels. You look beautiful - and I can tell from this post that you are beautiful inside as well. I know that you'll come through victorious, despite it all. :) I also wanted to reiterate what the other commentera are saying - you are fabulous girl, and a wonderful inspiration. It was actually after reading your blog that inspired me to start mine. :)


  7. negativity sucks! Good to cut it out where you can. But that dress is awesome. So overall, a complete win today yes?

  8. I hate when I have those days too, it happens to everyone, but you were able to overcome that and that's really important. You're a gorgeous girl, with a great sense of style and an inspiration to lots of people. Don't get down!!

  9. Charlotte you look stunning!! I'm so glad you rose above all that negativity so well, I would just sit and cry, you are amazing! I really do want to wear heels more too, I might join your sort of challenge of trying to wear them once a week (preferably not the day where I have to go up to the 5th floor for a lecture haha!!). That dress is absolutely amazing, I really love it =)

  10. I'm proud of you for making your own decisions and for banning negativity from your life :) I hope this makes you happy, and you are stunning and I love this outfit!

    I'm glad I was sort of a positive influence :)

  11. Those heels are killer. You look so fabulous!

  12. What a positive post, I love how you turned your day around with such an amazing outfit. I love how you mixed the feminine flora dress with the leather jacket. Don't let anything get you down because you look amazing!

  13. way to look on the bright side, dont let the small stuff bring you down. You look amazing in this outfit and I adore your heels

  14. I enjoy reading your posts because you're honest and your eye is similar to mine :) Take constructive criticism openly and don't listen to anyone who is trying to bring you down because they want you to feel bad! Peace.


  15. Great outfit,
    love the red heels combined with the red cute dress and the edgy jacket!

  16. I love your dress, red is such a great colour, the best in fact x


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