shoes, glorious shoes

I have 25 pairs of shoes ready to go back to university.

Along with the good 15 pairs I have at uni.

I just like shoes.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love shoes in a Carrie-Bradshaw-esque way- I don’t get excited about buying new shoes, I don’t fall in love with shoes and I’ve never spent more than £60 on a pair. For me shoes are about completing an outfit, a practicality- there is no excuse for shoes to not match an outfit.

Okay, well there are a few pairs of shoes I’ve been in love with.

My Topshop pink Mary Janes are gorgeous, as are my bright yellow Mary Janes and my Topshop completely-impractical-pink-black-blue-pink-yellow Mary Jane heels. Maybe I have a think for Mary Janes…

But my shoes have my match my outfit, and while I have a lot of pair of amazing shoes, this can sometimes be the problem- I’m on a constant search for that pair of simple, practical, hard-wearing but completely wearable black heels. But I’ve started to come to the conclusion that maybe I’m not one of those girls who has one pair that goes with everything. Maybe the reason I have so many pairs of shoes is that I don’t like my feet to blend in!!

I also have many pairs of adorable ballet flats- black and white chanel-esque pumps, lace pumps, black and white brogues, flats in every colour- silver, black, white, pink, yellow…

And boots!! Leather black knee boots, my favourite suede ankle boots, brown ankle boots, brown knee boots, shoe boots…

But my favourite shoes have to be sky-scraper high heels. Although I always have a pair of flats stashed in my bag for when my feet start to hurt, I love high heels. I recently bought a pair of 6inch high heels originally from Schuh that I couldn’t resist for £15 on ebay- I’ll never be able to walk in them but perhaps they could be a cool ornament when I finally admit this. Perhaps a vase or something…

I’ve recently fallen for these amazing studded Bad Boys for Topshop, aren’t they amazing?

Maybe I do love shoes quite a lot. I’m finding this realization is particularly a result of the fact I’ve lived in either Uggs or slippers the past few weeks because of the snow. None of my shoes have grips and I’m finding it very frustrating. I mean, I love my Uggs, I wanted them for ages and they are lovely and warm and practical, but they’re not exactly stylish and I find they really limit what I wear. I can’t wait to be back in my black leather boots and not fall on my bum!!

But until then, Uggs it is!!

I think females all love different things. For some it’s bags, some scarves, and while I always thought my vice was gorgeous dresses and mini skirts, maybe I do have a thing for shoes. After allI did write an article for my university newspaper about how shoes are better than men…




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