in which you only find out about yourself by answering other peoples questions...

Wow, here's a great little style survey I read on a bog I've only just discovered- MoreMagicalAlways. I can't believe she's only 14 years old!! It makes me feel quite intimidated!!

Definitely a blogger to keep your eye on-her blog is fabulous!! I wish I'd known as much about fashion and style as her at 14!! It's kinda funny though to think of her looking back on this in 5 years time- I shudder with embarrassment at what I was like at 14!!

In fact, this is making me think a lot about being 14. I what advice I'd give my fourteen year old self. Keep your eye out for a post on that!!

1. Latest fashion purchase?

Aside from the stationery I bought today, I've ordered a few things online recently. Topshop black and nude heart print tights and River Island leather blazer and studded pumps. Oh and a tripod for my camera- not strictly a fashion purchase but it's to help my blog, so I'll count that!!
2. Item in your wardrobe you've owned the longest?

Eek God knows!! Like I said in my last post, I never throw anything away, but I'm always constantly shopping. I did find a top today I think I got when I was 15...

3. Where is the furthest away from home you've ever bought an item of clothing? & What did you get?

I have a few things I bought last time I was in the US. Including my Fight Club tshirt which has never fitted me as it's huge, but it's my favourite film so I simply couldn't resist!!

4. One particular brand that takes up the most space in your wardrobe?

Probably Topshop or New Look. Probably New Look actually. I adore New Look- decent value for high fashion items. Topshop is by far my favourite shop though- everytime I go in I want everything!!

5. And your least favorite brand?

oooh. Sportwear? Or something truly hideous like Juicy Couture.
6. Worst personal fashion 'faux-pas'?

Haha, you see I've never worn anything I didn't think looked great at the time.

Including when I used to be really, really emo and wear tartan skirts with tights and knee high striped socks. And a Fall Out Boy tshirt. I thought I was the bomb.

7. Favorite color to wear?

I admit, I wear quite a lot of black. But I love bright colours. Especially blues and pinks. But I wear a lot of black, white, grey and navy.

8. What are your shopping strategies? How do you go about looking for new pieces for your wardrobe?

Sometimes if I want something specific I'll browse online first, looking at all the shops I know we have in my local area. But often I just go shopping and see if I can find what I want. I'm a bit of a brat when it comes to clothes though; when I want something I want it now!! I very occasionally shop online, but I shop quite a lot, or at least go into Birmingham or Manchester a lot so sometimes I just see something I love!! I have 2 jobs though and I'm also pretty tight so I always know my budget. I have been known to have a few splurges though. Like my Topshop navy mac, which is divine.

9. If you were a fashion stereotype, what would you be, based on the majority of your wardrobe?

Rock-chick with a hint of girly. While I love my leather and studs and bright coloured hair, I also love my floral dresses with pretty cardigans and flats. But I like to think my style always has a bit of an edge. I'm sort of indie edgy.

10. 4 items you really want right now (clothing/look-wise)?


- gorgeous black suede heels (see my previous post)

- a bright coloured duffle coat

- an endless collection of scarves

-black lace up boots.


I rather enjoyed that, any comments?

Charlotte xxx


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